Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

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Duration 6 hours in the morning
Grade Easy
Highest Altitude 19000 Feet
Trip popularity
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Tour Type Daily Group Sharing - Join Now
Starting Cost USD 1200
Transport By Helicopter
Age Range 5-80 years
Four Landig places Lukla Airport, Pheriche, Hotel Everest View, FlyOver the Everest Base camp, and private laning are options to pay more
Flight starts From Kathamndu airport
Ending point Kathmandu airport
Number of passengers 01- 5 Pax
Breakfast place Mount Everest view Hotel 12700 feet
Country Nepal
City Kathmandu
Activity Driving, flying, walking
Accomodation Hotels and Resorts
Meals Breakfast at Hotel Everest view
Difficulty Easy
Best season Autumn, Winter and Spring, October till May
Start and End point Kathmandu airport

Per person priceBased on group size and dates.



Free Cancellation - up to 24 hours before the experience starts (local time)
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Trip Facts - 1 Day Tour

Activities : Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with landing flight for the view of Everest base camp and Mount Everest, Nuptse, Pumori and more. Free time of one hour at Everest view Hotel for Breakfast, at Syangboche.
Call us Now : Nepal Mobile (+977) 98512 14548 (also on WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram)- 24hrs available, Book now Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour with landing privately at Kalapathar or even at the base camp in high season, for breakfast, best sharing ride cost, lowest price guaranteed.
Areas of Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing : Mount Everest base camp helicopter tour landing at Everest View Hotel which is the best view point of Mt Everest. Fly over EBC, Khumbu glacier of Nepal's North East Himalaya region. Transit via Lukla airport.
Mount Everest Base Camp helicopter Tour Grade : Easy, Leisure and luxury with touch of high altitude 17500 Feet. Make phots and videos.
People and Culture : Majority of Sherpa people with Buddhist religion & culture will see in this Everest helicopter flight tour.
Highest Altitude gain on stops : 5,564 m(17000 ft) at Everest Base Camp / Kalapather and 5,180 at Gorakshep.
Mount Everest base camp helicopter tour duration with landing : 4 -5 hours from Kathmandu to Lukla to Everest base camp to Kathmandu, depend on the weather and air traffic as well.
Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour package cost: Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour package price is based on 5 pax Group sharing or private charter on best cost, please contact us now.
Best Season for Mount Everest base camp Helicopter tour: Can take this flight throughout the year. October till May is best time. June till September is nice too on nice weather day only. we have daily flights schedules.
Maximum number of Passenger : Five passengers, only 5 seats for passengers in this size of Helicopter plus a captain.
Minimum passenger : 1-5 passengers in private or group sharing flight, join our existing daily group departure.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Flight with Landing Cost for 2024 /2025

‘ Enjoy the sweeping panorama of Himalayas amidst majestic Mt. Everest’

Special Offer from May 10th till May 30th 2024 Everest base camp Helicopter tour with landing at base camp just for 1-2 pax special private chartered only with added cost. If you want to land at base camp in our private flight please let us know. Please note group sharing flight is not landing at base camp or Kalapathar. Only private chartered can land at base camp. Everest Base Camp helicopter tour with landing flight is a most exciting lifetime Everest helicopter trip in Nepal at the best price guaranteed.

Short Trip Profile of Helicopter Tour to Everest base camp from Kathmandu 2024

Tour Grade: Leisure, short walks with a touch of high altitude.

Highest landing spot: Beneath Kalapathar Hill at 5,250 m /17,224 feet.

Flight duration: Maximum 4 – 5 hours if weather permits.

Type of Helicopter: AS 350 B series of helicopters of Euro-Copter, France 
 popular worldwide and Ecureuil model or similar types. 

Stops and Landing: Lukla, Everest View Hotel for breakfast, and refreshments,
 the main overfly the base camp, Khumbu icefal, camp one, and Kalapathar Hill. 

Maximum Seating: 4-5 passengers with spacious wide seating in rotating order.

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas, like never before with our exclusive Everest base camp Helicopter Tour with landing. Himalaya Holiday Service offers an exciting money worth of package in Nepal to experience an unforgettable joy ride. 
Depart for an extraordinary adventure that will leave you awe-inspired and create memories to last a lifetime.

The Everest base camp Helicopter Tour with landing from Kathmandu is a unique opportunity to witness the majesty of the Himalayas with the world’s highest Mount Everest. Overlooking from an unmatched perspective the base of the famous scenic Kalapathar Hill faces Mt. Everest at a stone’s throw distance.

Everest base camp Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu, allows visitors to catch the best view of Mt. Everest at its closest. Avoiding the physical challenges of a long trek, this scenic joy ride provides an exhilarating and convenient way; to behold the grandeur of the Himalayas.

The Everest base camp helicopter tour begins in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. After a warm welcome and briefing, then board in a well-equipped helicopter with an experienced pilot at the helm. As the helicopter ascends into the clear blue Himalayan sky, and experience the transformation of the landscapes. From a bustling city escape to the tranquil beauty of the mountainous region with glistening rivers and verdant valleys. Covered in dense lush green forest as well as farm terraces and lovely-looking mountain villages.

As you soar higher, the snow peaks come into view, you will be left speechless by the panoramic vistas. The Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour will take you on a mesmerizing flight over the green rolling hills, picturesque valleys, and pristine country. 

Which provides amazing and dramatic diverse topography, but the true highlight of the tour lies in reaching the Everest region.
As the helicopter approaches the Khumbu Valley, the home of Mount Everest, and Sherpa the highlanders of Everest. Your excitement will soar to new heights, as the helicopter fly close to the legendary peaks.
 Offering unparalleled views of Mount Everest, with Lhotse, Nuptse, and countless other majestic summits that form the major Himalayan range.

The awe-inspiring sight of Mount Everest, standing tall at 8,848.86 meters, 
will leave you in awe of nature’s wonders. The Helicopter soars around the Everest base camp with views of the gigantic Khumbu Icefall and glaciers. Then the pilot makes a soft landing(private flight only/ group joining is flyover) at the bottom of the high Kalapathar rocky hill.

The best scenic view-point to capture the exciting moment by taking pictures, or simply savor the experience with your own eyes. Standing a mere distance from Mt. Everest, and witnessing one of the world’s most iconic and coveted natural landmarks.

During the ride, the helicopter will make a landing at one of the Everest region’s iconic viewpoints. Such as the bottom of Kalapathar, close to Everest Base Camp, as well as the Everest View Hotel for morning refreshments. Where you can step out and immerse yourself in the serenity of the Himalayas and breathe the crisp mountain air. Feel the chill of the high-altitude atmosphere, and revel in the sheer magnificence of glorious surroundings.

As the Helicopter heads back to Kathmandu, reflecting the extraordinary experience on the Everest Helicopter Tour. Which is not only an opportunity to witness the grandeur of the Himalayas and the close face of Mt. Everest.
But also a chance to gain a deeper appreciation for the rich culture and natural beauty of Nepal.

Our Everest Helicopter Tour package includes professional and experienced pilots who will be your guide, showing the wonders of the Himalayas. 
Providing insightful commentary and ensuring you with delightful moments and comfort, as we prioritize safety above all else. Ensuring that all our helicopters are well-maintained and adhere to international safety standards.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler seeking a new adventure or a nature enthusiast yearning to witness the world’s highest peak, our Everest Helicopter Tour package is the perfect choice.

Join us on this extraordinary journey Everest base camp Helicopter Tour and create memories that will last a lifetime. Experience the grandeur of the Himalayas and let Nepal’s natural wonders captivate your heart.

The major highlights of the Mount Everest Helicopter tour with landing from Kathmandu, make this trip enjoyable and mesmerizing. The flight of enchantment flying above beautiful country landscapes under the clear blue Himalayan sky.

