Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing is the most exciting and thrilling lifetime flight experience in Nepal with the front face of Mount Everest in a day.

Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing, the helicopter flight from Kathmandu allows visiting Mount Everest in a day, landing at base camp within Kalapatther located above 5460 meters.

Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing on the midway of Kala Patthar viewpoint hill which is above base camp at 5460 meters high above sea level. Group sharing cost or taking a private charter helicopter at the best-guaranteed price. Solo traveller, couple or family can join in this sharing Everest helicopter flight with landing at the base camp.

‘Scenic and sweeping flight in the heart of Mount Everest with impressive views’.

One day Mt. Everest base camp helicopter tour highlights from Kathmandu, Nepal via Lukla airport and Hotel Everest view with breakfast.

Why will one enjoy the Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing?

  • Sweeping scenic Helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Mt. Everest base camp with panoramic views of Himalayan peaks.
  • Visiting Highlanders the Sherpa of Everest with impressive Buddhist culture and colourful customs.
  • Flying high and stopping in Sherpa villages with interesting old monasteries (optional) of ancient heritage.
  • An aerial view of the green alpine forest of rhododendron, pine trees to an arctic zone of ice and glaciers.
  • Exceptional views in the comfort of a chopper with a closer view of Everest and adjoining giant peaks.
  • Dramatic flight at the foot of the world’s highest Mt. Everest base camp close to Khumbu Icefalls.
  • Helicopter stops near Kalapatthar facing a close view of Everest with time for photos & videos.
  • Helicopter stops at Everest view hotel for hearty Breakfast.

Everest base camp helicopter tour cost with landing at the Kalapather helipad, an alternative and smooth way to be on the foot of towering world highest Mt. Everest. Overlooking views of a great block of ice and glaciers with notorious Khumbu Ice Falls at a mere distance in between giant peaks.

This is the best way for travellers with dreams to reach Mt. Everest at its closest choosing helicopter Flight options to land at Everest Base Camp within a short time duration. A great experience of few hours flying from Kathmandu to Base Camp.

Although an expensive and luxury trip but worth the adventure with fantastic views that holds you with magnificent memories for a long time, after experiencing every minute of wonderful moments on this Everest base camp helicopter tour, enjoying fantastic views of the Himalayan mountain range from start to an end during our breathtaking helicopter Flight to Everest Camp.

Our helicopter flight to Everest Base Camp can accommodate 2pax, 3 pax, 4 pax and up to 5 people with full window seats (above 4200 meters) allowing you to enjoy marvellous views and scenery, from the beginning to the finishing on landing at Kathmandu airport.

On this helicopter flight,  enjoy glorious views of dramatic landscapes, verdant valley-green rolling hills dotted with farm villages within the backdrop of tall Himalayan Mountains.

Everest base camp helicopter flight landing tour leads you above Kathmandu valley as it swirls around to land at Lukla airstrip for short moment, where you can observe the first glimpse of Sherpa culture and traditional way of life intact with Buddhism religion.

Our expert pilot getting ready after refreshment in Lukla, then heading high towards Everest Base Camp above Sherpa traditional farm villages with famous Namche Bazaar with possible stops to observe the surrounding views and then flying high towards Khumbu valley to land at Everest Base Camp at the height of above 5,404 m.

Here catch views of Nuptse-Lhotse-Lola peaks with Mt. Pumori, Khumbu Ice Falls, and glaciers, after a grand and mesmerizing moment head back to Kathmandu with a brief (optional) stop at Thyangboche to visit its interesting monastery.

*5 pax is maximum(480kg weight) for  Mount Everest base camp helicopter flight landing tour – based on body weight.* if we have 4-5 pax we have to run 2 shuttles flights from Pheriche or Everest view hotel by splitting body weight 240kg on average.

Everest base camp helicopter flight with landing is the most exciting and thrilling lifetime flight experience in Nepal with the front face of Mount Everest and the other Himalayas from Kalapatthar top with the best cost guaranteed gives you unique chance to enjoy it.

Alternative options: We fly Kathmandu to Lukla by plane and then do Everest base camp helicopter tour with a landing at Kalapather, then have breakfast at Hotel Everest view then to Lukla, then take a plane back to Kathmandu. It is possible to stay overnight in Lukla too before the Everest helicopter tour.

Different places to start Everest base camp helicopter tour.

A:        Lukla to Everest base camp by helicopter then drop at Lukla or
Kathmandu airport.
Interesting to know that one can join in for helicopter ride from Lukla to reach and land at Everest base camp, after flying in at Lukla from Kathmandu on normal schedule flights taking a small aeroplane.

Suitable for limited holiday travellers as well for trekkers to save time with a dream and urge to catch a quick glimpse of Everest at close distance, where from Lukla one can take options for  Helicopter flight and back or head straight to Kathmandu.

