18 Days Wonderful Trip to Bhutan Nepal Tibet lets you experience the fascinating culture, rich history, and Buddhist heritage of these Asian countries. From the lush vegetation and snow-capped mountains of Nepal to the ancient temples and monasteries of Tibet and Bhutan, these countries are the epitome of nature and culture. The diversity in culture, tradition, and lifestyle of different ethnic groups is surely notable and is the major highlight of this tour.

Upon your arrival in Nepal, you indulge in a sightseeing tour around Kathmandu Valley. On the 3rd day, you will take a scenic flight to Paro International Airport. In the afternoon, a professional guide will take you to beautiful historical places for sightseeing. You will visit Drukgyel Dzong and Ta-Dzong and head towards Tiger Nest Monastery (3190m), from where you will take a short drive to Thimphu. Once at the capital, you can visit the National Memorial Chorten, Changangkha Monastery, and the new Drupthob nunnery temple. From here, the trail passes to Punakha from where you will again return to Paro and take a flight back to Kathmandu. Along the way, you will cross Dochu La Pass at 3100m and get a stunning view of Mt. Gangar Punsum 7520 meters. Once at Kathmandu, you will take a scenic drive towards Pokhara where you will visit Davis fall, Phewa Lake, Mahendra Cave, Bindhyabasini Temple, Seti Gorge, and world peace. Crossing a suspension bridge at Muglin, you will now head towards Chitwan. Jungle safari at Chitwan National Park is certainly refreshing, as you will encounter with wildlife such as One-Horned Rhino, Bengal Tiger, and much more birdlife. After completing a satisfying tour of Nepal, you will fly to Lhasa from TIA. Here, you will visit Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Norbulingka, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, and Yangbajain hot spring. Finally, with a content heart, you will return to your designated destination.

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Trip Facts:

Geography                       :         Mountain/Hills/Forest/Valleys

Location                          :        Nepal/Bhutan/Tibet

Level of Difficulty             :        Easy

Duration of Trip                :        18 Days

Max Altitude                    :        3750m

Religions                         :        Buddhist/Hindu

Ethnic People                   :        Tibetan/Nepalese/Bhutanese

Accommodation                :        Hotel/Lodge  

Transportation                  :         Private Vehicle/Tourist Bus/Flight

Minimum Pax                   :        2


  • Explore the UNESCO world heritage sites in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
  • Witness mesmerizing panorama of the Himalayan ranges in Nepal, Tibet, andBhutan
  • Visit some of the esteemed monasteries and dzongs in Bhutan includingTiger’s Nest Monastery
  • Relish the sights of architectural marvels in Tibet including the PotalaPalace



Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu

A company representative at the TribhuvanInternational Airport will welcome you to Nepal. Shortly after, you head to theroads of Kathmandu and drive to your hotel. After you freshen up and unpack,you can enjoy exploring the nearby street around the hotel. Overnight inKathmandu.

Day 02: Kathmandu Sightseeing

On this day, you indulge in exploring the UNESCOworld heritage sites in the Kathmandu Valley. Beginning from the SwayambhunathStupa to the westernmost end of the Valley, the tour reaches the KathmanduDurbar Square. Thereon, the tour reaches the Hindu temple of Pashupatinath,finally making way towards Boudhanath stupa to end the trip. These heritagesare the symbols of the country which reflect its culture, history, andtraditional beliefs. Overnight in Kathmandu.


Day 03: Flight to Paro International Airport andsightseeing in the afternoon (2250m)

After breakfast, you will take a scenic flight toParo from Kathmandu. The flight offers you beautiful views of mountains andlandscapes. From here, you will be transferred to your respective hotel andtake proper rest. At the afternoon, a professional guide will take you tobeautiful historical places for sightseeing. Our first stop will be ruinedfortress of Drukgyel Dzong from where you can get a splendid view of MountChomolhari 7314 meters. You will now head towards Ta-Dzong, also known as theWatchtower. Finally, you will end your day strolling around the local museumand temples of Paro city. Overnight in Paro.