HIGHLIGHTS of Everest Base camp helicopter tour stop at Everest View Hotel :

Enjoy the thrills, as the helicopter effortlessly ascends close towards Mt. Everest. A Joy Ride to witness a magical transformation of dramatic scenic landscapes. 
Spacious seated chopper with enough leg room to enjoy the exciting flight.
From the moment of lift-off facing an overwhelming panorama of the Himalayas.
Stand beneath the majestic Mt. Everest with adjoining giant mountain range.
Stunning closest views of the world’s tallest peaks with massif Khumbu Ice-Fall.
Refreshing and relaxing moments at the world’s highest luxury Everest View Hotel.
Magical experience on Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Himalaya Holiday.

The best seasons for Everest base camp Helicopter flight tour with landing: 
The first thing is flying in the best seasons for a fantastic tour on a swift and scenic helicopter flight. Spring and autumn/fall are the best time to visit the Himalayas. 
Whether on treks or taking the comfort of a helicopter ride flying above the world’s highest peaks. During spring and autumn days are mostly crystal clear for views of the stunning scenery of the massif Himalayas and Mt. Everest.
However, can catch a cold morning breeze and the afternoon can be windy and overcast sometimes.

Details of Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing:
 Enjoy the fresh morning cool air of the Himalayas, as the chopper ascends above the metropolitan city of Kathmandu. Overlooking panorama of Kathmandu city and its surrounding green hills and valley dotted with series of farm villages and terraces. As the helicopter heads eastwards facing views of Langtang, Jugal Himal with majestic peaks of Gaurishankar and Melung Tse. The Helicopter diverts north with glorious views of Khumbu Himal and Mt. Everest, following above the Dudh Koshi River. Including lovely villages, then the heads due north towards our destination above Everest base camp. The helicopter does not land exactly at Everest base camp due to several safety reasons. The first is the availability of a safe landing ground, danger of rock-fall and avalanches might occur sometimes. The other main reason is we have to be environmentally friendly and preserve the fragile and pristine environment. But the passengers do have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Everest base camp and the massif Khumbu Ice-Fall. The pilot makes a safe landing at the base of the famous viewpoint of Kalapathar Hill at 5,250 m /17,224 feet. The best spot for grand views of Mt. Everest at close distance, encircled by towering giant peaks. After the incredible scenery of the surrounding snow mountains with Mt. Everest. Then heading back to Kathmandu, with a short stop for a refreshing rest at Everest View Hotel.

Activities during the Everest base camp helicopter flight tour with landing :

The main activity on the Everest base camp helicopter flight tour is flying above
beautiful country landscapes. Enjoying the comfort of relaxing spacious seats overlooking grand views of the Himalayas. On landing at a scenic view point beneath Kalapathar Hill, standing in front of larger-than-life views of mountains. Facing spectacular scenery of giant peaks with Mt. Everest at a mere stone’s throw distance. As well as getting busy with photo session activities of less than an hour, and then landing at another view spot. The famous high luxury Everest View Hotel to enjoy refreshing warm drinks in the shade of Mt. Everest. 
The return journey to Kathmandu with a breathtaking panorama of the Himalayan chain of peaks till you land at Kathmandu airport.

Different Options on Everest base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing :

People joining on this scenic ride on the Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing with various options to enjoy. Besides heading straight towards Everest base camp and landing at the base of Kalapathar hill scenic view-point.
 Interested people have the opportunity to stay longer around the high Khumbu areas in the comfort of a nice lodge. After the flight around Everest base camp on the way back, one can take the pleasure of walking back to Lukla. As well as wait for the next Helicopter or normal flight back to Kathmandu, after spending for days around lovely areas of Khumbu.

If you want to read the experience of our previous travelers who took our Everest Helicopter tour with landing tour you can read on the Trip Advisor link.      

Everest Base Camp helicopter tour with landing flight is a most exciting lifetime Everest helicopter trip in Nepal at the best price guaranteed from Kathmandu. We have daily fixed group departures, and guaranteed flights if nice weather.

Different Options for Mount Everest Base camp Helicopter Flight Tour with Landing :

A:  Lukla to Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing price :

People have already reached Lukla by other means of transport like on normal scheduled flights. You can enjoy the comfort of taking a Helicopter towards Everest Base Camp saving time and energy rather than trekking. The helicopter takes less than an hour to reach Everest Base camp, overlooking grand views of the base camp.
Then the pilot makes a safe landing on top of Gorakshep and at the base of Kalapathar Rocky Hill. Where one can enjoy the fabulous scenery of giant peaks that surround you. Facing the closest views of Mt. Everest at a mere distance, and then fly back to land at Lukla airport. After a great wonderful experience on a short tour of Everest base camp and at the base of Kalapathar. The price for Helicopter service depends upon the size of a group, or chartering the Helicopter.

B:  From Phakding to Everest Base Camp on a Helicopter to land at Kalapathar
 base end continue to Kathmandu.

For those who are staying in Phakding, after a short walk from Lukla, and feel tired to continue the trek; to Everest base camp. For an opportunity to take the service of a chopper, just contact Himalaya Holiday Service. Then the company will make the necessary arrangements to pick you up at Phakding, where a Helicopter can land nearby. The ride takes you above Everest base camp to experience the arctic-like terrains of ice and glaciers. As also has close views of Khumbu Ice-Fall, and then makes a smooth landing at the base of Kalapathar Hill. Located above the small settlement of Gorakshep, from here enjoy the superb panorama of the towering massif mountain range. Overlooking grand close views of Mt. Everest at a mere distance, the lovely pictures of the surroundings. Reminds you just like in the Postcard of Everest. After a jubilant moment with scenic views return to land at Lukla or continue on the same chopper to Kathmandu. 

C:  From Namche to EBC or at the base of Kalapathar for close views of 
 Mt. Everest and then back to Lukla or Kathmandu by Helicopter.

Trekkers who have already reached Namche Bazaar, and are not sure of taking a chance, to walk further in high altitude areas. A great opportunity to enjoy comfort on a Helicopter flight to Everest base camp. Then land at a famous viewpoint of Kalapathar lower base, where one can enjoy both scenic sides of Everest.
Includes flying over Everest base camp and then landing at the base of Kalapathar for stunning views of Mt. Everest at its closest distance. After enjoying the fantastic panorama of the world’s highest peaks fly back to Lukla or carry on flying back to Kathmandu.

D:  From Tengboche 3,867 m to Everest Base camp and then land at Lukla or 
 continue flying back to Kathmandu on a helicopter.

A great opportunity for trekkers who have reached beautiful and scenic Tengboche and the monastery. Having the problem of walking further to Everest base camp, is a chance not to be missed. Enjoy the smooth comfort of taking a Helicopter flight, flying above Everest base camp, and landing at a scenic viewpoint. 
At the base of the famous and popular Kalapathar Hill, enjoy the delightful scenery of Everest Base Camp. As well as the stunning looks of Mt. Everest at close distance and then fly to land at Lukla. One can continue flying back to Kathmandu, to complete the major highlights in easy and smooth ways.

E:  From Pheriche or Dingboche by Helicopter flight to Everest Base Camp or
 at the base of Kalapathar and back to Kathmandu.

Another good and best option and opportunity for trekkers, who have reached Pheriche and are in confusion. As well as looking for an easy way to cover the main highlight of the adventure. The best solution is taking a chopper ride from Pheriche and flying over Everest base camp. The helicopter makes a safe landing at the base of Kalapathar just above Gorakshep. Where all can enjoy the incredible views of giant peaks with the close face of Mt. Everest. After an exciting moment return journey to Lukla or continue the Helicopter flight back to Kathmandu.

F:  From Pangboche to Everest base camp or at the base of Kalapathar Hill,
 options of helicopter service and then land at Lukla.