B:        Phakding to Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour and drop at Kathmandu.
One of the best way and great opportunity for trekkers after walking from Lukla to Phakding village, where trekkers can fly on Helicopter straight to Everest Base Camp and catch close views of towering Mt. Everest.

This allows saving your valuable times in Nepal taking great flight on Helicopter to reach base camp or near about and continue Heli flight back to land at Kathmandu.

Another reason flying from Phakding, where some trekkers who could not make the climb to high Namche Bazaar and beyond, or for people with mild AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness and had to come down to recover.

After getting well and fully recovered at Phakding and interest to continue walking back to Namche and onward, but with limited duration days where one can take this great options on a Helicopter flight to base camp and back to Kathmandu, which fulfils your dream adventure destinations.

C: Namche to EBC and Kalapathar then to Lukla or Kathmandu by Helicopter.
Trekkers who have reached Namche Bazaar walking from Lukla after a short scenic flight in a small aircraft from Kathmandu, where people can shorten their trekking holiday duration taking an opportunity with a Helicopter flight to near and about Everest Base Camp.

A perfect choice for people with short time duration and yet with dreams and urge to see Mt. Everest at its closest, the one and only best options taking a ride on Helicopter to Everest Base Camp or near about.

From Namche on Helicopter covers almost 3-4 days trekking distance in short time of 15 minutes or less where one can catch Mt. Everest at stone throw distance with other high mountains from the hill of Kalapathar or close on route to its top.

Helicopter flight takes you at Everest base camp or near about where Helicopter lands near the base of Kalapathar for best panorama views of Mt. Everest and then continue to ride back to Kathmandu with grand views of Himalayan peaks.

D: Tengboche to Everest Base camp and drop to Lukla or Kathmandu.
A great scenic place to be after an enjoyable stay at beautiful Tengboche and its impressive monastery, where people with a desire to reach further but with time limitations can take the opportunity with a Helicopter flight to get closest views of Mt. Everest and adjoining high peaks.

From Tengboche where the ride takes you within a quarter of an hour to land near at Everest base camp area or at the base of Kalapathar hill for the best panorama of mighty surrounding high mountains with closest views of Mt. Everest.

Enjoying the amazing scenery of peaks where one can drop at Lukla or continue Helicopter flight to reach back at Kathmandu in the comfort of Helicopter with the panorama of the Himalayan range.


Tengboche where special religious festival held every year called ‘Mani-Rimdu’ colourful events with masked dancers performed by priests and monks wading evil spirits which falls in the month of mid-October or November as per Buddhist Luna calendar.

E: Pangboche to Everest base camp by helicopter and drop in Lukla.
People who walked to Pangboche village at the height of 3,900 m can take the opportunity in the comfort of Helicopter to cover a few days to reach at Everest Base Camp with Ten and Fifteen minutes.

Especially for people who have just recovered from high altitude sickness known as AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness), some might be interested to carry on higher up to reach the dream destinations at Everest Base Camp or near about.

Taking a ride in a chopper from Pangboche will be a great relief where one can get close views of Mt. Everest and surrounding high peaks.

Pangboche also the last permanent village other places on route to Everest base camp are just temporary settlement to cater to the needs of trekkers and travellers around high Khumbu valley.

Using the best options on a helicopter where one can reach close to Everest base camp or at the base of Kalapathar scenic hill for glorious views of Mt. Everest at a mere distance, and then one can fly back to Lukla and continue flight on normal schedule short flight to Kathmandu.

F: Pheriche or Dingboche to Everest base helicopter tour and drop in
Trekkers who have reached Dingboche or at Pheriche and feeling tired walking around high altitude, where one can take the choice flying towards Everest base camp in a helicopter, which saves your time and energy as Helicopter only 10 to 15 minutes to reach your desired destination at Everest base camp or around.

The helicopter will land above Gorakshep on route to Kalapathar top if the Helipad for landing at Everest base camp is not available, which happens the most time of the year due to the movement of glaciers and rock falls that changes the area every season.

From the spot where Helicopter land where one catch views of Mt. Everest at near distance even better views than from actual base camp, after a scenic moment with Everest and great scenery of surrounding peaks and arctic landscapes then head back to Kathmandu.

Flying into Kathmandu can take more than an hour rewards you with spectacular panorama of Himalayan range with Everest.

G:        Thukla or Lobuche to Everest base camp helicopter tour and drop in Lukla.
Thukla and Lobuche on route to Everest base camp of a day or two days walk, where interested trekkers with a time limit or not feeling well to continue either from Thukla which is lower down than Lobuche.

Where one can contact for the Helicopter ride to cover your final destination to see Mt. Everest at close distance, or people who have made it all the way to Lobuche at the height of 4,900 m high and in need of an easy break, can take the helicopter to reach your main highlights.

