Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing flight is the most exciting and thrilling lifetime flight experience in Nepal with the closest of Mount Everest in a day.

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Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour

Flexible Itinerary of Tibet Nepal and Bhutan Tour

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Bhutan Nepal Tibet Tour

Flexible ltinerary of Bhutan Tibet and Nepal Tour

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Tibet Nepal Bhutan Tour

Flexible itinerary of Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan Tour

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Tibet Nepal and Bhutan tour in one single package – escorted luxury trip from Kathmandu

The team of Himalaya Holiday Service (HHS) Pvt. Ltd. has been leading tours in Nepal, Tibet, and the Bhutan Himalayas since 1995. Our expert local guides enable you to experience the high adventures and local cultures set against the beautiful backdrop of the Himalayan peaks. It’s a setting where joy and tranquillity prevail.

The Himalaya Holiday Service, well-trained professional local tour guides, leaders, and trekking Sherpas ensure that everything runs smoothly. Guides are fluent in English and have studied with American and British Teachers. We give you a deeper insight into the land and its people in Lhasa, Nepal, and Bhutan. We encourage you to experience a memorable and wonderful tour and Travel that comes once in a lifetime.

Our experienced Tour Leaders will bring the history and culture of your destination to life, as well as ensure the smooth, flexible, and safe operation of all aspects of your trip of Multi Countries a travel holiday.

Some of the most popular multi-country tours are:

  1. Kathmandu, Thimpu, Paro, and Lhasa Tibet Tour14 days
  2. India, Kathmandu Nepal, Bhutan, and Lhasa Tibet Tour 22 days
  3. Nepal and Tibet Tours13 to 15 days
  4. Lhasa, Kathmandu Nepal and Paro Bhutan Tours 10 to 14 days
  5. Kathmandu, Lhasa Tibet, and BhutanTours 14 to 16 days
  6. 13 days classic Tibet Nepal Bhutan overland tour Itinerary and cost
Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour

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Himalayan countries Tibet Nepal and Bhutan tour

Multi-Country Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Multi-country tours let you experience the beauty of numerous Asian countries within a single tour. To experience the magnificence of multiple countries within a single tour plan is surely a wonderful journey. Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet are countries blessed with the heavenly beauty of the Himalayas. Similarly, Myanmar is also famous for its tropical forests and historic ruins. Multi-country tours are tour programs that have flexible itineraries that take you to more than one country. It is also a great way to learn and witness the natural as well as cultural beauty of different countries one after the other.

All these five nations of the multi-country tour are unique in their own ways. Nepal is known as the land of the Himalayas and possesses magnificent natural as well as cultural beauty. It consists of over 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites. You can explore the ancient cities of Nepal where you can find historic palaces, temples, and stupas. The towering hills will follow you wherever you go and the magnificent mountains will be standing tall behind them. Experience the diverse culture and learn about the lives of the local people. Tibet lies on a raised plateau that is elevated above 4,000 meters from sea level. It is famous for its culture and religion. En route to Tibet, the scenic flight takes you above the Himalayas between Nepal and Lhasa. Some famous places to visit are Potala Palace, Sera Monastery, Jokhang Temple, etc. Similarly, family-friendly Bhutan is another ravishing country. Resting in its tranquil state amidst the peaceful nature, Bhutan is a beautiful country and also the world’s only carbon-negative country. As much as the natural beauty has been preserved, the culture, tradition, and religion have been equally kept in its truest of forms. Some famous places to tour in Bhutan are Paro Taktsang, Punakha Dzong, Rinpung Dzong, the National Museum of Bhutan, etc. India is where the myths and legends come alive. This majestic nation thrives in the diversity of language, art, and ethnic culture. Apart from the vibrant festivals, spicy cuisines, and diverse culture, the natural beauty of India is truly enchanting. Myanmar, which lies further in south-east Asia, is also renowned for its lush forests filled with incredible bio-diversity and sites that are archaeologically rich.

How to get visa for Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour ?

How to travel between Nepal Tibet and Bhutan?