Weary trekkers or with a short time frame to cover all the major highlights, can enjoy the opportunity of flying. Take a smooth Helicopter ride to Everest base camp for grand views of Khumbu Ice Fall and glaciers. Then easy soft landing(private flight only) at a scenic spot on the base of the high Kalapathar rocky ridge. A famous and popular viewpoint facing the spectacular close face of majestic Mt. Everest and adjoining peaks. After an enjoyable moment on achieving all the major goals then fly to Lukla for a normal flight. If time is short can carry on flying on the same Helicopter back to Kathmandu.

G:  From Thukla or Lobuche to Everest base camp by helicopter flight and 
 then to Lukla, or continue back to Kathmandu.

Thukla is a small settlement en route to Lobuche and Everest base camp.
Located on the meeting point of Dingboche and Pheriche routes, from here trekkers can continue the journey. Taking the comfort and easiest ways to Everest base camp, for grand views of arctic-like terrain landscapes. Then the pilot makes a smooth safe landing at the base of Kalapathar Hill. Enjoy the panorama of sweeping views of giant peaks with Mt. Everest at a close distance. After fulfilling the dreams of a lifetime, then fly back to land at Lukla or continue to Kathmandu.

H:  From Everest base camp or near about, and taking the Helicopter service 
 to Lukla or back to Kathmandu.

Enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime saving a few days walk to Lukla, by taking the comfort of Helicopter service. The smoothest ways to reach and land at Lukla on time for your normal flight or continue flying on a chopper back to Kathmandu.
The best way to enjoy for trekkers with limited time in Nepal, taking wonderful options of Helicopter services.

I: From Gorakshep or near Everest base camp and Kalapathar base with a
 helicopter drop at Lukla or continue to Kathmandu on a helicopter.

At present most trekkers use the opportunity of Helicopter services after completing their major highlights of the adventure. Especially trekkers with short holiday duration and to catch an international flight home on time. The best and easiest means is taking a chopper from Gorakshep or above the base of Kalapathar.
Then flying back to Lukla or continue the smooth and scenic ride to Kathmandu.”

J: Helicopter from Lukla to Syangboche or Syangboche to Lukla:

A great wonderful way to catch a glimpse of Mt. Everest is taking a scenic joy ride on a Helicopter. Either from Lukla or Kathmandu, a smooth flight with a grand panorama of towering peaks of Khumbu Himal. Land at Syangboche small old airstrip just above the famous Namche Bazaar, and then walk to Everest View Hotel. Where one can enjoy delightful moments with refreshing drinks in the backdrop of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, and magnificent Ama Dablam.
After a glorious moments fly back to Lukla or carry on flying to Kathmandu overlooking massive panoramic views of the Himalayas.

K: Cost of Kathmandu to Lukla by helicopter or Lukla to Kathmandu.

The cost of using the Helicopter services entirely depends upon the size and group of passengers. From the places that one booked or joined for the smooth Helicopter flight to land at Lukla; or heading back to Kathmandu.

Various sizes and types of Helicopter for Everest Base Camp Landing Tour:

For mountainous zone countries like Nepal with the world’s highest peaks and massive Himalaya range. Himalaya Holiday Services operates the best and most efficient Helicopter available in Nepal. 

There are about 38 Helicopters operated by several Helicopter Companies, which provide Helicopter Services all over the Himalayan Country of Nepal. 
The models that we use for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Landing Tour are as follows.

The most popular helicopter models for mountainous and Himalayan regions is AS Euro copter AS 350 and Ecureuil models. Much more efficient for smooth flights and safe landings on good available space. Seats for a maximum of 5 adult passengers as per altitude wise and temperatures on the landing site. 
Ecureuil family namely AS 350 B 2 (2002 model), AS 350 B3 e (2012 model) & EC 130 B 4 (2002 model). Manufactured by Euro Copter, France (a worldwide leader in civil and military helicopter production). Includes AS350B (H-125) Airbus Helicopter, various models of Robinson Helicopters, built in the USA.

Trip Gallery

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Gallery


Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour flight with landing at Hotel Everest view from Kathmandu and if a Private flight of 1-2 persons from Kathmandu also lands at Everest base camp Kalapathar view point so call us now.

Best Package offer for Everest base camp helicopter tour with cost of 2024 and 2025.

One-day activities of Everest Base camp helicopter tour with landing stop at Everest View Hotel.

 The itinerary of the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with landing is flexible on dates and costs.

Private charter flight or sharing small group joining to minimize the Everest base camp helicopter tour cost please call us now. Embark on the flight of a lifetime to Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour, fly to Luka by Airbus H125 a Euro-copter 350 B3 helicopter, or Bell 407,  continue to Base camp and land at the viewpoint for Photos of Everest and many other Himalayas.

Plan of Mount Everest base camp Helicopter tour with flyover flight at Kalapathar and Base camp the expedition route of  Everest.

05:50 AM: Transfer from hotel to Kathmandu Airport Helipad – Elevation 1300 meters.

Our Everest base camp Helicopter tour guide and the driver receive you at the hotel. Then drive to the airport, before departing the hotel, please wear warm jackets, gloves, trousers, and sunglasses recommended. Carry water bottles, light snacks, and dry foods and if you take any regular medicine please keep it in your handbag. If you like to carry a packed breakfast can bring it with you. From the hotel to the airport distance of 15 to 20 minutes. Do not carry fire items in helicopter fights.

06:15 AM: Check-in at Helicopter counter (please bring a passport copy)

At the airport can expect a check-up and queue going through an X-ray machine.
Our Everest base camp helicopter staff will ask for passport copies, as well as weigh the body weight which is most important for landing a helicopter at base camp or near about close to the world’s tallest mountain. After getting the boarding pass security check and then entering the main waiting hall, might have to wait some time.

As the airlines announce the time of our flight and then proceed towards the helipad. At the Helipad waiting and making sure of the weather forecast towards Everest base camp, if it’s good enough to fly. As well as waiting to get permission from the airport tower, the captain will provide a safety briefing of the Helicopter flight.

Learn to handle the doors, and how to get in and out of the helicopter. Always use the front part of the helicopter for exiting and entering but Never go towards the tail of the chopper. When stopping at high altitude the captain does not turn off the engines, the seat arrangements keep changing taking turns to catch the best views. If you need oxygen ask our captain for emergency use.

06:40 AM: Flight to Lukla airport by Helicopter.

Elevation 2,800 meters/ 9,000 feet Take off time varies on different seasons, once the air traffic gives the authorization depending upon the promising weather forecast, and then taking off flying towards east. If the weather is clear grand views of Mt. Manaslu on the far west, with Mt, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, and Dorje Lakpa. The flight offers more than views of Everest with a wide panorama of Himalayan peaks, you will be busy taking pictures of the stunning scenery of rolling green hills with farm terraces that are more than 3000 years making the terraces from one generation to another.
The high hills are covered in dense forests of rhododendrons, pines, and fir trees facing clusters of farm villages which draws your attention. The scenery of rivers and beautiful landscapes make you busy with the cameras. The chopper heads east after 15 minutes of flight with grand views of Mt. Gaurishankar and Melung-Tse peaks, which border Nepal and Tibet. Regarded as a holy mountain, where Nepal Standard and Greenwich Time Meriden pass through, the Nepal time follows with the early sunrise making it unique from the rest of the world. Similar to our national flag which is triangular shaped like the jagged Himalayas range. Once the Helicopter passes through the Lamjura-La high ridge at 3,500 meters (11, 000 feet) can catch a quick glimpse of Mt. Everest and Lhotse, an opportunity for pictures with the first look of Mt. Everest and surrounding giant peaks.
Slowly heading north to land at Luka town Tenzing and Hillary Airport at 2,800 meters high, a unique mountainous airstrip for landing and take-off. But the helicopter makes a safe and smooth landing, one of the highlights and charms of the flight.

07:40 AM: Unloading return fuel for the same helicopter at Lukla airport 10-12 minutes.