From Thukla or Lobuche a Heli-flight of mere distance taking less than ten minutes certainly relieves you from tough high altitude walk, enjoy views either from Everest base camp or near to the top of Kalapathar looking at Mt. Everest and surrounding peaks at its closest.

After a wonderful time with a fantastic panorama of mountains return journey on Helicopter to land at Lukla, where one can continue on the same or next early morning taking a normal flight in a small aircraft to reach Kathmandu.

H: Gorakshep to Everest base camp and Kalapatthar on helicopter drop in Lukla.
People who have to reach Gorakshep after a week trekking to reach at this point in Gorakshep at the height of 5,180 meter high, and feeling tired to continue further or to save time.

Where one can fly towards Everest Base Camp if it does not land due to available of landing space, Helicopter makes a swift round around base camp and then land at near Kalapathar top above Gorakshep.

A beautiful spot to catch Everest at close with other giant peaks that surrounds this lovely view-point, after a remarkable and time and experience fly back to Lukla and continue your normal routine to reach back at Kathmandu.

I: Everest base camp to Luka by Helicopter, or drop to Kathmandu also.
Trekkers who have already reached world number one spot at Everest base camp, and feeling tired and worn-out from energy as well to save time covering a few days mileage walks.

An opportunity at Everest base camp or near about where one can take the comfort of Everest base camp Helicopter flight tour to reach back at Lukla or continue Heli-Ride all the way to Kathmandu with great views of Nepalese landscapes of green hills and valley in the shade of Himalayan peak range towards the north.

J: Cost Kathmandu to Lukla by helicopter or Lukla to Kathmandu by helicopter.

Nowadays due to heavy air traffic in Kathmandu airport, Lukla flights are operating from Ramechap airport. we have daily sharing or charter helicopter flight between Kathmandu to Lukla and Lukla to Kathmandu. we also have sharing charter helicopter service from Everest base camp to Lukla or Kathmandu.

Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter cost USD 400 per person

Lukla to Kathmandu by sharing helicopter USD 400 per person

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Best offer for Everest base camp helicopter tour cost with a landing.

One day activities of Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour Itinerary: Private charter flight or sharing small group joining to minimize the Everest base camp helicopter tour cost.

Itinerary of EBC heli charter with landing.

05:50 AM: Transfer from hotel to Kathmandu Airport/ Helipad
06:15 AM: Check-in at Helicopter counter (please bring passport copy)
06:30 AM: Flight to Lukla airport by Heli
07:30 AM: Defuel at Lukla
07:50 AM: Flight towards Khumbu and Everest Base camp the river Dudhkoshi.
08:25 AM: Overfly the Everest Base Camp & Land at Kala Patter 5400m for photos and video
08:55 AM: Flight to Shangboche hill view-point - Mt. Everest View Hotel  & have the optional Breakfast.
09:35 AM: Ride back to Kathmandu/ may stop at Lukla for fuel
11:50 AM: arrival at Kathmandu domestic airport
12:15 AM: Drive to hotel.

Note:- timing could change due to weatehr and Air traffic.

Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing starts from Kathmandu to Lukla airport with 45 minutes ride and fueling ground time of 10 minutes. Lukla to Mt. Everest base camp Kalapatthar by helicopter flight time 35 minutes and landing time of 10 minutes. Kalapathar to Mt. Everest view hotel with a helicopter 12 minutes ride and landing time 55 minutes for Breakfast. Hotel Everest view to Lukla to Kathmandu by Heli 65 minutes ride. Total EBC flight duration of 4.00 hours. Starting early (6:00 AM) from the hotel transfer to Kathmandu domestic air terminal for superb panoramic flight, comfortable seats with space for leg rooms, large glass window where you can marvel impressive scenery. After getting in the chopper, where captain might have co-pilot sometimes depending upon the size of a group, having only one pilot where you can have the honor seating next to the captain facing commanding views in-front. After a seating arrangement flying over Kathmandu valley catching views of Ganesh - Manaslu - Langtang and Jugal Himal range of peaks with Gaurishanker and Melung Tse peaks. As the flight swirls above rolling green hills past Dolkha village around Jiri village heading past Lamjura-la pass of 3,560 m high covered in thick alpine forest of rhododendron-magnolia-pines and oaks trees, our air journey continues for about 45 minutes from the take-off. Flying high with awesome views of Himalayan chain of mountains includes Mt. Everest and then landing at Lukla unique airstrip known as Tenzing & Hillary airport tribute to legendary mountaineers who first conquered Mt. Everest on May 29th, 1953. At Lukla where chopper lands for refueling as well for refreshment in an excellent lodge with fine restaurants and bakeries, here with time to observe local Sherpa traditional life interwoven with Buddhist culture.

