Agro Tourism

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Agro Tourism
Agriculture is the biggest contributing factor in the GDP of Nepal, followed by tourism, hence merging of these two sectors gave way to an exclusive kind of tourism, that is, Agro Tourism. Under this scheme, people throughout the world visit Nepal to explore it farmlands and ranches. Nepal is an ideal location for Agro Tourism as it has different types of terrain and the method of farming differing in each region, hence providing its visitors with multiple options to choose from. Also, different regions are home to different kinds of animal rearing practices, so one gets to experience versatile agricultural possibilities all within the country’s frontiers.

What to expect?
Getting acquainted with Nepalese farming methods
Learning about local crops and their local usage
Involving in local farming and animal rearing activities
Organic food and clean environment
Rural lifestyle amidst picturesque landscape

Key activities of Agro Tourism
According to the time of your arrival and the places you choose to visit, you get to participate in farming activities like harvesting, sowing and land preparation
Picking fresh and organic fruits and vegetables from the plant itself
Grazing cattle, shearing sheep, milking cows, and riding horses, as per the husbandry that particular places follow (some farm resorts have many types of animals in them)
Learning about different agricultural methods and sharing your ideas
Participating in farming-related festivals like “Ropai Jatra” when farmers sow rice, or “Naag Panchami” and “Indra Jatra” when people worship Naag and Lord Indra for abundant rainfall, the Newars also celebrate “Gathey Muga:” to ward off evil eyes from their crops

Nepalese economy largely depends on farming, but with the lack of export opportunities, worthy market and availability of modern technology, the agricultural section of the country are not able to make its optimum profit. Majority of the youth of the nation are opting for casual labor in other countries rather than pursuing their traditional occupation. At such condition, to prevent the Nepalese economy from turmoil and to promote the traditional agricultural practices of the country, Agro Tourism is the need of the time.

Optional trip to Mount Everest by Helicopter

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