While the pilot and ground staff unload the fuel, you will have a brief time for refreshment and to use the restroom. Most hotels and lodges or public restrooms have small rooms for toilets, and please carry toilet paper with you. Can have an opportunity to witness the smaller planes landing and taking off, which will be impressive to catch with your cameras and take videos.
Luka is the starting and ending point for the Everest base camp of 2 weeks treks. Lucky that you are on an Everest base camp helicopter tour to experience the shortest way to land and enjoy. You may switch seats, We recommend that you wear a warmer dress not that we have a quick ascend, but from here onward the temperature gets much colder.

07:50 AM: Helicopter Flight towards Khumbu and Everest Base camp via the river Dudh-Kosi.

(If we are flying more than 3 persons or more than 250 kg we have to split the group from Pheriche and shuttle back and forth on the same helicopter.) Elevation 4, 200 meters/13, 00 feet.
Once taking off, follow the Dudh-Kosi River, which flows from the glaciers near Everest base camp, called Khumbu Glacier. Along the flight views of villages with many lodges and tea houses where trekkers and climbers follow the route within rhododendron and pine-forested trails. After a short time view of Namche Bazaar, Khumjung, and Phortse on the left side, from here onwards approaching view of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, and Ama Dablam in front.
On the left side views Mt. Cho-Oyu, the 6th world’s highest peak, as Heli flies above famous and the largest, as well the highest Monastery of Tengboche.
A colorful religious festival is held called Mani-Rimdu, the celebration takes place in late October or in early November as per the Tibetan Buddhist Lunar calendar. The flight passes above Pangboche to reach Pheriche a reasonable size settlement with many nice hotels and lodges at the height of 4, 200 meters (13000 feet).
The captain might land here to split the group of 2 people and 3 people dividing the weight of 250 kg or less. As the group can wait at Pheriche and enjoy taking photos and videos, the first group continues to Everest base camp by Helicopter. Whereas the same helicopter does the shuttle ferrying passengers back and forth.

08:25 AM: Helicopter Overfly the Everest Base Camp and  Kala Patter 5, 250 meters/ 17, 225 feet for photos and video of a lifetime experience.

The chopper proceeds above Thukla, with views of Cho-La pass on the left, Lobuche peak, and Lobuche small settlement with some lodges around. Views of the lofty peak of Mt. Pumori appear, and the flying over Khumbu glacier, and at Gorakshep the last settlement on route base camp. The helicopter tours above the Everest base camp where the Mountaineering Expedition set their tented camps.
During the high season of Expedition observe the climbers preparing their climbing and rest for acclimatization at the base camp, April and May are the busy time for expeditions. At the Everest base camp, there is no helipad due to the movement and activeness of the glacier. Where the pilot will make a nice flyover only as per the new rule of the government. At approx. 17, 225 feet, from this scenic area, enjoy majestic views of Mount Everest at a mere distance. Facing surrounding giant peaks of Nuptse, Khumbutse, Ama Dablam, and Pumori with an array of peaks. Enjoy taking photos and videos, the main highlight of the Everest base camp Helicopter over the fly tour. Mesmerizing views of a lifetime experience can ask another passenger to take photos. As well as each other, enjoy the moment for about 3 minutes, then the helicopter flies back to Pheriche to join with other co-passengers.

08:45 AM: Flight to Syangboche hill view-point – Mt. Everest View Hotel with options for Breakfast and refreshments. Elevation 3,880 meters/ 12, 000 feet.

On completing the Helicopter shuttles, the flight continues heading towards Hotel Everest View for an hour to relax and enjoy Breakfast or other warm refreshments. Famous and popularly called Everest for Breakfast. Enjoy the lifetime experience of having breakfast in the shade of the mighty peaks of Ama Dablam and Mt. Everest. The Hotel has facilities for free WiFi at present. This is one of the highest deluxe and luxury hotels probably in the world, established 50 years ago by a Japanese who loved this spot with a grand view of Mt Everest. Most trekkers and Helicopter passengers enjoy breakfast on the terrace facing a marvelous view of Mount Everest, Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Tawache, and Thamserku.

09:45 AM: Ride back to Kathmandu/ may stop at Lukla for fuel.

After an hour of free leisure and relaxing stop, then fly back to Lukla to refuel the helicopter and continue the joy ride back to Katmandu.

11:45 AM: Arrival at Kathmandu domestic airport.

Once reaching the airport, drive to the arrival section of the domestic terminal.

01:15 PM: Drive to hotel.

Our guide and driver will be at your disposal and receive you at the car parking area, welcoming you back. We will request feedback after a wonderful experience on Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. Enjoying amazing scenery and close views of Mt. Everest from the base of Kalapathar viewpoint. Hope everyone is happy that you joined on this amazing Helicopter Tour and then check your Bucket list.

Note:- The timing of Helicopter flights might change due to weather conditions and Air traffic.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with landing flight is the most exhilarating and fascinating lifetime episode in Nepal Himalayas provides the nearest view of Mount Everest in a day. Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing flight begins from Kathmandu to Lukla airport with an hour ride and unload fuel ground time of 5 minutes. Lukla to Mt. Everest base camp Kala Patthar by helicopter flight time of 10 minutes and flyover time of 10 minutes. Kala Patthar to Mt. Everest view hotel with a helicopter 12-minute ride and landing time 55 minutes for Breakfast. Hotel Everest view to Lukla to Kathmandu by Helicopter 65 minutes ride. Total EBC flight duration of 4.00 hours. Starting early (6:00 AM) from the hotel transfer to Kathmandu domestic air terminal for superb panoramic flight, comfortable seats with space for leg rooms, and large glass window where you can marvel at impressive scenery.

After getting in the chopper, where the captain might have a co-pilot sometimes depending upon the size of a group, having only one pilot where you can have the honor of sitting next to the captain facing commanding views in front. After a seating arrangement, we flew over Kathmandu Valley catching views of the Ganesh – Manaslu – Langtang and Jugal Himal range of peaks with Gaurishanker and Melung Tse peaks. As the flight swirls above rolling green hills past Dolkha village around Jiri village heading past Lamjura-la pass of 3,560 m high covered in thick alpine forest of rhododendron-magnolia-pines and oaks trees, our air journey continues for about 45 minutes from the take-off. Flying high with awesome views of the Himalayan chain of mountains including Mt. Everest and then landing at Lukla’s unique airstrip known as Tenzing & Hillary Airport tribute to legendary mountaineers who first conquered Mt. Everest on May 29th, 1953.

At Lukla where the chopper lands for refueling as well for refreshment in an excellent lodge with fine restaurants and bakeries, there with time to observe local Sherpa traditional life interwoven with Buddhist culture. Lukla at an altitude of 2,820 m. high, a door to various Everest trekking-mountaineering and other adventure walks, after ten minutes stops then flies high into Dudh Kosi River gorge in between Kwangde and Kusum Kanguru with Thamserku peaks, as the chopper whirls high above Namche Bazaar. Flying over with a view of the famous colorful Namche Bazaar where the busy Saturday Market takes place every week, Namche is the hub and main Sherpa capital of the Khumbu region within Everest.

The flight continues higher facing an awesome panorama of snow peaks with Mt. Everest and majestic Amadablam and then landing (only special flights with extra cost) at scenic Thyangboche near its famous old Buddhist monastery. A charming spot surrounded by snow-capped peaks with close views of Amadablam- Everest and other peaks, located within the green forest. Time permitting visit the famous monastery where you can observe monks and priests in prayer halls, where climbers and mountaineers receive blessing from the high priest for a safe and successful climb on Everest and other high peaks. From Thyangboche flight continues towards Mt. Everest Base Camp above the beautiful Khumbu valley surrounded by the world’s highest peaks and then landing at Kalapathar near Gorakshep at above 5,180 m high, This place once an original base camp, located beneath the lofty peak of Pumori and Kalapatthar rocky viewpoint hill.