  • Between Nepal and Tibet can travel by air in an hour’s flight or by overland too but need 4-wheel drive takes 4-8 days one way for the overland driving tour.
  • Flight between Nepal and Tibet is available 7 days a week by Air China and Sichuan Air.
  • Between Nepal and Bhutan have daily flights by Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines.
  • There is no direct transportation connection between Tibet and Bhutan so must travel via Kathmandu Nepal.

How to get to Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet?

  • To fly to Bhutan, there are flights available from Bangkok, Kathmandu, Delhi, Calcutta, Singapore, Dhaka and Bagdogra.
  • To reach Lhasa Tibet, only international airport is from Kathmandu to Lhasa. From China few airports have regular flights from Chengdu, Beijing and Shanghai.
  • Access to Kathmandu Nepal has more with multiple flights from different countries; Hong-Kong, Tibet Lhasa, Paro Bhutan, Delhi, Calcutta , Malaysia, Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Singapore, Kore, Istanbul and more.

What kind of hotels are available in Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour packages ?

  • Nepal and Tibet have 3 stars, 4 stars and 5 stars hotels choices and limited resorts in major Destinations, we use the best one in best location so it helps our travelers to move around during their free time, for lunch and dinner.
  • Bhutan has very good quality 3 stars accommodations, A grade hotels which are like 4 stars and Luxury hotels are similar to 5 stars but cost are different than regular five stars. All luxury brand hotels have special rates so need to choose and book in advance before they get sold out, they require full payment in advance.

How about Guides, Vehicles and Drivers in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan ?

In all countries we use local guides, cars, and drivers. Drivers and Guides are different person. All guides are trained by government to work as Guide. so we use local expert guides who are fluent in English. if you need special language (other than English) guide need to ask in advance. In all arrival places in Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal Local guides will be waiting with your name card.

How to get Visa

Bhutan visa is pre arranged by Himalaya Holiday Service and will send to you one week before the travel date. You need to carry the printed copy which need to present before flying to Bhutan with your passport and flight ticket.

Nepal visa is easily available on arrival so please bring 2 passport size photos. You need to pay USD 25 for 15 days multiple entry visas, and USD 40 for 30 days multiple entry visa.

For Tibet we need Tibet travel permit and Tibet china visa. If you are entering Tibet from Nepal must apply Tibet china visa in Kathmandu, So we (Himalaya Holiday Service – HHS) will take care Tibet visa with original passport. If you are Entering Tibet from mainland china must bring china visa from your Home. Your china visa copy must send to us one month before the travel date so please make sure you apply and get china visa on time.

Guides, Vehicles & Drivers

In our classic Tibet Nepal Bhutan overland tour we use local guides and drivers. Drivers and Guides are different person. All guides are trained by local government to work as a guide. So we use local expert guides who are fluent in English. If you need special language (other than English) guide need to ask in advance and pay extra supplement. In all arrival places in Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal Local guides will be waiting with your name card.

Luxury Trips Nepal Tibet Bhutan

Both Nepal and Tibet have 5 stars hotels and resorts in Major cities like Kathmandu Dwarika hotel and resort, Pokhara Fishtail lodge or Tiger mountain resort, chitwan Tharu village by Tiger tops, Nagarkot Club himalaya, Dhulikhel Dwarika and Lhasa St. Regis and Shangrila. Bhutan has very good Luxury hotels similar to 5 stars like Uma paro and punakha, Taj Tashi, Le meredian Paro and Thimpu, Dhensa resort, Aman kora resorts but cost are different than regular five stars. All luxury brand hotels have special rates so need to choose and book in advance. We offer luxury trips Nepal Tibet Bhutan based on best available luxury resorts, hotels transportation and other facilities.

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Tour Information about Tibet About Tibet: Tibet is an autonomous region located at the South-Western region of China. The region is located at an average altitude of 4000m from sea level, which has resulted in its diverse topographical variations. It is basically divided into 3 geographical sections: west, south and east. The western segment, also known as the North Tibet Plateau, covers 66% of Tibet. The southern region of Tibet is made up for the most part of valleys and is arranged between towering Himalayas. Similarly, the eastern area is involved to a great extent of canyons set apart by a delicate drop-in elevation. Taking about the culture and people living here, Tibet is home to Tibetan People along with other ethnic groups such as Monpa, Tamang, Qlang, Sherpa, and Lhoba. The majority of the locals here follow Tibetan-Buddhism. However, few are also known to follow Animism.

