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Rock Climbing:

For the climbing enthusiast with limited time, Nepal has lots to offer. Within the Kathmandu Valley, there are huge rock faces ranging from simple for amateurs to tricky for experts. Nagarjun and Shivapuri offer easy climbs compared to the huge stonewall located in Hattiban, which only an expert should attempt. Similarly, Kodari side (The Borderland Resorts and The Last Resort), Shreeban Rock Climbing Nature Camp and Hill of Siddha Lake offer some excellent climbs. In addition there are many such cliffs, which are remain unexplored. Inside Kathmandu, there is Pasang Lhamu Rock Climbing Institute with an artificial huge wall open for all beginners and experts. 

Mountain Biking:

Biking is a great pastime in Nepal. The extraordinary landscape, awesome descents, endless tracks and stunning mountain views make this part of the world a mountain biker’s paradise. One can ride up and down the countless challenging mountain trails, through picturesque villages or through golden fields of rice and wheat. Then there’s the vastly different topography of the lowlands (Tarai) or inside the Kathmandu Valley; all offer excitement and opportunities to admire Nepal’s natural beauty. Mountain bikes can be hired easily in Kathmandu. One can plan a ride around the Valley for a day or a longer trip to more exotic places for a few days. Every year in November, Himalayan Mountain Bikes (HMB) organizes the International Bike Racing Tournament in which many locals and international bikers participate. The race takes place at the edge of the valley which allows for a varied route that climbs up and down the dirt track.

The usual tourist destinations like Sankhu, Dhulikhel, Kakani are also fantastic routes for bikers. Here in the valley alone there are countless routes and the other famous valley of Pokhara is yet another destination for mountain biking. From there one can do the spectacular Annapurna Circuit. Biking in the Himalayas is fascinating, with incredible views of mountains, rivers and gorges. HMB also organizes extended biking tours to Tibet via Kathmandu often lasting up to 23 days.


Canyoning is an amazing full body and mind experience that enables you to explore some of the last forbidden places in the Himalayas. Expert Ultimate Canyons guides will lead you in abseiling, climbing, jumping and sliding down steep canyon walls and waterfalls to deep pools below. Journey through intimate passages of contorted rock and powerful blasts of water. As pioneers of canyoning in Nepal, The Last Resort introduced this adventure sport and offer a variety of canyons; from exploratory walks to some of Nepal's most extreme environments.

Bungy Jumping:

Nepal has become one of the popular destinations for ‘Bungy Jumping’ owing to the fact that this adventure sport takes place over a river gorge that descends 160m. Taking off from a suspension bridge, which incidentally was built by Ultimate Descents, the company that runs the only Bungy in Nepal. Jumping from160m above the river’s surface is the ultimate thrill one can get. The Bhote Koshi river flows fast and furious way down below, which gives the added sense of adventure to the spectacular jump. By the bridge is Ultimate Descent’s Last Resort where those wanting to prolong the adventure may stay the night. Located 96km (3hours by road) south of Kathmandu, along the Arniko Highway near the Nepal-Tibet border, the Last Resort is ideally placed for a peaceful time enjoying the gifts of nature, far from the city. Each jump is recorded on video which can be bought from Ultimate Descents. A second consecutive jump costs a fraction of the first jump and many go for it.

The Swing

The Canyon Swing at the Last Resort in Nepal is the world's highest giant swing enabling you a total full-on adrenaline filled, gravity defying adventure. On a specially built platform 160m above the spectacular Bhote Kosi River you are secured into a full body harness and attached to two independent ropes which each have a breaking strain of 2.8 tons. Gravity seems like a seductive and cruel mistress as you jump, then pure freefall 100m into the dramatic gorge before the swing lines take up the tension and pendulum you in a massive arc of 240m at 150 km/h.
The whole experience is so smooth that it is hard to tell when you have finished falling and when you begin your swing.
After a number of full swings you come to rest on a recovery rope at the bottom and pull yourself to the recovery platform and relax a while to allow your pulse to get back near normal.

Paragliding in Pokhara

Pokhara is an amazing valley known for its beautiful lakes and superb mountain views and now it is a favored destination for paragliding. Three of the peaks seen are over 8000m and the popular one is the Annapurna massif. In Pokhara, generally the weather conditions are perfect for flying as it is consistent and gentle. The view is awesome as from a few meters above ground you can see the Annapurnas, Machhapuchare, Daulaghiri, Manaslu and many others. Perfect weather conditions for beginners to accro pilot. Flights take off almost every day, except during the monsoon (June to August) when it rains a lot. The first experience is normally from Sarangkot (1500m) to Pokhara (800m), a beautiful experience. Feel the sensation of flying in thermal conditions, (rising more than 500 m from the take-off point), from there fly cross-country with the birds, over the local countryside where you will see expansive rice fields, traditional villages and people working in the fields, before flying over the lake, before landing on the lakeside.

Best time to fly in Nepal
The paragliding season in Nepal starts in October and ends in early May. The best time to visit is October through April. The weather is consistent and therefore great for paragliding.

EquipmentMain equipment
hiking shoes
· long trousers
· gloves
· sunglasses
· few T-shirts
· sweater
· a fleece jacket or a wind stoper jacket
· swiming costume (the Pewa lake in Pokhara is warm and clear and you'll enjoy a dip between flights!)