After a brief stop helicopter flies towards Everest Base Camp above the moraine and ice to reach base camp, here Enjoy the view of the tumbling and notorious Khumbu Ice Fall and glaciers. After a marvelous and exciting time with an adventure of a lifetime experience retrace the air journey back to Kathmandu with a glorious memorable time on a Helicopter flight to Mt. Everest Base Camp.


Cost of Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with landing for 2024 and 2025

A helicopter tour to Everest base camp with a flyover package costs USD 1300 including fuel surcharge ($1199+$100)=USD 1299 per person if the group is sharing with 5 pax. Best and most reasonable and affordable price, book now, call Nepal mobile  (+977) 985 121 4548 (24/7 on Whats App). Everest helicopter tour in group joining discount – best budget package costs USD 1299 per person with fuel charges (if 5 pax flying together). Suppose fewer pax flying needs to adjust the cost. Luxury Charter / Private flights are available every day.

If you want a better choice of flights/charter ride options/private trips- we have daily departure.
Flexible cost and  Fixed Dates- special flight if fewer people flexible cost is given below.
-Joining group sharing flights costs *USD 1599 per person ( IF 4 passengers will be sharing and paying flight to Everest).
-Group sharing flights cost *USD 1800 per person {if 3 passengers(total body weight 240kg or less) will be sharing/paying flight to Everest together}.
-Private flight costs *USD 2700 per person (If 2 passengers will be flying to Everest/Kalapathar – special trip).
-Private flight costs *USD 5400 per person 1 passenger will fly to Mount Everest Kalapathar- Special trip).

We strictly follow safety rules, high altitude air pressure is low, above 4200 meters (1300 ft) allowing 250 kg (551 pounds) at a time in one shuttle or 2- 3 people at a time, at the cost of USD 7000, for 5 people, the second shuttle will be required to split the weight allowance and capacity.

contact us now.

Reserve the Landing Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight from Kathmandu now and pay later

In 2024 and 2025 we have daily group Sharing and Private flights to the Everest base camp by Helicopter with multiple landings and the best price.

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  • All pick up from hotel to Airport and after the flight Airport to hotel transfers.
  • On Helicopter Day Flight includes sharing seating arrangements for 5  pax. Private flights are also available and special landing options.
  • Applicable Permit arrangement service only (Fees extra and pay locally in the mountains).
  • Service of escort his / her daily medical insurance, meals, and transportation allowance.
  • Comprehensive medical kits and re-confirmation of international or domestic air tickets.
  • Everest Base camp helicopter tour price as per flight duration on a day ride.

Our Everest helicopter flight package price does not include the following costs:

  •  Nepal Visa-International airfare-personal travel and medical insurance, Hotel in Kathmandu.
  • VAT 13% needs to be added to the cost of the Helicopter.
  • Expenses of a personal nature and Breakfast in Kathmandu and Everest view hotel, gratitude (tips), and hard/soft drinks throughout the day trip.
  • Everest National Park fees NPR 3000. or USD 30 each and Pasang Lhamu village fees NPR 2000 each. Airport tax is 1000 each.
  • Price of personal Gear- Down jackets and others.

Everest base camp helicopter flight landing tour cost is guaranteed for a lifetime experience in Nepal with the best view of Mt Everest and other peaks from Kala Patthar. Cost is given per person with surcharges (if 5 pax flying together), the best affordable offer, on top clients, need to pay extra Mount Everest National park fees USD 30 (local Nepalese rupees Rs. 3000) each, Pasang Lamu Municipality fees NPR 2000 per person and Kathmandu / Lukla Airport tax cost NPR 1000 or USD 10 each. Everest views hotel Breakfast extra – depending on choices of foods and drinks- USD 32 each for set breakfast.

Weight restrictions Weight must be average including camera, jacket, and small day packs, for 3 pax flying in one flight must be under 240kg, and for up to 5 pax flying together weight must be under 460 kg. Every extra shuttle is at an extra cost only.

Kathmandu to Mount Everest helicopter tour cost is a best-offered package with hotel pick up and drop off, Please contact our office in Kathmandu for this flight and the best cost.

Experienced team- captain, and crew, safety measures:

Very safe and the team of staff, takes much care of safety measures, checking the engine before taking off from Kathmandu or at the respective Helipad. The captain is experienced and has flown countless times around the Mountainous region of Nepal Himalayas on various missions.

Whether for emergency evacuation or commercial purposes, the pilots are well aware of various safety measures. Likewise, bad and unpredictable weather conditions wind current, and availability of level ground for safe landing and take-off.

Environment and community-friendly tour:

For various reasons, Helicopter does not land at Everest base camp the main cause is to be Eco-friendly. The noise and vibration of the engine might affect the fragile surrounding environment like the Everest base camp. Litters and garbage are not a big problem on the flight, however, there are places like Everest View Hotel. Where one can discard the rubbish while stopping for breakfast and refreshments. While on a Helicopter tour and landing leaving nothing but your boot prints behind.

Learn more about the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour from our previous passengers and their comments after a great marvelous experience flying with us.

Why with us (Himalaya holiday service):

Himalaya Holiday Service, although a new and fresh rising company in the Nepal tourism industry.

The staff and founder of Himalaya Holiday Service. With decades of experience in tourism, guiding and showing the wonders of Nepal Himalayas exotic destinations.

Since the start of the Himalayan Holiday Service, organizing and running countless successful trips all around the Himalayas of Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. Besides managing the company

Mr. Buddhi the founder of Himalaya Holiday Service, is a veteran tour and trekking guide with vast knowledge and makes every trip a winner. Every guest that joins Himalaya Holiday Service comes as a guest and departs as a good friend.

Have cheerful and satisfied smiles enjoying money’s worth of holidays with excellent comments, regarding the quality services provided by Himalaya Holiday Service, its guides, and staff.
Every trip is well planned and taken care of from clients’ arrival to final departures leaving no stone unturned in providing excellent services. Himalaya Holiday Service All trips are at an affordable price so that all travelers can enjoy the best and most delightful holidays with Himalaya Holiday Service.

How safe is the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

Safe and sound Helicopter flight and enjoyable joy ride, the pilot is experienced and has flown countless times. Flying high throughout the mountainous region of Nepal Himalaya, the landing areas on this tour are safe at a wide field beneath Kalapathar Hill.

Where Everest base camp is not safe and secure to land due to the availability of level good ground which is why the Everest base camp helicopter tour is. Landing on the best scenic spot and safe flat ground.

We have now a daily flight scheduled for Everest base camp from Kathmandu with landing and Breakfast at Everest View Hotel (Subject to the weather).

Introduction of Khumbu ice fall

Khumbu Ice Fall is located close to Everest base camp, the toughest obstacle on the route to the summit of Mt. Everest. Regarded as the most dangerous and notorious section of the climb on Mt. Everest expeditions, situated on the foot of Western Cwm. At above 5,486 m towards Camp-I, the Khumbu Ice Fall is about 610 m or 2,000 feet long.

The Ice falls with deep crevasses and big serac to avoid while climbing Mt. Everest. All mountaineers have to pay the toll fee of US$ 600 on using the route. The trail and route are made by the Khumbu village communities, before the expedition high season. During the visit to Everest base camp, one can witness the massif Khumbu Ice-Fall as it tumbles down to the glacier.

Kathmandu to Lukla helicopter cost is USD 1199 per person, it is the best opportunity to see EBC and stay in Lukla or Hotel Everest view.


Everest base camp Helicopter tour with landing at hotel Everest view flight FAQ


How high does Helicopter go during mount Everest base camp helicopter tour ?

From above 3,000 m to 6,000 m, but in certain circumstances, the Everest base camp helicopter tour has flown above 6,100 meters on a rescue operation at Everest and other mountains. Further above 4,000 m due to low air pressure, the pilot can fly with less number of passengers, making the chopper lighter to fly above the limit and average heights.


