Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Annapurna Base camp Helicopter tour
Trip Facts - 1 day Tour
  • Tour Cost: USD 350

Trip Overview

Annapurna base camp helicopter tour from Pokhara with best cost guaranteed USD 350 only, get this discount. Book now ABC heli ride lowest price ever.
‘swirling high with awesome mountain panorama to scenic Annapurna sanctuary and base camp’


“Scenic Helicopter Tour with utmost views of Annapurna range of mountains and rolling green hills.
Flying beneath world’s tenth highest Mt. Annapurna at above 8,091 m with its array of peaks
Smooth, great landing within beautiful Annapurna Sanctuary and at base camp above 4,130 m high
Flying over picturesque and dramatic scenery of verdant valley and hills dotted with farm villages
Exceptional panorama of mountains and glaciers in the comfort of nice and cozy lodge at base camp”


Nepal Holidays Service presents an exciting and thrilling Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour, where you will fly high above picturesque Pokhara valley and its nice city, blessed with natural beauty located on the laps of massive Annapurna Himalaya and ever present majestic Machapuchare Himal ‘Fish Tail’.

The high Annapurna Himalaya which reflects on Pokhara serene Begnas and Phewa Lakes which makes this renowned place one of the most visited touristic destination in all Himalaya where our wonderful Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour begins and ends in this scenic holiday spot.

Pokhara is also famous for various adventures and trekking where all Annapurna and adjoining Himalaya destination and starts and completes and as well popular for other adventure sports activities like Paragliding, Zip Flyer, Ultra Light flights, kayaking and rafting with varied other activities that one can enjoy at Pokhara as extension trips.

Annapurna Himalaya listed as world’s Tenth highest mountains out of 14th Eight Thousanders Meters Peaks stands at the height of 8,091 m and 26, 545 ft with its massive range lesser 7,000 m to below 6,000 meters peaks which includes Annapurna I. Annapurna south 7,219 m, Gangapurna 7,455m and Annapurna III 7,555 m with A II and IV of above 7, 000 m with ever present Machapuchare Himal or Fish Tail, the name due to its twin summit top that dominates the Annapurna range.

Machapuchare located South East from the main Annapurna I, one of the unclimbed and virgin peaks in all Himalaya range of great beauty and grace that can be viewed all around Pokhara and on Heli Tour with other array of peaks in close vicinity. learn more about our review..

ABC history

The Name Annapurna & History:

To describe its history Mt. Annapurna the first Eight Thousand meters peaks to be summit in June 3rd 1950 by French Expedition led by late M. Herzog, three years earlier than Mt. Everest was conquered by Tenzing and Hillary in May 29th 1953.

The area around inner Annapurna Himalaya known as the Sanctuary with Annapurna and Machapuchare (Fish-tail) Base Camps, the one and only place where you can find comfort of nice and cozy lodges right beneath world’s highest mountains.

Annapurna Base Camp and the areas christened as Sanctuary of gods and mountain spirits by early pioneer Col Jimmy Edward and his teams of explorer, the name that attached with Machapuchare and Annapurna Base Camps at the height of 4,130 m high.

Annapurna Base Camp located within the Sanctuary hidden between array and amphitheater of giant peaks one of the most scenic spot to visit and experience this beautiful areas once in your lifetime within tranquil wilderness of remorseless fields of ice-moraine and glaciers.

Annapurna the name derived from ancient Sanskrit word Anna for Crops and Purna as Enough a great name honoring this wonderful mountains, as it provides glaciers to feed the rivers and irrigates vast agriculture fields yielding good harvest of crops so the name ‘Annapurna’.

Annapurna is also Goddess of harvest, where one can visit in the hub of capital Kathmandu at Ason to witness and worship in the temple of Goddess Annapurna.


A day on magnificent Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour of 1 hr duration or more from 7 a.m to 12 p.m. (Depending upon the season and landing possible at base camp as per the fine and clear weather and pilots decision)

Starting from scenic Pokhara depart from respective hotels early morning by 6 a.m. or 7 a.m (depending upon the season)to Pokhara airport for sweeping panoramic Chopper flight with spacious and comfortable seats, with rooms for 3-4 people with Captain and Co-Pilot sometimes with one pilot or Captain of the flying ship. In this case one can seat in the front with offers best views of surrounding dramatic landscapes and mountains.

As Heli takes off soaring high into clear blue sky heading north, from Pokhara the aerial distance to Annapurna base camp of mere 35 k.m. air journey continues leading higher above verdant valley of Pokhara and its city and rising high past rolling green hills dotted with lovely farm villages and neat tended row of terraced fields.