Lukla at an altitude of 2,820 m. high, a door to various Everest trekking-mountaineering and other adventure walks, from Lukla after half hour stops then flying high into Dudh Kosi River gorge in between Kwangde and Kusum Kanguru with Thamserku peaks, as the chopper whirls high above Namche Bazaar. Flying over with a view of famous colorful Namche Bazaar where busy Saturday Market takes place every week, Namche the hub and main Sherpa capital of Khumbu region within Everest. The flight continues higher facing awesome panorama of snow peaks with Mt. Everest and majestic Amadablam and then landing (only special flights with extra cost) at scenic Thyangboche near its famous old Buddhist monastery. A charming spot surrounded by snow-capped peaks with close views of Amadablam- Everest and other peaks, located within the green forest. Time permitting visit the famous monastery where you can observe monks and priest in prayer halls, where climbers and mountaineers receive blessing from the high priest for a safe and successful climb on Everest and other high peaks. From Thyangboche flight continue towards Mt. Everest Base Camp above beautiful Khumbu valley surrounded with world highest peaks and then landing at Kalapathar near Gorakshep at above 5,180 m high, this place once an original base camp, located beneath the lofty peak of Pumori and Kalapatthar rocky viewpoint hill. After a brief stop helicopter flies towards Everest Base Camp above moraine and ice to reach base camp, here enjoy the view of tumbling and notorious Khumbu Ice Fall and glaciers. After a marvelous and exciting time with an adventure of a lifetime experience retrace the air journey back to Kathmandu with glorious memorable time on a Helicopter flight to mt. Everest Base Camp.

Cost & Dates

Everest base camp helicopter tour cost USD 999 per person if group sharing with 5 pax. Best and reasonable affordable price, book now, call Nepal mobile  (+977) 985 121 4548 (24 hrs on What's App) or direct call on USA mobile 24hrs (+1 225 330 5420 ). Everest helicopter tour in group joining discount - best budget package cost USD 999 per person with fuel charges (if 5 pax flying together). If less pax needs to adjust the more cost. Charter / Private flight available every day please contact us now.

Cost Includes

  • All arrival and departure transportation Hotel /airport / hotel .
  • On Helicopter Day Flight includes sharing seating arrangements for up to 5 pax.
  • Applicable Permit arrangement service only (Fees extra and pay locally in the mountain).
  • Service of escort his / her daily wages-medical insurance, meals, and transportation allowance.
  • Comprehensive medical kits and re-confirmation of international air tickets.
  • Helicopter fare as per flight duration on a day ride.


Price Doesn't Include

Our Everest helicopter tour package Cost does not include the following services:

  •  Nepal Visa-International airfare-personal travel and medical insurance.
  • Expenses of personal nature and Breakfast in Kathmandu and Everest view hotel, gratitude (tips), hard/soft drinks throughout the day trip.
  • Everest National Park fees NPR 3000. or USD 30 each.
  • Price of personal Gears- Down jackets and others.                                                                                  Everest base camp helicopter flight landing tour cost is guaranteed for a lifetime experience in Nepal with the best view of Mt Everest and other peaks from Kalapatthar. cost USD 999 per person with surcharges(if 5 pax flying together), the best affordable offer, on top clients need to pay extra Mount Everest National park fees USD 30 (local Nepalese rupees Rs. 3000) each, and Kathmandu Airport tax cost USD 2 each. Everest view hotel Breakfast extra - depend on choices of foods and drinks.

Weight restrictions Weight must be average including camera, jacket, and small day packs, for 3 pax flying in one flight must be under 240kg, up to 5 pax flying together weight must be under 480 kg. Every extra shuttle at extra cost only.

Upcoming Trip Departure

  • Available - Trip is available to run if minimum group size is filled
  • Limited - Only few space available
  • Sold Out - All spots for tour has been booked.
This package is available!  
Book This Trip

We have daily departures to all destinations for private trip – to book it or to ask just a price of your destination please e-mail us at – Contact

Lukla to Base camp

Alternative options of Everest base camp Helicopter tour with a landing. we have a few other choices for those who want to experience the Everest region in a different way. We pick up you from Lukla airport on the way and continue to Everest base camp and land at kalapather, then have breakfast at hotel Everest view and back to Lukla and Kathmandu. If you are trekking in Namche or Tengboche to Pheriche or Lobuche or Gorakshep or Everest base camp, we pick you up from any places where there is Helipad, then drop you in Lukla or fly you all the way to Kathmandu. Many trekkers wish to take a chopper ride in group sharing cost so we provide that service. Feel free to ask for any options and call us at +977 9851214548.