Country Visa and Entry Procedure: Anyone willing to visit Tibet via requires a Tibet Travel Permit (locally known as Tibet Visa) in addition to a Chinese Visa. Without this, you won’t be able to board a train or flight to Tibet.  If you are planning for a visit from Nepal, then you are required to travel with a Tibet Group Visa. It can be obtained through the joined effect of travel agencies in Lhasa and Kathmandu.  It basically consists of a paper with list of all travelers’ name.  Visitors are required to provide a copy (scan) of passport and a scanned copy of Tibet/Chinese visa. It is also extremely important to carry your official documents with you wherever you travel in Tibet. Popular Destinations to Visit: Tibet attracts surreal numbers of visitors to admire its natural beauty and old religious culture. One of the most beautiful locations is the Potala Palace. At this UNESCO world heritage site, you will encounter precious Buddhist sculptures, murals, and many Buddhist statues. Another extravagant place in Tibet that carries cultural importance is Jokhang Temple which holds a spiritual importance to Buddhist pilgrims. Similarly, if you are looking for scenic views then Lake Yamdrok is a must visit. The exotic view of Everest is the dream of many hikers and trek enthusiasts. Located at the northern front of the Mt. Everest (8848m), Tibet offers you the opportunity to embrace the true beauty of this snowcapped giant. Similarly, Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon is another must-visit location. Other than the above mentioned locations, there are many beautiful places that one can visit in Tibet. Some of the locations include Lulang Forest, Norbulingka, and Mt Kailash, NamtsoThings to do in Tibet: Tibet is majorly known for its breathing taking trek experiences. Since it’s located at the outskirts of India, Burma, Bhutan, Sikkim, and Nepal the region is mostly encompassed by elevated mountain ranges and hills. It is also known for being the most elevated region on Earth thus, the name, Roof of the World. Other than treks, touring is also a major possibility for those wish to experience the natural and cultural magnificence of this region. As the region is host to different Buddhist monasteries, tours allow you to immerse in Tibetan Buddhism.  Along with that, visitors get to explore the true Tibetan culture. You can also witness different Tibetan festivals and blend into the culture by indulging the local cuisine. Getting a local taste of the Tibetan food is a must during the trip.  Other than this you can also visit different local architectural attractions. Apart from different monasteries, the region hosts different palaces, ruins, museum, garden, and temples that one can visit. Trekking seasons in Tibet: Altitude plays a major role when traveling in Tibet. Tibet is located at extremely high elevation which makes its weather conditions extremely unpredictable during most time of the year. 

Spring (April to May) and autumn (September to October) seasons are considered the best time for going on a trek in Tibet. During these times of the year, there is extremely less amount of rainfall to interrupt the treks. Similarly, the temperature is also moderate, that makes walking in the wilderness much easier. Also the skies are clearer giving the best possible views of the landscape. Treks are also possible during winter; however, the temperature is extremely cold in most part of the region. And most the areas are covered with snow. Withal, in areas around Lhasa, it’s not so cold and some treks can be done. During summer, the weather is warmer with highest amount of rainfall which increases the danger of mudslides. Nonetheless, the rain increases the oxygen level making acclimatization a bit easier during the summer. Altitude Sickness: With majority of the region being located at higher elevation, Altitude sickness is a major issue faced by the visitors and trekkers in Tibet. Typically, the symptoms of Altitude Sickness start at an altitude of 2400m from the sea level. Its basic symptoms include dizziness, nausea, shortening of breath, and headaches. At higher elevation oxygen level is very low due to the decreased air pressure and when your body doesn’t get enough time for acclimation, the situation may result into altitude sickness. Usually the instances of AMS are very mild and it heals quickly. However in some rare case, the situation can get severe affecting lungs and brain. Basic Medications for this may include lungs inhaler, dexamethasone (reduces brain swelling), blood pressure medicines, pulse medicine, and aspirin.  Similarly trekkers are recommended to return to lower altitude, reduce any kind of heavy activities and drink a lot of waterTravel Insurance: Travel Insurances are a must when traveling to the remote areas of Tibet. However, one must be wary when choosing the correct travel insurance as well. These arrangements must cover ambulances or emergency helicopter evacuation. A few policies prohibit dangerous activities like boating/rafting and trekking as well. Having a Trip Cancellation Insurance can be extremely helpful. The insurance policy can be particularly helpful when going to western or eastern Tibet as these regions are shut down with next to zero warning. You also must be careful keep all documentation if you need to guarantee the claim later. 