Can Everest base camp Helicopter tour take a helicopter to the top of Mount Everest?

This Airbus Euro-copter 350 B3 model helicopter had a test flight and landed on the top of Mount Everest. Commercial flights overfly at Kalapathar and Everest base camp not at the summit of Mount Everest, after acquiring special permission; it also depends on the weather and best view areas, where sometimes could be hard to fly while windy and cloudy might bother the flight. But we will try our best to fulfill your promise and dreams from our side.


How many hours can Everest Base camp helicopter tour stay at base camp of Everest ?

The helicopter flyover at Everest base camp for 5 minutes only from Pheriche. Depending upon the weather pattern and busyness and activeness at base camp, base camp will be full of tents for different groups during the high season for climbing. Staying longer is a risk of altitude.


Do we have enough time at Everest base camp during Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

Only for a short while to be there and to catch the views for a minimum of 10 minutes which is quite enough time for you to enjoy the beautiful sights and scenery of rugged mountains and glaciers. Due to the high altitude threat, a longer time is not recommended. But at the hotel Everest View, we stay up to an hour if the weather permits.


Who leads the Everest base camp helicopter tour and are they well trained and experienced?

No doubt about it, all our guides and pilots are experts and professionals in this line of the job with more than two decades of experience leading worldwide customers showing the wonders of the Himalayas with full knowledge of flora-fauna, local culture, and history with the traditional life of the villagers including Eco-tourism and responsible tourism caring, preserving and respecting local culture and saving the pristine environment from destruction. All our pilots and field staff are well trained with medical knowledge and can help you when an emergency arises with proper care and assurance will treat you with medical know-how if it’s serious they are well equipped to call for helicopter services for emergency evacuation.


How is the Breakfast at Hotel Everest view during this Everest Base camp helicopter tour?

The Everest Helicopter breakfast will be hygienic as the cook and kitchen are well versed in hygiene and ecotourism in lodges we have cooked to supervise and maintain the food quality as well. If time is a problem on a Helicopter flight to stop in a local lodge, you carry a packed lunch to save time during a helicopter Flight to Everest Base Camp. The hotel Everest View has a set menu costing USD 31 per person. They serve Egg items, Bread items, sausages, tea coffee, and Juice options.


Is drinking water available during Mount Everest base camp helicopter tour?

On every trip on a Helicopter flight, we serve you safe drinking water, whereas purifying tablets and processes do not work 100 % in Himalayan hard water, due to high mineral contains like manganese-bi-carbonate and iron. People can buy bottled water (but it is an expense and also not good for Eco-tourism as it creates rubbish with plastic bottles).


Do you offer Money Worth and Best Value for Everest helicopter flight with flyover without Any Hidden / Extra Cost?

Every company has its own policy dealing with wide-world customers regarding the price cost of the trip, with more people in the group is much better for the company and as well for interested members as the trip cost will be much better depending upon the size of the group. 3-4 persons are much better for each individual and the company lower the price of the helicopter Flight and expenses during the day on refreshments and lunch. Yes, we do offer you money worth of the best services in all our helicopter flights with no hidden cost.

Depending upon the Company’s policy and norms the trip cost is reasonable, there is no hidden extra charge.


How can I book and secure my seat on this helicopter flight to Everest base camp?

First send the advance trip payment to our company in our Bank account provided where you must fill in forms with details of your passport with expiration dates, most importantly the trip of your choice, and then send a transfer minimum of 10 % advance trip payment, which is non-refundable to secure your booking well in advance. Upon receiving your details of the following document like a passport with scanned or photocopy, of with booking forms, then we will send you a full confirmation letter with a deposit as well a receipt of advance trip payment. You can contact us for direct transfer to deposit in our bank account and as with Credit Card payment, we do accept Visa / Master Card or any other safe and widely used Credit Card with an extra 04 % surcharge as a levy charge. We also accept PayPal and online payment as well.


I am a solo traveler, may I join a group for mount Everest helicopter tour ? Or helicopter day tour of Everest (stopping at the base camp) ?

Yes, we have formed a sharing group so all solo or couple travelers can contact us and join our existing group. Allow flexible dates and let us know your preferred date too. Sharing flights helps to reduce the cost of helicopter flights to Mount Everest base camp.

For a single person, the cost comes slightly higher than for a private charter so one can join in with other groups of passengers. Not exceeding more than 05 people.


Can you take a helicopter to Everest base camp ? or helicopter day trip to Everest from Kathmandu ?

Yes, we can fly by Helicopter and land at the Mount Everest base camp from April till the end of May.


Can I Fly to Everest base camp by helicopter in the morning and take our international flight after 1 PM?

Yes, we will be back in Kathmandu by noon so After 4 PM flights work perfectly.  Everest Base Camp helicopter flight finishes by noon. you can take any domestic flight after 2 Pm easily.


How far is the Kathmandu International and Domestic Airport ?

Only 7 minutes walking distance or 2 minutes drive.


How much does it cost to Fly to the Mount Everest base camp by a Helicopter ?

We have a sharing flight option for those who wish to share the cost or we have a private chartered flight at a reasonable cost. Please contact our team for this flight.


Can we be picked up from Everest Base camp to Lukla by helicopter ? or from Gorekshep to kathmandu?

Yes, we pick you up from Everest Base Camp or Gorakshep or Kalapather or Lobuche or any other place like the Gokyo Lake area and drop you to Lukla as you wish or even to Kathmandu with the best budget cost. For the best price please call us.


Do you arrange rescue service by co-coordinating with our insurance company?

Yes, we can communicate with your Insurance company and arrange rescue/air ambulance service/helicopter charter from the Everest base camp region.


Do you carry oxygen tanks in case of emergency in Everest Baze camp Helicopter flight ?

Yes, a light and portable oxygen cylinder is available in case of emergency.


Is there any helicopter ride to Everest base camp and summit, of land on the ground of the peak ? and stay at the top ?

Our Everest base camp Helicopter ride lands at the highest point of the base camp called  Kalapather, We fly over at the Khumbu Ice Falls the biggest glacier in the region. There is no helicopter going to the top of Everest for commercial reasons. For rescue purposes, we can fly up to the 3rd camp of Mount Everest.


Can we / I charter a private helicopter tour to base camp of mount Everest for family's private trip ?

Yes, we provide a charter chopper service to the Mount Everest base camp. Our price for a private helicopter cost is very reasonable and fair. We guarantee the best cost and service with our experienced pilots and guides. If you share the helicopter it costs cheaper based on 5 pax sharing persons, if you want to charter a private Helicopter it costs a little bit higher. For the discounted price please contact us.

Can join in a group on the wonderful scenic joy ride.

Just contact us and we will organize and arrange depending upon the situation and availability of the helicopter.


Does weather affect the helicopter flight tour to Mount Everest Base camp ?

Certainly, weather plays an important role in the Helicopter tour to operate, mainly on landing and take-off.

Weather in Mount Everest is hard to predict, we call local people and get a live update. During monsoons, it might affect but usually, the early morning flights are beautiful.


Can anyone trek to Everest base camp and return by Helicopter either from Kalapathar or base camp or Gorekshep or Lobuche or Pheriche?

Yes, Trek slowly to Mount Everest base camp and call us for a Helicopter pick-up service, no need to walk back the same way down.


Is it possible to take helicopter flight from Lukla or Namche to Everest base camp or vice versa ?

Yes, we have all the options for these flights on our scheduled flight dates and Need to confirm one day before the flight. We pick you up by helicopter after you complete the Everest base camp trek – this is also called the Everest base camp helicopter trek. Call us on this number for this service +977 98512 14548.


What happens if there is bad wind ?

