Bhutan Luxury Travel & Tour 11 Days

Background of Bhutan Luxury Tour
The Shangri-La of Asia, Bhutan is home to magnificent snow-capped mountains, mystical forested valleys, and delectable countryside. Bhutan Luxury Travel takes you along the popular Bhutanese landmarks and ancient Dzongs (fortresses). Explore the legacy of Guru Padmasambhava and the ancient history of Vajrayana Buddhism. Moreover, the hospitality of the Bhutanese and their cheerful persona offers a surreal experience.

Bhutan, also known as the Land of Thunder Dragon, is home to ancient practices of Vajrayana Buddhism. A form of Tantric Buddhism, the country upholds the old religious tradition to the highest order.

Many locals still practice the ancient Bon religion, which predates modern Buddhism. Traverse along the winding roads through deep ravines and lush forests towards the historical cities of Paro, Punakha, Bumthang, and Thimpu. Climbing almost 900 meters to reach the Tiger’s Monastery is the major highlight of this tour. Catch the beautiful panorama of local snow-capped peaks, Gangkhar Puensum (7570m), Jomolhari (7326m), and Kula Kangri (7538m). The highlight of this tour includes enjoying the natural sights of some of the highest peaks in the region, Gangkhar Puensum (7570m), Chomolhari (7326m), and Kula Kangri (7538m). Thus, Bhutan Luxury Travel offers a glorious picture of the entire natural and cultural riches across Bhutan.

The 11-day Bhutan Luxury Tour begins upon your arrival in with arrival in Paro. Catch any connecting from to Bhutan from Kathmandu, Delhi, or Bangkok. Upon arrival in the mountainous Paro Valley, you’ll check into the hotel. Embark on a short tour around the main street and enjoy the delicious local cuisine. The tour advances east towards Thimpu, the capital city. Enjoy the beautiful sights of Mt. Jomolhari and Mt. Jichu Drake en route. Enjoy a short tour to the School of Fine Arts and the National Museum. The tour further advances east towards Punakha Valley. You’ll drive past Dochula Pass (3100m) that is home to 108 memorial Buddhist Chortens. Enjoy a scenic sight of Gangkhar Puensum along the trail. Punakha is home to the ancient Punakha Dzong and the confluence of Po Chhu and Mo Chhu Rivers. Drive along the countryside towards Bumthang valley that is home to Kurjey Lakhang and Jakar Dzong. Fly back to Paro valley and embark on a scenic trek to Paro Taktsang or Tiger’s Monastery. The 16th Century monastery upholds the legacy of Padmasambhava Guru Rinpoche. The tour ends with a 35km long road journey towards Cheli La (3810m).

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Bhutan Luxury Tour highlights
Embark on a historical tour around Bhutan and explore some of the historical sites, fortresses, memorials, and temples.
Visit the majestic natural sites around Paro, Thimpu, Bumthang, and Punakha Valley.
Explore the popular monastic destinations of Thimpu Memorial Chorten, Punakha Dzong, Rinpung Dzong, Jakar Dzong, and Chimi Lhakhang Monastery.
Enjoy a short trek to Paro Taktsang Monastery or Tiger’s Nest located at the altitude of 3,120 meters.
Sights of mountains like Gangkhar Puensum (7570m) and Jomolhari (7326m)

Bhutan Luxury Tour Facts
Geography: Hills, Valleys
Location: Bhutan
Level of Difficulty: Moderate
Duration of Trip: 11 days
Max Altitude: 3810m
Religions: Vajrayana Buddhism
Ethnic People: Bhutanese
Accommodation: Hotel
Transportation: Private Vehicle and Flight
Minimum Pax: 02

Itinerary of Bhutan Luxury Tour
Day 01: Fly To Bhutan Paro from Bangkok or Kathmandu or Delhi
Bhutan Luxury Tour begins upon your arrival in Paro Valley. Catch any connecting flight to Bhutan via Druk Air from Kathmandu, Delhi, or Bangkok. Upon arrival, you’ll check into your hotel in Paro. Enjoy a delicious lunch at the hotel or relish one of the local cuisines at Paro Street. Spend the evening exploring the beautiful Paro City. Overnight in Paro.

Day 02: We Will Drive To The Capital City Of Bhutan, Thimpu, Have Lunch And Check Into Our Hotel.
Embark on an hour-long road journey across the deep ravines towards Thimpu City. Enjoy the majestic sight of Mt. Jomolhari en route to Thimpu. Upon arrival, you’ll check into your hotel and then embark on a short tour of the city. The tour begins with a visit to the School of Fine Arts, where you’ll get to interact with the local students. Afterward, you’ll visit the nearby Folk Heritage Museum. Explore the beautiful main street and relish some of the local cuisines before heading back to your hotel.

Day 03: After breakfast at the hotel, we’ll drive toward Dochu La, One of the Highest Drivable Passes in Bhutan.
After breakfast, you’ll drive towards Dochula Pass. Dochula Pass at 3,100 meters lies in transit to Punakha Valley. Spend the day exploring the beautiful 108 Buddhist Memorial Chortens at Dochula Pass, also known as “Druk Wangyal Chortens.” The memorials were built by Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuk, the eldest Queen Mother. You can also make a short hike towards Druk Wangyal Lhakhang (Temple). If time permits, you can visit the natural site of Royal Botanical Park at Dochula Pass. Overnight in Dochu La Pass.