Base camp weather

Weather & Climate at Mount Everest Base Camp:
The weather depending upon the season around Everest or other higher Himalayan belts, where Everest Base Camp can be visited all time of the year, however, monsoon months of July to mid-September will be wet but much greener with heavy moisture.
The best time will be from September to May, from March to June when wildflowers are in full bloom around 2,000 m to 3,000 m high and the tree lines and vegetation declines for rough arctic terrain, the temperature will be 15 to 20 degree Celsius during the day with sunlight, morning and evening can be much cooler with a minimum of -0 to 05 degree Celsius not counting the wind chill factors.
As the flight takes you to land at above 4,000 m temperature drops in the shade as well in the morning and evening time, day will be clear with strong sunlight and UV (due to drop in oxygen and air pressure on high elevation) , where you need a strong sunscreen to avoid sunburn in direct sunlight.
Mid-September to December will be the clearest weather but with short days minimum of -05 to -10 degree Celsius in the morning and night time with a maximum of 15-20 degree during the day in full sunlight, also depends upon the altitude and areas of a visit.
December to March will be the coldest months with chances of snows with a minimum of -10 to -15 degree Celsius with maximum 15-18 degree Celsius without wind chill factor, however, most of the day time will be clear with fine blue sky.

Clothing for EBC

WATERPROOFS: Down Jacket (windproof) and trousers (be ready for freezing point) SUN HATS: Cap SCARF : Silk/Nylon, useful for keeping the sun and dust SUNGLASSES GOGGLES: Essential to get a pair which cuts out 100% UV rays SUNSCREEN CREAM : High protection factor [20 or higher] or high altitude glacier cream due to thin air the U/V is stronger in the sun. LIP SLAVE/ LABISAN: Protection for the lips with a sunscreen WATER BOTTLE: half liter TOILET ITEMS: Paper CAMERA GEAR: batteries, memory card. (please do not bring a tripod) Sneakers shoes are fine with warm shocks

Helicopter FAQ

  1. Q.1

    How high does Helicopter go during mount Everest base camp helicopter flight trip?

    Starting from 2,800 meters towards 4,200 meters to 5,450 meters high or higher in some areas (20,000 feet).

  2. Q.2

    Does helicopter land at the top of Everest or Summit or base camp?

    Yes, it does land at Kalapather view point of Everest base camp (not at the summit of Mount Everest), after acquiring special permission; it also depending on the climate/weather and as well best stopping areas, where sometimes could be hard for landing while windy and cloudy might bother the landing area.

    But we will try our best to fulfill your promise and dreams from our side.

  3. Q.3

    How many hours can helicopter stay at base camp of Everest Kalapather?

    Depending upon the weather pattern and busyness and activeness at base camp, during high season for climbing, base camp will be full of tents with different groups.

  4. Q.4

    Do we have enough time at Everest base camp?

    Only for short while just to be there and to catch the views of minimum 10 to 20 minutes which is quite enough time for you to enjoy the beautiful sight and scenery of rugged mountains and glaciers. Due to the high altitude threat, a longer time is not recommended. But at the hotel View, we stay for one hour.

  5. Q.5

    Who leads the trip and are they well trained and experienced?

    No doubt about it, all our guides and pilots are expert and professional in this line of job with more than decades of experience leading worldwide customers showing the wonders of Himalaya with full knowledge in flora-fauna, local culture and history with traditional life of the villagers including Eco-tourism and responsible tourism caring, preserving and respecting local culture and saving the pristine environment from destruction.

    All our pilots and field staff well trained with medical knowledge and can help you when an emergency situation arises with proper care and assurance and will treat you with medical know how, if its serious they are well equipped to call for helicopter services for emergency evacuation.

  6. Q.6

    How are the meals in Tea-house and Lodge on Everest region?

    The meals that we serve on route lodge will be hygienic as our cook and kitchen are well versed in hygiene and ecotourism in lodges we have cooked to supervise and to maintain the food quality as well.
    If time is a problem on a Helicopter flight to stop in a local lodge, we do carry packed lunch also to save time during helicopter Flight to Everest Base Camp.

  7. Q.7

    Is drinking water available?

    On every trips whether on the trek or in Helicopter flight, we serve you with boiled and cooled drinking water which is safe, where purify tablets and process does not work 100 % in Himalayan hard water, due to high mineral contains like manganese-bi-carbonate and iron.

    People can buy bottled water (but it is an expense and as well not good for Eco-tourism wise as it creates rubbish with the plastic bottles).

  8. Q.8

    Do you offer Money Worth and Best Value Trips without Any Hidden / Extra Cost?

    Every company has its own policy dealing with wide-world customers regarding price cost of the trip, with more people in the group is much better for the company and as well for interested members as the trip cost will be much better depending upon the size of the group.

    3-4 persons are much better for each individual and to the company to lower the price of the helicopter Flight and expenses occurred during the day on refreshment and lunch.

    Yes, we do offer you money worth of the best services in all our holiday programs with no hidden cost.

  9. Q.9

    How can I book and secure my seat on this helicopter flight to Everest base camp?