The ride then enters into a gorge of Modi River as the engine picks up altitude to enter into beautiful and picturesque Annapurna Sanctuary and then landing at base camp where you can enjoy your breakfast and cup of warm coffee marveling views of Annapurna Himalaya and its range of peaks that surrounds you at Annapurna Base Camp at the height of above 4,130 m high.

Enjoying refreshment at leisure with mountains for breakfast then with time head down to end of Sanctuary rim at Machapuchare located at 3,700 m high just beneath towering North Face of mighty Machapuchare Himal the Fish Tail peak.

Here enjoy the panorama of mountains relaxing in one of its nice lodge premises then heading back to Pokhara with time to catch and witness culture and traditions around Chomrong or Ghandruk villages of Gurung people the native tribes of Annapurna Himalaya interwoven with Buddhism religion and their own age old heritage of great interest.

Gurung People especially the men folk have long history of more than past 200 years supplying brave and excellent Soldiers as Gorkha in British and Indian Army as well in Singapore policemen and Security personal and guard in various foreign countries including Brunei.

By traditions and old heritage they farmers and cattle herders with Buddhist religion as well practice their ancient deities worshiping nature and mountain spirits with interesting culture to witness on this marvelous air journey on Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour.

After a time around Gurung farm villages in the backdrop of Annapurna peaks, then a short air journey bring you at scenic Pokhara and back to your respective hotels by the Phewa Lake with mesmerizing adventure and thrills on Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour.



Annapurna base camp can be visited all months of the year except the monsoon period of July to Mid September the wet and rainy months, with clouds blocking the views and making Helicopter flight least possible to land and fly.

March to May warm during the day, morning and late afternoon can be little cooler where morning are clear for the views and Heli flights.

October to January and February will be clear with fine weather but can be much colder during morning and afternoon time as well in shady areas.

March to May is also a flowering time on mid hills of Annapurna Himalaya region where the whole areas turns ablaze with rhododendron (national flower of Nepal) and other wild flowers in full bloom with riots of colors that fills the green hills of Annapurna.

Late November to Mid February mostly clear during the day, but the days are short with sunlight in Autumn / Fall and Winter times, morning and late afternoon can be cold of less than -5° to -10° Celsius with maximum of 15° to 20° Celsius in sunny days and afternoon.


Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP):

Annapurna base camp with sanctuary and whole areas of Annapurna Himalaya from North to South or East to West of Annapurna protected by ACAP or Annapurna Conservation Area Project, a non Government Nature Preservation Act and Programs to save the fragile nature of Annapurna Areas from destructions where ACAP was established in late 1980’s since then hold the responsible in protecting the country like deforestation, balance the eco-systems between nature and local villagers as well saving its flora and fauns from vanishing.

As Annapurna Himalaya enriched with lush vegetations with more on Southern areas than its dry and arid Northern sides around Manang valley which is on route Mustang via high Thorang-La Pass.

Annapurna Mid Hills are renowned for rich flora and fauna, regarded as world’s largest natural rhododendron garden where some parts are densely covered with more than 12 species of various flowering rhododendron plants with bushes and high trees including other wild flowers.

Animals that found around which is near to extinct Snow Leopard, Himalayan Black Beer, Blue Sheep, Mountain Goats, Wolf, Fox, Jackal, Monkeys with other wild life including more than 300 species of exotic bird life.

Besides its natural and pristine environment protecting the local culture and heritage as it was since past hundred of centuries where mid hills villages of Annapurna Himalaya populated mostly by Gurung tribe of people with some Magar hill people akin in features and traditional way of mountain life and custom of both Buddhist and Hindu religions.

Altitude Sickness

AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness):

Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour does not get much affected by AMS or Acute Mountain Sickness this is one of the high and scenic destination without a problem of high altitude, as southern side of Annapurna range are green with lush vegetation and thick forested areas, which helps regulating much oxygen with fresh clean mountain air.

On this fabulous Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour, you will be spending not more than half an hour at Annapurna base camp to enjoy its beautiful surrounding of mountains, if it occurs for some people the pilot and fly and drop you down at safe areas to regain your body to adjust with the altitude.

Why US

Why Fly with US:

Himalaya Holiday Service one of most prominent company of Nepal Himalaya, where our trip are different to other companies providing with only the best and excellent services at affordable price that makes us one of the most active company through the year in our various exciting, delightful and enjoyable exotic Himalayan destination within Nepal-Tibet and Bhutan.

Prompt and reliable services with safety measures of clients, staff and guides is our foremost priority in all our holiday tours whether it’s on leisure-moderate-adventurous to challenging tours and treks we have great safety measures and precaution to avoid this circumstances.