Day 04: This Morning We’ll Visit the Impressive Punakha Dzong – Part: Admin Building, Part: Monastery, All Fortress – Battered by Earthquakes, Floods, and Fire throughout Its History.
Wake up to the magnificent view of Gangkhar Puensum, the highest peak in Bhutan. Embark on two hours long drive towards Punakha Valley. It is the former administrative center of Bhutan. Upon arrival, you’ll embark on a tour to Punakha Dzong, the 16th Century fortress designed by Ngawang Namgyal. From here, you’ll embark on a short walk towards the majestic confluence of Mo Chhu and Po Chhu Rivers. After enjoying this mesmerizing sight, you’ll head to the hotel to enjoy your lunch. Afterward, you’ll embark on the short drive towards Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten. Overnight in Punakha.

Day 05: This Valley Is a Very Quiet Farming Region, And It’s High Elevation, and Cool Temperatures Make It Perfect for Growing Potatoes.
Today, you’ll embark on a full-day sightseeing tour around Punakha Valley. Make a short drive towards Chimi Lakhang Monastery. You will find the imagery and statue of an erect phallus. Later, you’ll embark on a scenic tour to the popular potato farms around the valley. You will witness the local farmers indulged in their daily chores in the field. Afterward, you’ll head back to Punakha’s busy street to shop for the gorgeous stoles, woolen clothes, and handbags. Overnight in Punakha.

Day 06: We Will Depart Early Today For Bumthang In Central Bhutan.
After breakfast, you’ll embark on a full-day journey towards Bumthang. Bumthang valley in Eastern Bhutan lies almost 217km from Punakha. The entire road journey may last 7-8hr and will take you along Trongsa village. Bumthang is commonly known as Jakar, is one of the most beautiful regions in the country. If time permits, you can visit the famous Jakar Dzong or Jakar Fortress, the local landmark in Bumthang. Is it also known as the “castle of the white bird?” Overnight in Jakar.

Day 07: After A Relaxing Morning Enjoying Breakfast On The Terrace, Your Guide Will Take You On An Exploratory Tour Of The Sights Around Bumthang.
On this day, you’ll embark on a beautiful tour around Bumthang valley. The scenic drive around offers the magnificent sights of Chokor Valley and Bumthang Valley. You will tour three of the most majestic places around Bhutan, namely, Kurjey Lhakhang, Jambey Lhakhang, and Tamshing Lhakhang. Kurjey Lhakhang is the final resting place of the remains of the first three Kings of Bhutan. Jambey Lhakhang is one of the 108 temples built by King Songtsen Gampo. Tamshing Lhakhang is a temple and monastery, and the seat of Sungtrul Rinpoche. Overnight in Bumthang.

Day 08: This Morning, We’ll Head to the Bumthang Airstrip for Our Return Flight to Paro.
After breakfast, you’ll drive towards Bathpalathang Airport. The Bathpalathang or Bumthang Airport is one of the four airports in Bhutan. It offers a limited service. You’ll catch a flight to Paro. Enjoy a beautiful aerial tour of Central and Western Bhutan along with the flight. Catch the magnificent sights of Gangkhar Puensum and Mt. Jomolhari. Upon arrival, you’ll head to the hotel. Afterward, you’ll embark on the short drive to Rinpung Dzong. Rinpung Dzong belongs to Drukpa Lineage of the Kagyu School of Buddhism. Overnight in Paro.

Day 09– Today, we’ll embark on the Walk to Taktsang Monastery, One of The Most Venerated Buddhist Monuments in the Himalayas.
After enjoying breakfast, you’ll embark on a tour to Paro Taktsang Monastery. The adventurous hike along the outskirts of Paro Valley takes you almost 900 meters above to Tiger’s Nest. Paro Taktsang, also known as Tiger’s Nest, upholds the legacy of Padmasambhava Guru Rinpoche. Approximately 2hr long trek will bring you to the monastery. Enjoy a delicious lunch at the café in the monastery before retracing your path back to the hotel—overnight in Paro.

Day 10: For Our Final Day in Bhutan, we’ll drive up to Cheli La.
After breakfast, you’ll embark on a scenic tour to Cheli La. Chele la Pass at 3,810 meters lies almost 35km from Paro. It separates Haa and Paro Valley. The scenic tour takes you through spruce and larch forests towards the top. Catch the spectacular views of Mt. Jomolhari, Mt. Jichu Drake, and adjoining peaks to the North West. You can consider driving down to Haa Valley and explore the local landmarks of Lhakhang Karpo and Lhakhang Nagpo before driving back to Paro. Overnight in Paro.

Day 11: You’re Flight Paro to Next Destination Kathmandu / Bangkok / Delhi
After breakfast, you can visit the main street at Paro. You can shop for souvenirs and beautiful handbags. From here, you’ll drive back to the hotel. Your tour guide will drop you off at the airport from where you’ll catch a connecting flight back home.