    At first sending the advance trip payment to our company in our Bank account provided where you must fill forms with detail of your passport with expire dates, most important the trip of your choice and then sending a transfer minimum of 50 % advance trip payment, which is non-refundable to secure your booking well in advance.

    On receiving your details of following document like a passport with scanned or photocopy, along with booking forms, then we will send you a full confirmation letter with a deposit as well a receipt of advance trip payment.

    You can contact us for direct transfer to deposit in our bank account and as well with Credit Card payment, we do accept Visa / Master Card or any other safe and widely used Credit Card with extra 04 % surcharge as levy charge. We also accept PayPal and online payment as well.

  10. Q.10

    I am a solo traveler, may I/we join a group for mount Everest helicopter tour ? Or helicopter day tour of Everest (stopping at the base camp) ?

    Yes, we have formed a sharing group so all solo or couple travelers can contact us and join our existing group. allow flexible dates and let us know your preferred date too. sharing flight helps to reduce the cost of helicopter flight to mount Everest base camp.

  11. Q.11

    Can you take a helicopter to Everest base camp ? or helicopter day trip to Everest from Kathmandu ?

    Yes, we can fly Helicopter and land at the Mount Everest base camp when needed.

  12. Q.12

    Can I/we Fly to Everest base camp by helicopter in the morning and take our international flight after 1 PM?

    Yes, we will be back to Kathmandu by noon so After 2 PM flights works perfectly.  EBC helicopter flight finishes by noon.

  13. Q.13

    How far is the Kathmandu International and Domestic Airport ?

    Only 7 minutes walking distance or 2 minutes drive.

  14. Q.14

    How much does it cost to Fly to the Mount Everest base camp by a Helicopter ?

    We have sharing flight option those who wish to share the cost or we have a private chartered flight at a reasonable cost. Please contact our team for this flight.

  15. Q.15

    Can we picked up from Everest Base camp to Lukla by helicopter ?

    Yes, we pick you from EBC - Everest Base camp or Gorakshep Kalapather or Lobuche or any other places like Gokyo lake area and drop to Lukla as you wish or even all the way to Kathmandu.

  16. Q.16

    Do you arrange rescue service by co-coordinating with our insurance company?

    Yes, we can communicate to your Insurance company and arrange rescue/air ambulance service/helicopter charter form Everest base camp region.

  17. Q.17

    Do you carry oxygen tanks in case of emergency ?

    Yes, we always have an oxygen cylinder for an emergency.

  18. Q.18

    Is there any helicopter ride to Everest base camp and summit, of land on the ground of the peak ?

    Our Everest base camp Helicopter ride is landing at the highest point of  EBC called  Kalapather, we fly over at the Khumbu ice falls the biggest glacier in the region. There is no helicopter going to the top of Everest for commercial reason. For rescue purpose, we can fly most part of Mount Everest.

  19. Q.19

    Can we / I charter a private helicopter tour to base camp of mount Everest ?

    Yes, we provide a charter chopper service to the Mount Everest base camp. Our price for private helicopter cost is very reasonable and fair. We guarantee the best cost and service with our experienced pilots and guides.

    If you share the helicopter it cost cheaper based on 5-6 pax sharing persons, if you want to charter a private Helicopter it cost a little bit higher. For the discounted price please contact us.

  20. Q.20

    Does weather affect the helicopter flight to Mount Everest Base camp ?

    Weather in Mount Everest is hard to predict, we call local people and get a live update. During monsoon, it might affect but usually, the early morning flights are beautiful.

  21. Q.21

    Can anyone trek to Everest base camp and return by Helicopter either from Kalapathar or base camp or Gorekshep or Lobuche or Pheriche?

    Yes, Trek slowly to Mount Everest base camp and call us for Helicopter pick up service, no need to walk back the same way down.

  22. Q.22

    Is it possible to take helicopter flight from Lukla or Namche to Everest base camp or vice versa ?

    Yes, we have all the options of this flights on our scheduled flight dates and Need to confirm one day before the flight.

    We pick you up by helicopter after you complete Everest base camp trek - this is also called Everest base camp helicopter trek. Call us in this number for this service +977 98512 14548.

  23. Q.23

    What happens if there is bad wind ?

    If bad wind- safety first so can't land at Kalapather Everest base camp if the wind is worse. Thank you for your understanding and c0-operation.

Everest Heli flight tour Notes

The Flying hours and brief stopover totally depend upon the weather and pilots decision, whether it's perfect for stops and landing at villages or at Everest base camp, as the Himalayan weather can be unpredictable sometimes during late afternoon times.

We will try our best to cover important highlights stops on this Helicopter trip as much as possible providing you with extra time to witness local culture visit of monasteries, as mentioned above with full 4 to 5 hours of enchanting and enjoyable time in our Helicopter Flight to Everest Base Camp.