If bad wind- safety first so can’t land at Kalapather Everest base camp.  If the wind is worse captain will fly over only and still, you see a nice view. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.


How much does it cost by helicopter to Mount Everest base camp ?

Mount Everest base camp helicopter tour cost with hotel Everest view landing flight is USD 1299 per person, extra cost of USD 45 each for Everest National Park, Breakfast at hotel Everest view cost USD 31 per person.


How far is the trek to Everest Base Camp? Can I reruen by Helicopter ?

It is 90 90-mile round trip from Lukla to Mount Everest base camp, 45 miles each way. 10 to 12 days for trekking. And allow a couple of days of acclimatization. Do not trek continuously. Once you are at base camp we can pick you up by helicopter to Lukla or Kathmandu. If you have less time and looking for a day adventure to Base camp then book a Helicopter in private or shared with an existing group.


How long do we stop at Kalapathar for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

For 10 to 15 minutes, just to feel the altitude on the ground and catch the glorious close views of Mt. Everest and adjoining peaks at a near distance.


Is the cost fully refundable in case if the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour get canceled?

Yes, if it is due to weather depending upon the company’s rules and policy, but a small charge will be deducted for the transportation to and from the hotel airport and vice-versa.


What are the weight limit of Everest base camp helicopter tour?

Average 70 to 90 kg or a maximum of 200 pounds, carrying only needful smaller items for a 3-4 hours trip. We follow safety first so we count all weight.


How many person can fly to Everest base camp by helicopter ?

Depending upon the weight of each person, the average seat capacity is for a maximum of 5 people. For more than 5 people need to shuttle from Kathmandu or Lukla, Pheriche.


Why is it called Everest base camp helicopter tour?

The helicopter even if it does not land exactly at the specific base camp of  Everest, but do the short round around. As base camp does not have a proper Helipad, due to the movement of glaciers every season of the year. In precise it is not safe, but lands at a grand viewpoint where one can enjoy the closest views of Mt. Everest at a mere distance. From base camp Everest is not visible, obstructed by other giant peaks.


Why helicopter does not land at Everest base camp?

Due to safety precautions, as Everest base camp does not have proper or safe landing space. In the past few decades, a small Helipad existed but keeps on changing due to the movement of glaciers. Rockfalls, landslides, and avalanches can happen anytime. The other reason for Everest base camp is the view of Mt. Everest is hidden by other peaks.


What is helicopter shuttle for Everest base camp helicopter tour?

The shuttle trip happens due to the weight limit flying at high altitudes, the lighter the chopper can fly much higher. With 4-5 passengers, the Helicopter needs to shuttle from a safe altitude like Pheriche, which is just a 10-minute ride to the exact point and highlight landing of the trip.


How many people can fly from Everest base camp by Helicopter at one time?

We follow the safety first rule, so only 2 passengers fly from Everest base camp by helicopter, for more passengers we have to fly multiple times to Pheriche or a nearby helipad at a lower elevation. Also from Gorakshep, we can fly 2 people at a time.


What are the age limit on Everest base camp helicopter tour?

From a minimum of 5 to 75 years old, depending upon the fitness and medical history background. As well as having Medical Insurance.


Can Helicopter land at mount Everest base camp ?

Yes, Helicopters can land(only in season April – May) at Everest base camp. Air Bus H125 model Helicopter has the best performance and we use this model to fly to Mount Everest and land easily, we carry 3 people or 250 kg at a time to land at the base camp. please call us in advance to make landing arrangements for helicopters.

Depending upon the availability of level space to land for a chopper, it can land but not be safe and secure, due to mass boulders, rocks, and glaciers. Where rock falls and avalanches can take any time, that might create havoc for the chopper as well as for the passengers.

From mid-April till the End of May, we have a temporary helipad for Expedition teams, It needs regular maintenance as it is made on the moving glaciers. We can land here for the unique experience by helicopter to Everest.

Trekkers and experienced mountaineers, as well as the local native Sherpa, suggested and recommended the Helicopter to land at Kalapatthar. Due to its close distance from Everest base camp, including superb views of Mount Everest and the surrounding Himalayas. Also one of the best and safest places to land and take off.


How many people can land at Kalapathar at one time during Everest base camp helicopter tour ?

Depending upon the pilot’s decision and wind current and air pressure, on average will be 2-3 people(250 kg) as per the size the weight of each person. The rest need to be grounded at Pheriche, enjoying leisure time and having refreshments till the next round of shuttles arrives to enjoy the close looks of Mt. Everest.


Is it possible to land at Kalapathar for 10 minutes ?

Yes, it is possible to stop at Kalapathar for 10 minutes, depending upon the weather, time permitting as per the pilot’s decision. Can get very windy sometimes with a cold wind-chill factor especially from 11 a.m. onward.

The only spot that is close to Everest base camp, it offers a mind-blowing panorama of towering peaks with grand views of Mt. Everest at a close distance. The safest landing spot as well for spectacular views. Safety first so less time is better not to get any sickness.


How can a middle seat passenger can enjoy the view when there are 5 persons on board for Everest basecamp helicopter?

One can switch seats when required during landing only, but one can have views from the middle seat too, as the chopper has big glass windows for clear views. We split passengers after 13000 Feet (4300 meters ) place called Pheriche, Once we do a double shuttle and fly 2 people and 3 people at a time, all passengers get guaranteed window seats for the actual Base camp part for this Everest Helicopter flight tour. The primary mountain flight is Pheriche to Everest Base camp and you are here on the window.


Is the Mount Everest Base camp Helicopter tour safe?

Everest base camp helicopter tour is very safe when conducted by reputable and experienced operators who prioritize safety. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that helicopter tours in mountainous and high-altitude regions like Everest base camp come with inherent risks, and safety should be the top priority for both the operator and the passengers.
Here are some factors that contribute to the safety of an Everest base camp helicopter tour.

Experienced pilots: Make sure the tour company employs well-trained and experienced pilots who are familiar with the region’s challenging flying conditions.
Regular maintenance: Reputable tour operators follow strict maintenance schedules for their helicopters to ensure they are in excellent working condition.
Weather conditions: Weather in the Everest region can be unpredictable and rapidly changing. A responsible operator will prioritize safety over profit and cancel or reschedule flights if weather conditions are not suitable for flying.
Altitude precautions: Flying at high altitudes poses unique challenges, such as decreased air pressure and oxygen levels. Ensure that the tour operator has safety protocols in place to mitigate altitude-related risks.
Briefings and safety measures: A responsible operator will provide passengers with safety briefings and ensure they follow all necessary safety measures during the tour.
Insurance: Confirm that the tour operator provides adequate insurance coverage for both the helicopter and passengers in case of any unforeseen events.
Reviews and reputation: Check online reviews and testimonials from previous customers to gauge the operator’s reputation and commitment to safety.

As with any adventure activity, there are inherent risks, and it’s essential to be informed and make responsible choices when deciding to take an Everest base camp helicopter tour. Always choose a well-established and reputable operator that prioritizes safety to increase the likelihood of a safe and enjoyable experience.

Valuable Info

Sharing Vs Private Everest Base Camp helicopter tour with landing flight

Sharing Vs Private Everest helicopter flight with landing

Most people enjoy a private charter Everest base camp helicopter flight tour of a minimum of 1-2 pax and enjoy the views in the comfort of spacious seats. On a sharing basis although the cost comes lower as you fly on a Helicopter flight to Everest base camp. Sometimes to get the best views one must exchange seats.

On a private Everest Helicopter flight tour one makes the decision where and when to stop to take the photos. When a helicopter is lighter with a low load capacity it can fly much higher with fewer passengers. Must be aware of the reason for joining with other people or having pleasure with fewer passengers to share the delightful helicopter tour to Everest base camp.