Our Staff and Guides are professional in their line of works and assignments offering vast information to our valued guest and clients with full in depth knowledge of the country of travel and on route this makes Nepal Holiday Services much different to other local companies.

As for the Heli Flights we have excellent and good relations with our private partner Helicopter companies and as well with major airlines, which we get the first attention and making available the right chosen Helicopter and expert pilots for us.

Helicopter model

Helicopters that we run and operate:
With two types of helicopters operating at present in private sectors:
AS 350 B series of helicopters which are manufactured by Euro copter, France and are very popular all over the world. It is regarded as one of the most versatile helicopters and is suitable for mountain flying and all types of helicopter missions.

Following are the features:

Fail Safe Design – Comfortable Seating Arrangements – 5 seats excluding Pilot – Suitable for all types of helicopter missions and can fly up to an altitude of above 5,500 m and 18,000 feet high.

Other helicopter is the powerful Russian made MI-17. This is a big bird, capable of transporting 22 passengers or four tons of cargo. MI-17’s can reach altitudes well in excess of 5.000 m and have been known to land at Everest Base Camp. They offer excellent utility and reliability under extreme conditions. These helicopters are usually charter for bigger groups or large cargo.

Besides scenic and cultural Heli Tour we run and organize Rescue Evacuation operation around Nepal Himalaya as well for ferrying cargo for expeditions and relief operation as well pilgrimage Heli Tour to Damodarkund-Muktinath and to Gosainkund and much more……………………

ABC heli fligth dates

Annapurna base camp Helicopter tour with landing from Pokhara in November – Daily flights available

November 15th 6 seat left Book now

November 16th 5 seat left Book now

November 17th 5 seat left Book now

November 18th 5 seat left Book now

November 19th 6 seat left Book now

November 20th 5 seat left Book now

November 21st 3 seat left Book now

November 22nd 4 seat left Book

November 23rd 3 seat left Book now

November 24th 3 seat left Book now

November 25th 5 seat left Book now

November 26th 5 seat left Book now

November 27th 5 seat left Book now

November 28th 5 seat left Book now

November 29th 5 seat left Book now

November 30th 5 seat left Book now

December 1st  5 seat left Book now

December 2nd 3 seat left Book now

December 3rd 5 seat left Book now

December 4th 5 seat left Book now

December 5th 5 seat left Book now

December 6th 5 seat left Book now

December 7th 5 seat left Book now

December 8th 4 seat left Book now

December 9th 5 seat left Book now

December 10th 5 seat left Book now

December 11th 5 seat left Book now

December 12th 5 seat left Book now

December 13th 5 seat left Book now

December 14th 5 seat left Book now

December 15th 5 seat left Book now

December 16th 5 seat left Book now

December 17th 3 seat left Book now

December 18th 3 seat left Book now

December 10th 3 seat left Book now

December 20th 3 seat left Book now

December 21st 3 seat left Book now

December 22nd 3 seat left Book

December 23rd 5 seat left Book now

December 24th 3 seat left Book now

December 25th 5 seat left Book now

December 26th 5 seat left Book now

December 27th 3 seat left Book now

December 28th 3 seat left Book now

December 29th 3 seat left Book now

December 30th 3 seat left Book now

December 31st 5 seat left Book now

January 2019 – Daily flight trips available to Annapurna Base camp – Book flight now

January 1st 4 seats left Book flight

January 2nd 5 seats Left Book flight

January 3rd 5 seats left Book flight

January 4th 5 seats left Book flight

January 5th 5 seats left Book flight

January 6th 5 seats left Book flight

January 7th 5 seats left Book flight

January 8th 5 seats left Book flight

January 9th 5 seats left Book flight

January 10th 5 seats left Book flight

January 11th 5 seats left Book flight

January 12th 3 seats left Book flight

January 13th 3 seats left Book flight

January 14th 3 seats left Book flight

January 15th 3 seats left Book flight

January 16th 3 seats left Book flight

January 17th 3 seats left Book flight

January 18th 3 seats left Book flight

January 19th 5 seats left Book flight

January 20th 5 seats left Book Flight

January 21st 3 seats left Book flight

January 22nd 3 seats left Book Tour

January 23rd 3 seats left Book flight

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January 25th 3 seats left Book flight

January 26th 3 seats left Book flight

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January 28th 5 seats left Book flight

January 29th 5 seats left Book Heli

January 30th 5 seats left Book  flight

January 31st 5 seats left Book flight

February 1st 4 seats left Book flight

February 2nd- 4 seats – Book flight

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February 5th- 4 seats – Book flight

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