Helicopter model

Helicopters in commercial operation and activities:
In Nepal, we have two  different types of helicopters presently operating in the private sector:
AS350b3e/ series of helicopters which are manufactured by Euro copter, France and are very popular all over the world. It is regarded as one of the most versatile helicopters and is suitable for mountain flying and all types of helicopter missions.

Following are its features:

Fail Safe Design – Comfortable Seating Arrangements – 5 seats excluding Pilot – Suitable for all types of helicopter missions, and can fly up to an altitude of 23,000 feet or above 7,000 m.

Another helicopter is famous Made is Russian  MI seventeen. It has a huge body, can carry 21 people or 309 tons of cargo. MI-17’s can fly in high altitudes well in excess of 5200 meters, &  have been famous to land at Everest Base Camp -EBC.

Largest Helicopter offers excellent utility and reliability service under perfect conditions which are usually chartered for bigger groups or large cargo.

Everest Helicopter Flight safety Notes

  •  Wear seat-belt during flight
  • Never leave the assigned seats during board. Sometimes the pilot needs to re-position the helicopter even after touching down the helipad.
  • Do not throw any objects from the helicopter during the flight.
  • Never smoke unless the Captain indicates that it is safer to do.
  • Do not change or stand from your allocated seat.

Let the pilot see you! Always enter and exit the helicopter from the side or front. Thank you for your co-operation.

Tour route

Lifetime experience flight to the top of the world Mount Everest base camp is the shortest and exiting Helicopter trip for the best cost.

Everest base camp helicopter flight landing tour, one day trip from Kathmandu allows visiting Mt. Everest in 3 to 4 hours. Lands at Mt. Everest base camp, Kalapather.

Everest base camp Helicopter tour starts from Kathmandu, flies to Bhaktapur, continues Nagarkot and lands at Lukla, fly over Namche bazaar & mount Everest view hotel then to Tengboche and fly over the Everest base camp and Khumbu glaciers & lands at Mount Everest base camp (EBC) Kalapather then stops at ground of  Everest view hotel for breakfast.

Kathmandu Bound (return leg)- Everest base camp / Kalapather - Lobuche- Tengboche - Everest view hotel breakfast stop- Namche - Lukla airport  - Kathmandu airport. Total EBC helicopter ride is 4 hours trip.

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Kathmandu to Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing

we booked Kathmandu to Everest base camp helicopter tour with Himalaya holiday service. The flight was delayed due to monsoon weather. we flew after one hour and turned out very clear un in the base camp. we had a great time. Thanks for the team.

Frank william Review submitted - September 27, 2019

Everest base camp helicopter tour

Dear Rajan
We got back to London Monday night and then back to work on Tuesday. We’ve been trying to catch up since then so this is the first day we’ve had to start going through our photos and reviews.
The holiday with Everest base camp helicopter tour was wonderful. It truly was the trip of a lifetime and we would both like to thank you so much for all your hard work and excellent arrangements on our behalf. We are extremely grateful that everything was organised so professionally.
I hope your new son isn’t giving you too many sleepless nights. Please send our thanks to Paras and Anil for taking care of us so well.
Once again, thank you for such a fabulous and memorable holiday.

William Terry Review submitted - September 23, 2019

Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing flight

Our group sharing Everest helicopter tour with lading at the base camp was well organized by the team of HHS. This lifetime experience is recommended to anyone who has less time for trekking to the top of the world. We have check out the bucket list.

David and Anna Review submitted - September 11, 2019

Everest helicopter tour

Dear Mr. Rajan:
We are now back home safely after an excellent Everest base camp helicopter tour organized by you. The Entire trip was amazing; great service, pickup, briefing and knowledgeable guides, pilots, drivers. We recommend to our friends and families.
Noemi, Ralph and Isabella

Noemi Review submitted - July 29, 2019

well organized Everest helicopter tour

Good and happy tours. I loved it. It was a sharing helicopter flight to Everest base camp. 5 of us flew from Kathmandu, the route was to Lukla, Pheriche and Kalapather stop after EBC overfly. on the return leg stopped at Hotel Everest view and back to Kathmandu. It was 3.5hrs life time flight experience.

Suraj mahat Review submitted - July 21, 2019

Everest base camp helicopter tour with a stop Bucket list

Great service For Himalaya tours! we took a private Everest base camp helicopter flight tour with landing at Base camp. It was well organized and made our flight memorable. We landed at Kalapather, Hotel Everest view and Lukla. This 4 hours trip was in our Buck list, we have less in our list now.

Brian Johnson Review submitted - July 21, 2019

Bucket list experience

One of our bucket list trip to Everest base camp by Helicopter just completed. we were lucky with weather. Spring seems perfect time to visit Himalayas. Special thanks to Rajan and HHS team.