Meals and Accommodations: The normal meals in Tibet incorporate Tibetan food, Sichuan cuisines, and western style dishes. Some restaurants inside the hotel even provide Nepalese and Indian cuisine. Note that Sichuan dishes in Tibet are more costly than in different parts of China. Also, these restaurants additionally serve western delicacies. Regarding the accommodation, visitors are not recommended to have any high expectations. There are deluxe hotels in Lhasa and other big cities like Shigatse and Gyantse that are reasonably good.  Similarly, some hotels, lodges, and guest houses provide services of accommodation to travelers. They offer you with dormitory or teahouse accommodations with 3 to 4 bed rooms. Banking ATM’s and Money: Tibet, being a part of China, uses the same currency (Yuan or Chinese Renminbi) as the other cities in China. It is available in form of notes and coins. There are two major points that one needs to know before going on a trip to Tibet: 1) foreign currency cannot be directly used in Tibet, 2) coins of 1 Yuan and below are not accepted in Tibet. Foreign Currency and traveler’s check can only be exchanged at Bank of China. There is a major branch of it in Lhasa and multiple sub branches in cities like Shigatse, Shannan, Qamdo, Nagqu and Nyingchi. Visitors are not recommended to use Credit cards as a mean of payment since they are accepted only by big hotels, few shopping malls and Bank of China. Most of the ATM’s do not provide the option of cash advance for credit cards. This means you have to directly go to the main branch. Internet and Communication: Most lodges, bistros, restaurant, and hotels offer free Wi-Fi.

Nonetheless, using the internet through 3G or 4G services is comparatively more reliable and its coverage is good in central Tibet. There are many online cafés in major towns, but only a few allow outsiders to computers. Most of the social networking sites like Facebook and sites like Google along with applications like WhatsApp are inaccessible inside China except if you utilize a VPN.  However, the software needs to be downloaded before entering china. Buying a local Sim-Card can be helpful but is extremely complicated to as it requires Chinese citizenship.  Similarly public telephones are available throughout of towns but. Major hotels in Lhasa offers the facility of IDD (International Direct Dial), but is quite expensive. Internal Flight Delays: Internal flight delays are common in Tibet. The roof of the world is located at extremely high altitude (average elevation of 4000m) and the weather conditions are pretty much unpredictable here. Heavy winds and thick fog are common in this region. On top of that the topographical structure of Tibet majorly consists of tall mountains and hills, which makes it extremely difficult for landing aircrafts. Especially during winter and monsoon, a heavy amount of rain and snowfall occurs at this region, which usually results in flight delays and even cancellations. Thus, visitors are recommended to issue an insurance policy before the trip. However, during autumn the weather is much dry and skies are clearer. So, there is next to zero chances of flight delays. Health and Safety Including Traveling alone in Tibet: Tibet represents some specific dangers to your health, generally connected with altitude. However, one does not need to be overly worried about it. Not many travelers are influenced by altitude sickness for long, and more serious dangers are present in the form of road accidents and dog bites. Visitors are recommended to get a vaccination for yellow fever, influenza and rabies before going on a trip to the autonomous region. Also, trekkers are suggested to carry a basic first aid kit. Since, 2008 Chinese government have prohibited anyone from travelling independently to Tibet. Unlike most of the countries in Asia where you can go wherever you like without any restrictions, tourists require to travel Tibet with a local guide and a driver. They with accompany you throughout the journey and inform you about pros and cons of the region.

