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Hiking Gears
It is very important to know about right kind of hiking gears and stuffs before backpacking for mountains. After all, these equipments and gears are your only bet for survival at a place that is so far from any kind of habitation. The most important thing is size. You must check that you put hiking gears of right size. Keeping over or under-sized hiking gears is like not keeping that gear at all. You must keep a keen eye on the make of these hiking gears. Old and useless hiking gears will be of no use besides increasing your burden. Following is the list of items that are the must keep before venturing out for hiking and peak climbing in Nepal:

Hiking Equipments
  • Ice axe
  • Climbing with Ice Axe
  • Ascending with Ice Axe
  • Ice Axe as an anchorage
  • Ice Hammer
  • Ascent Method (Device)
  • Descent Method (Device)
  • 3 point Anchorage
  • Jumar
  • Belay Device (Figure 8)
  • Ice Screw
Other Hiking Gears and Equipments
  • Quick Draws
  • Rock Hammer
  • Friends
  • Rock piton
  • Crampons
  • Chocks
  • Snowbar
  • Oxygen Cylinder
  • Mountain cooking gas stove
  • Helmet
  • Snow rocket
  • Climbing boots
Types of Climbing Knots
  • Prussic Knot
  • Fisherman Knot
  • Half Sailor Knot
  • Middleman Knot
  • D. Sheet Knot
  • Sheep Shank Knot
  • Bowline Knot
  • S. Sheet Bend
  • Thumb Knot/ Stopper Knot
  • Tie Knot
  • Over hand Knot
  • Running Bowling
  • Triple Bowling on the Bight
  • Water man Knot
  • Provisional Knot