Richard Review submitted - April 12, 2019

Wonderful trip

An excellent holiday trip Himalayas. Our flight to Everest base camp was an impressive life time experience. it was 5 hours trip with breakfast stop hotel Everest view. we recommend one day Helicopter flight to any one who can’t do 2 weeks trek. Thank’s the team of HHS.

Johnson Review submitted - February 20, 2019

Everest base camp helicopter tour with Rajan from HHS

This company is great for anyone who wants to visit Nepal and Himalayas. Emails are answered quickly and there is total flexibility in assembling the tours. Nepal is still rebuilding the earthquake of 2015, but many monuments have been preserved and others have been renovated. It is a beautiful country. I made two unforgettable helicopter landing tours to Annapurna Base Camp in the Pokhara region, and to Everest Base Camp kalapather. As flights are shared with other tourists it does not get so expensive. And worth every penny you get in the center of the Himalayas!

Fabio Review submitted - January 9, 2019

Everest base camp to Lukla by Helicopteer

We trekked to Mount Everest base camp and asked Rajan for Helicopter flight from Base camp to Lukla  airport as we were tired to walk, he arranged immediately and and flew us to Lukla. Super service. Thanks HHS team. GOOD LUCK

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Everest Helicopter tour review

Dear Rajan,

Here we are back in Paris after a fabulous trip in the Mount Everest by Helicopter. Janis and I want to thank you for making this trip possible, a very great experience for us . Every places visited gave us a good test of the culture and life there. The main Guides and Pilot did their best to provide us with information and support needed.

Now we are working to organize all the pictures taken , a lot, to keep the memory of the trip present in ours minds. The Himalayas view from the Base camp overfly was breathtaking,

Again thank you very much, Rajan for your availability before and during the trip. We appreciated it a lot.

All the best.

Claude and Janis

Claude Review submitted - December 27, 2018

Review of Everest Base camp helicopter tour with landing

We arrived at Himalaya Holiday Service after looking for many options for the helicopter trip to Everest, and the truth is that we were not wrong. Rajan was always attentive to answer the WhatsApps we sent him and went to the hotel to chat with us and receive payment. On the day of the flight, he perfectly coordinated the taxis and helicopters. Everything safe, everything as it should be. Excellent experience, highly recommended

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we had booked private helicopter flight to Mount Everest base camp in 2018 December. Our trip planning and arrangements was well done by the team of Himalaya Holiday service. special thanks to Rajan. highly recommended to any one who wants this kind of experience.

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Breath of fresh air

Me and my team have had great experience with Team Himalayas Holiday Services. Our guide was helpful and friendly through out the trip.

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Everest base camp helicopter tour review

From pre trip communication till the end of the trip we have wonderful time with the team of HHS. Everest base camp was very cold for us in November. We highly recommend Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing to any one who has short time and not willing to trek.

Candace Review submitted - December 20, 2018

Helicopter tour to Everest Base camp and Tibet Bhutan tour

we had a lot confusions during planning the trip like cost, services we get and weather. Dipak answered all our questions with in few hours and we paid him some deposit in the beginning. His staffs gave us excellent service. We never forget the landing at Mount Everest Base camp and Tigers Nest hike. Our visit to Pothala Palace was unique. Thank you all.

Review submitted - July 16, 2018

Mount Everest base camp by Helicopter

Hi Rajan,

I wrote already in Trip Advisor but happy to tell you that we have loved the country and the trip.
Singe and Kinley were very attentive with us, always in time and taking care of us at all times.
we are very satisfied with the trip and all people following us in our trips (I had sent more than two thousand photos by whats-app) were amazed of the beauty of Everest and for sure they will go and visit it.
We would also like to come back and see other regions and your suggestions will be very welcome.
Thank you very much for your help and we hope to contact you in the future.

Best regards,

Alfonso de Pedro
Review submitted - April 2, 2018

Mount Everest helicopter tour

Me and my wife dreamed to go to the mount Everest base camp by doing 2 weeks trekking but never got enough time and changed our mind and asked to Rajan to do one day private helicopter tour to Base camp. He arranged all smoothly. We stopped at base camp and took some pictures then have Champagne at Everest view hotel. It is worth doing it. Highly recommended if you have only few days in Nepal.

Review submitted - March 14, 2018

Everest helicopter tour package

Beautiful trip to Everest base camp (EBC)
we booked a group joining helicopter tour package to Everest base camp for March 5th. In the morning weather was bit cloudy in Katmandu and flight was delayed by 20 minutes. Once we got to Lukla weather was fantastic. when we took of from Lukla to Kalapather we had to split due to weight in high altitude. First flight was for 2 people and last flight was for rest of all. When we landed at Everest base camp Kalapather we did not see a spot of cloud, cloud was very blue – I have never seen that blue in other world. It is expensive trip but worth doing it it you get sharing chance with a small group.

Review submitted - March 5, 2018