Day 04: Excursion to the Tigers Nest (3190m) andDrive to Thimphu (2350m) (2 hours/54km)

Soon after breakfast, you will visit the spectacularTiger Nest Monastery (3190m) along with fellow members. It is a sacred Buddhistsite, which consists of four temples with residential accommodations for themonks. From here, you will take a short 2 hours’ drive to Thimphu, the capitalcity of Bhutan. Once at Thimphu, visit Memorial Chorten built in the memory ofthe late King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, Changangkha monastery and the new Drupthobnunnery temple is mandatory. At the evening, you can roam around the capital,buy a souvenir and observe its unique culture and tradition.

This day is scheduled for a visit to the most famous monastery in entire Bhutan, the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. A monastery with immense history and faith of the people, it stands on the cave where Padmasanbhava is said to have meditated. After exploring the monastery and enjoying the views of Thimphu, you prepare to leave for Thimphu. A short drive will take you there and you can explore various sites of cultural and historical importance here. The Changangkha Monastery, Memorial Chorten built in the memory of the late King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, and, Drupthob nunnery temple are some of the prime destinations. Overnight in Thimphu.

Day 05: Drive to Punakha (1250m) 3 hours/77 km

From Thimphu, it will take you about three hoursof drive to reach Punakha. Along the way, you will drive past Dochu La pass at3100m. If the weather is clear, you will get a stunning view of easternHimalayan ranges including the highest mountain in Bhutan Mt. Gangar Punsum7520 meters. Upon reaching Punakha, you will visit the Punakha Dzong, the oldcapital of Bhutan. Overnight in Punakha.

Day 06: Drive back to Paro.

On the 6th day, you will drive back toParo. The trail passes through Dochu La pass at 3100m and proceeds towardsThimphu. Along the way, you will drive past highlands and beautiful temples andmonasteries. The sublime views of Mt. Gangar Punsum, and7520 meters and othereastern Himalayan ranges. After a quick lunch at Thimphu, you will finallyreach Paro. At the evening, you can roam around nearby temples, attend prayersand get familiar with the unique Buddhist culture and tradition of Bhutanesepeople. Overnight in Paro.


Day 07: Fly back to Kathmandu (1300m) andSightseeing in the afternoon.

Bedding farewell to beautiful Bhutan, you willtake a flight back to Kathmandu. The flight offers you a stunning view ofmountains and green hills. Once at Kathmandu, our representative will transferyou to your respective hotel. After a proper rest of some hours, our guide willtake you to UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath,Kathmandu Durbar Square and Boudhanath. You will be familiar with the ancienthistory of these places at the golden age. At the evening, you can roam aroundthe Thamel area and observe its nightlife. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 08: Drive to Pokhara (820m). 200km/6 hours

On the 8th day, you will be drivingtowards the beautiful lakeside city of Pokhara. The drive will take you throughthe western hills of Nepal via Prithvi Highway. Crossing the small town of Muglingand Dumre, you will reach your destination after a bumpy drive of six to sevenhours. Along the way, Trishuli River will accompany you. Once at Pokhara, youwill get a distant view of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. Overnight stay atthe guesthouse in Pokhara.

Day 09: Full day sightseeing of Pokhara.

Soon after breakfast, you will be ready forsightseeing around the beautiful lakeside city of Pokhara. A local guide willbe assigned who will take you to various famous places including Davis fall,Phewa Lake, Mahendra cave, Bindyabasini Temple, Seti Gorge, and world peacepagoda. You will also be enlightened about the rich ancient history of theseplaces. At the evening, you can roam around the local market, buy a souvenirand enjoy its nightlife. Overnight stay at the guesthouse in Pokhara.

Day 10: Drive to Chitwan.170km/5 hours

Early in the morning, you will start your drivetowards Chitwan. Along the way, you will get an opportunity to observe theculture and tradition of Brahmin and Chhetri community. Crossing a suspensionbridge at Mugling, you will drive through the forested area and finally reachyour destination. Upon reaching Chitwan, you will be transferred to your hoteldirectly where you will rest for some hours and stroll around the local marketsand try local foods. Overnight in Chitwan.