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Read More…: 13 day classic Tibet Nepal Bhutan overland tour


Tours in Nepal Blessed with rich diversity in geography and culture, Nepal is one of the best places one can tour. Known to the world for the Himalayas, Nepal possesses a unique terrain filled with magnificent beauty all around. But touring this country is not just about viewing landscapes and going on adrenaline hiking adventures. Nepal gets its extraordinary persona from the ancient culture and traditions of this country. Tours in Nepal gives you an opportunity to experience the pleasure of witnessing the cultural richness and historical beauty. The major beauty of touring lies in the ancient temples and stupas, historic palaces, and traditional alleys filled with neighborhoods built decades ago.

Most of the tours revolve around the Kathmandu Valley. There are three cities to explore inside this valley: Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur. Within the valley you can find, seven of the ten UNESCO world heritage sites.  One must definitely visit these seven sites which are; the three Durbar squares of Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath, Pashupatinath, and Changunarayan temple. Outside the valley are many other divine places to visit. You can visit Pokhara, a lively city besides the beautiful lake of Phewa. You can tour around this city as well as engage in some adventurous activities such as; paragliding, bungee jumping, boating etc. Towards the plain lands on the south is Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. Holding immense religious values, this is the very place where Buddha took his first steps and spent most of his childhood. Similarly, Chitwan is another popular destination to visit. You may engage in jungle safaris during your stay or spend time exploring and learning about the Tharu culture. Besides major cities, there are various vantage points that offer great views of landscapes beyond the hills. Nagarkot and Dhulikhel around Kathmandu and Sarangkot near Pokhara are situated nearby to the cities yet offer some of the most spectacular views of mountains. Some of the major tours in Nepal are:

  1. Kathmandu City Tour with Tibet Bhutan tour
  2. Nepal Explore Tour with Bhutan Tibet tour
  3. Sunrise and Sunset Tour with Bhutan Tibet travel
  4. Bird Watching Tour  in Nepal Tibet Bhutan
  5. Nepal Adventure Tour with Tibet and Bhutan

Touring Nepal is a very easy task and anybody fit enough to walk can do. You can tour with your friends, family, and even wander alone if you wish. There are plenty of choices available, out of which you choose according to you and your groups wish. You can also modify your travel options and make your touring even better. Touring can be done anytime of the year; it all depends on your preferences. But it is best to be done outside the rainy season as the rainy weather may not be the best time to be out exploring. If you are planning on going to vantage points for landscape viewing, you may want to do so during spring or autumn as the skies are clear and your views will be uninterrupted.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Nepal Tibet and Bhutan tour

Travelers Reviews

Amazing tour

From all the Asian cities I found Kathmandu quite amazing and interesting.
Where most historical and religious were located, amidst the bustling city.
Nevertheless, it was so exciting to observe the daily activities of Nepali people in the shadow of ancient temples and monasteries. The most fascinating was Hindu and Buddhist religions blended in perfect harmony. This was something different than other parts of the world, in short I had a great wonderful time and experience.
Himalaya Holiday Service guide and staff was very friendly and informative, thank you so much for the lovely time in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Janice Lee Twang Taipei, Taiwan.

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Enjoyed my Tour

It was more than I expected from hotels, foods and the tour it was just brilliant and well organized. The guide was very informative and caring as well as the cheerful driver, enjoyed my stay in Kathmandu. The most interesting of all the tours was visiting Bouddhanath to observe the Buddhist pilgrims on prayers.
As well the tour of Bhaktapur was the best, wish we had more time to enjoy the tour around Bhaktapur.
Thanks to Himalaya Holiday Service for the wonderful arrangement from hotel, transportation including the best guide.
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Hutchinson-Alberta-Canada.

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Most fascinating tour

Nepal I found one of the most fascinating country to enjoy varied types of holidays. After the trek to Annapurna Hills, the tour of Kathmandu made my trip in Nepal more interesting. The masterpiece artworks and architectures of the pagoda roofed temple was magnificent to observe. Including the colorful cultures of the Nepali people was captivating to observe on this great tour.
Thanks for the lovely time in Nepal, I will be back soon to join again with one and only Himalaya Holiday Service.
Ms. Samantha Fergusson from Sussex, England-UK.