Everest helicopter tour and weather for the flight

Weather & Climate at Mount Everest Base Camp:

The weather depends upon the season around Everest or other higher Himalayan belts, where Everest Base Camp can be visited all time of the year, however, the monsoon months of July to mid-September will be wet but much greener with heavy moisture, Do not plan in Monsoon weather. The best time will be from September till May, from March to June when wildflowers are in full bloom around 2,000 m to 3,000 m high and the tree lines and vegetation decline for rough arctic terrain, the temperature will be 15 to 20 degrees Celsius during the day with sunlight, morning and evening can be much cooler with a minimum of -5 to +05 degree Celsius not counting the wind chill factors. As the flight takes you to land at above 4,000 m temperature drops in the shade as well in the morning and evening time, The day will be clear with strong sunlight and UV (due to drops in oxygen and air pressure at high elevations), where you need a strong sunscreen to avoid sunburn in direct sunlight.

Mid-September to December will be the clearest weather but with short days minimum of -05 to -10 degrees Celsius in the morning and night time with a maximum of 15-20 degrees during the day in full sunlight, also depending upon the altitude and areas of a visit. December to March will be the coldest months with chances of snows with a minimum of -10 to -15 degrees Celsius and with a maximum of 15-18 degrees Celsius without a wind chill factor, however, most of the daytime will be clear with fine blue sky.

Everest base camp helicopter tour to Lukla from Kathmandu

Alternative options of Everest base camp Helicopter tour with a landing. we have a few other choices for those who want to experience the Everest region differently. We pick up you from Lukla airport on the way and continue to Everest base camp and land at Kalapather, then have breakfast at the hotel Everest View and back to Lukla and Kathmandu. If you are trekking in Namche or Tengboche to Pheriche or Lobuche or Gorakshep or Everest base camp, we pick you up from any place where there is Helipad, then drop you in Lukla or fly you to Kathmandu. Many trekkers wish to take a chopper ride at group sharing cost so we provide that service. Feel free to ask for any options and call us at +977 9851214548.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour and Clothing to wear

WATERPROOFS: Down Jacket (windproof) and trousers (be ready for freezing point) SUN HATS: Cap SCARF: Silk/Nylon, useful for keeping the sun and dust SUNGLASSES GOGGLES: Essential to get a pair which cuts out 100% UV rays SUNSCREEN CREAM: High protection factor [20 or higher] or high altitude glacier cream due to thin air the U/V is stronger in the sun. LIP SLAVE/ LABIAL: Protection for the lips with sunscreen WATER BOTTLE: half liter TOILET ITEMS: Paper CAMERA GEAR: batteries, memory card. (Please do not bring a tripod) Sneakers shoes are fine with warm shocks.

Everest Base camp Helicopter flight tour and COVID safety measures

COVID safety measures to follow protocols for Everest Base camp Helicopter tour:

Good news to all wide-world travelers visiting Nepal, where safety measures are easy and much more flexible. Past few years there have been strict protocols to follow, but since last autumn, Nepal has been safe with a very minimum case of COVID-19.

Travelers interested in all types of holidays in Nepal can enter, having medical documents should be immunized against COVID-19.
All passengers must be fully vaccinated or must present a PCR test report that is negative.

We sanitize our Everest base camp helicopter regularly. All our staff wear masks and we request all passengers to wear masks if one has no mask we provide them. We have sanitizers available at any time for our passengers.

If you have any flu-related symptoms please inform us. If your trip is cancelled due to COVID you get a full refund.

Why fly to Everest by Helicopter and do multiple landing

Culture, Religion of Sherpa’s the Highlanders & History of Everest:

Visitors on Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour might be curious about the true inhabitants of Everest and the high Khumbu area. Although on this sky tour, chances of observing local cultures are small, depending upon if time and weather permit.

As well as the pilot decision, however, provides information regarding the culture and religion of Sherpa. The Sherpa follows strong Tibetan Buddhism known as Nyingma (literally ‘old school’) is the oldest form of Tibetan Buddhism. The age-old heritage culture and customs are similar to its Tibetan predecessors, the word Sherpa comes from the Tibetan language.

‘Sher as East and Pa as people, so Sherpa are eastern people of Tibet who migrated into Nepal’s high Himalayas. Around 500 years ago, and known as the highlanders of Everest, the menfolk were natural mountaineers. The pioneers as mountain guides guiding foreign adventures before Tenzing and Hillary summited on top of Mt. Everest in the 1950s.

The Sherpa’s are farmers and raise livestock, Since the influx of foreign visitors the Sherpa’s livelihood is dependent on tourism. Every village is adorned with religious monuments called Stupas with old monasteries. The famous impressive monastery is at Tengboche on route Everest base camp. Mt. Everest for Sherpa is Chomolungma of Tibetan origin, and for Nepali, Sagarmatha in both languages means a ‘Great Mother’. In the early days before 1865 AD was known as Peak XV, and renamed Everest Tribute to Sir George Everest.

The Everest height at 8,848 m, and the present elevation is 8,848.86 m high.
Recently declared by Nepal and Chinese authorities just last few years in 2020.

Location of Everest Base Camp & Khumbu Region:

Everest base camp falls within the district of Solu-Khumbu, Far North Mid-East Nepal around the Mahalangur Himalaya range. An aerial distance of 160 k.m. or approx. 100 miles from Kathmandu, the capital city and commercial hub of Nepal.
Coordinates 27.9881° North and 86.9250° East, Mt. Everest also straddles the border between Nepal and Tibet / China. The most popular and easy assist to Everest and base camp is from Nepal with the southern face of Mt. Everest.

Regular flights operate daily in good seasons of the year to Lukla at Tenzing & Hillary Airport.
Constructed and completed in the mid-1970s, built by the Edmund Hillary Foundation, suitable for STOL aircraft (Short Take-Off and Landing). The regularly scheduled flight that operates is a Twin Otter, Dornier, or similar aircraft of 15 to 18 seated. Normal flight hours to Lukla Tenzing & Hillary Airport maximum of 35 minutes and in a helicopter 50 mins to an hour.

Mt. Everest and Khumbu region fall within Sagarmatha National Park covering an area of 1,148 sq. k.m. Includes the world’s highest peaks Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, and Cho-Oyu with Mt. Pumori, Ama Dablam, Thermasarkhu, Kongde, Kantega, and Gyachung Kang.

The park is designated as UNESCO World Heritage, enriched with exotic flora and fauna from Lukla onwards till Tengboche. The park with lovely dense forest of pine, hemlock, fir, juniper, and birch including various species of rhododendron. The forest is lively with wildflowers in seasonal bloom, from the springtime of March to May. The park habitats are Himalayan Thar, Ghoral, Serow, and musk deer, as well as snow leopard and Himalayan black beer rarely sighted.


Video of Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour with hotel Everest view landing flight


Routes for landing Everest Base camp helicopter tour flight

Direction for Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing flight

The Everest helicopter tour starts from Kathmandu to Lukla flying east above Bhaktapur, Dhulikhel to Charikot, Jiri then Lukla and Basecamp. The above Solu to Lukla at high Khumbu region. From Lukla onwards above Dudh Koshi River valley, Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, and Pheriche to Gorakshep.

Depending upon the space available and Everest base camp then flyover above Gorakshep, beneath high Kalapathar Hill and Mt. Pumori. The exact and favorable Everest Base camp helicopter tour flyover at the base of Kalapathar faces the mind-blowing views of Mt. Everest and its surrounding giant peaks.

Please note, from Everest base camp views of Mt. Everest are obstructed by Nuptse Lhotse and Lola peaks. The best and most mesmerizing view of Mt. Everest and the exact spot is the flyover.

Second optional Private Everest Base camp helicopter tour route with an extra cost – Kathmandu to Lukla to Gokyo Lake landing and Chola pass then to Everest base camp and land at Kala Patthar viewpoint then to Hotel Everest view, after breakfast continue to Lukla and Kathmandu.
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