Day 11: Full day jungle activities in ChitwanNational park.

On the 11th day, you will head towardsChitwan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will start yourjungle safari by either jeep or foot where you will see several spectacularwildlife such as One-Horned rhinoceros, hog deer, Gharial crocodile andvarieties of birdlife. If you are lucky, you will also get a glimpse of Slothbear and Royal Bengal Tiger. After that, you will get in a traditional boat foryour transfer to Tiger Tops. During the daytime, you can go for an elephantbathing and breeding center. You will finally end your day enjoying atraditional Tharu cultural dance. Overnight stay at the guesthouse in Chitwan.

Day 12: Drive back to Kathmandu. 170km/5 hours

Today, you will be driving back to Kathmandu. Itis a scenic five-hour ride through green hills and forest. Crossing Mugling, youwill head towards Naubise where you will stop for a lunch. From here, you willascend towards Thankot, which finally leads to your destination. The drive willtake you through the settlements of Brahmin and Chhetri community. Along withTrishuli River, you will certainly be amazed by the natural and culturaldiversity throughout the journey. Overnight in Kathmandu.


Day 13: Fly from Kathmandu and Arrive at GonggarAirport. Upon arrival, transfer to Lhasa.

Today our journey to Tibet begins. Soon afterbreakfast, you will take a scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa. Upon reachingGonggar Airport, you will rest for a while and explore around a beautiful cityof Lhasa positioned at the foot of Mount Gephel. As you stroll around crowdedBarkhor Street and old monasteries, you will get familiar with the Tibetanlifestyle and culture. Overnight stay at the guesthouse in Lhasa.

Day 14: Sightseeing of Lhasa including PotalaPalace, Jokhang Temple, and Barkhor Street

On the 14th day, you will be visitingthe Legendary Potala Palace. Potala Palace carries an ancient history of Tibetas it is filled with Tibetan arts and crafts. From here, your destination willbe Jokhang Temple. It is believed that the temple was built for the king’s twobrides: Princess Wencheng of China and Princess Bhrikuti of Nepal. Finally, youwill end your sightseeing roaming around the crowded Barkhor Street. Overnightin Lhasa.

Day 15: Full day Sightseeing of Lhasa coveringNorbulingka, Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery

You will be ready sightseeing around Lhasastarting from Norbulingka palace. This palace is fully decorated with Tibetanwood carvings and paintings. From here, you will head towards Drepung Monasterywhere you will find several nuns and monks performing religious discoursestogether. Moving forward, Sera Monastery gives you knowledge about the culturaland traditional aspect of Tibetan Buddhism. Overnight in Lhasa.

Day 16: Drive to Tsurphu Monastery and Yangbajainhot spring.

Located 65km west of Lhasa, Tsurphu Monastery is aTibetan Buddhist monastery that serves as the seat of the Karmapa. It will takeyou about two hours of drive from Lhasa to reach here. Surrounded by the highsnow-peaks, this ancient monastery is divided into small temples and pagodas.The objects of the Sixteenth Karmapa Lama, which depicts the successive Karmapalamas, dominate the main hall of Tsurphu Monastery. You will now head towardsYangbajain hot spring. It is believed that taking a dip in these hot spring areashelps you get rid of skin diseases. Finally, you will spend the night at anearby guesthouse.

Day 17: Flight to Kathmandu

Today is your last day in Tibet. Early in themorning, you will take a scenic flight from Gonggar Airport to the capitalabove the green hills and towering Himalayas Mountains. Upon reaching yourdestination, you can spend the rest of the day visiting nearby temples,attending prayers and getting familiar with the lifestyle and culture of theNewar community. If you have enough time, you can give one last stroll aroundthe Thamel area and buy souvenirs. 

Day 18: Departure

Approximately three hours before your scheduledflight, you will be dropped off at Tribhuvan International Airport for yourfinal departure. You can even share your experience with us on the way.