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Exceptional tour

The best time we ever had for years the fabulous tour, expert guide, good drivers. Including the comfort of a nice hotels and varieties of exotic Nepali traditional food. Made the trip in Nepal worth visiting, the tour was interesting, me and my family enjoyed it very much. Especially the trip to Chandragiri scenic hill top was great with stunning views of the Himalayas.
Thanks to Himalaya Holiday Service for organizing the fabulous trips, it was an enjoyable family holiday in Nepal.
Paul and Paterson family from Southern Caroline-USA.

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Fantastic tour

Exciting tour for three days enjoying the best of Nepal with tour of three famous cities Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. After visiting temples, monasteries and ancient palace and royal courtyard, it was refreshing staying on the hill station at Nagarkot. Great spot for stunning sunrise over chain of Himalayan peaks in the comfort of a lovely resort at Nagarkot.
Thanks to Himalaya Holiday Service for the fabulous tour around Kathmandu Valley great places.
Hanna Fredrickson Hamburg-Germany.

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Excellent Kathmandu tours

Glad that I booked with Himalaya Holiday Service for all necessary 
trips including hotels and sightseeing tours for few days. It was exactly what 
I expected and it was perfectly arranged. The tour of Kathmandu heritage sites was interesting and worth a visit. Enjoyed my time in Kathmandu and thanks to 
Himalaya Holiday Service for all the arrangements. I will be back next year hopefully for other great Himalayan exotic destinations.
Peter Gabriel from USA, present address is Dubai.

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Best tour in Kathmandu

This was my third time in Nepal, and every visit was a different experience.
 Especially, joining with Himalaya Holiday Service, and its good expert guides and staff. Which made the most of my holidays in Nepal, the tour was exciting and enjoyable during my stay in Kathmandu. I will certainly spread the good words of Himalaya Holiday Service for the best holidays in Nepal and beyond.
Bruce William Adelaide, South Australia.

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Enjoyed the tour

I have no word to say or express, how great and marvelous time we had in Nepal with Himalaya Holiday Service. Enjoyed the daily tour around Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur with delightful moments. Would like to visit again in the near future joining with Himalaya Holiday Service.
Jonathan and Carol Walsh, Middlesex, England-UK.

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Good way to start

It was a great introduction of the lively culture and traditions of the Nepali people. Good way to start the trip in Nepal before heading towards mountains around the high Himalayas. Enjoyed the wonderful time in Nepal with interesting tours and treks. The tour around Kathmandu was best to experience the local traditional cultures of age-old heritage,
Thank you for the excellent services, I would like to visit again for another tour and adventure booking with Himalaya Holiday Service.

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Best Kathmandu tour

It was fun and enjoyable with expert guide, explained each and every details of the exciting heritage sites. The best of all the tours was Bouddhanath and visit of Bhaktapur city Palace Square. It was beyond our expectation that beautiful and artistic monuments existed in Nepal. The vibrant cultures of both Hindu and Buddhist religions was fascinating.
Thanks for the lovely tour around the three cities of Kathmandu Valley, enjoyed all of the interesting heritage sites. We will certainly spread the good word of Nepal and of Himalaya Holiday Service to our friends and families.
Paul and Mary Lee Anderson. Belfast, Ireland.

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worth visiting

Spending two days in Kathmandu before the trek departures for Everest Base Camp. It was worth visiting the Buddhist and Hindu religions heritage sites, which was good introduction to local cultures. I was surprised and excited with the magnificent ancient monuments, and its amazing architectures.
The tour of Kathmandu old palace, and Swayambhunath with Bouddhanath Stupas was great and superb. The tour guide was informative and provided the in-depth of the country’s cultures and historical background.
Thanks to Buddhi and Himalaya Holiday Service staff for all the arrangement.
Jeffery and Patrice McLeod, Liverpool-England, UK.

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sightseeing tour in Kathmandu.

It was a wonderful experience booking with Himalaya Holiday Service for all sightseeing tour in Kathmandu. Before heading for Bhutan, it was a lasting memory of all the best places of visit. Kathmandu although a bustling city, but retaining its ancient glory with beautiful temples and monasteries.
We had a good and the best time in Kathmandu, even though it was only for two days. But Himalaya Holiday Service made it worth an experience, certainly a great and small country with great natural and historical wonders.
Ian and Penelope Parkinson, Seattle-Washington State-USA.

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