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Bungee Jump Last Resort
Jumping from over 160-meter high suspension bridge down to a fast-flowing river! The thought itself gives you chills, doesn’t it? Then, why not take a chance and try this once in a lifetime adventure of bungee jumping?

Among the many adventure sports famous in Nepal, bungee jumping is not for the faint-hearted. It has gained popularity and people want to experience this thrilling sport at least once in their lifetime. The very first bungee jumping site in Nepal is called “The Last Resort”. It is situated on the top of the gorge near the Tibetan border. This popular spot for adventure lovers is around three hours’ drive away from the capital, Kathmandu. People jump off a 160-meter wide steel suspension bridge that is situated over the Bhotekoshi River. This bridge is the only bridge that is privately owned in Nepal and specially designed focusing on the safety of bungee jumping. It has been built using standard technologies. According to Swiss measurements, it has a loading factor of 41,500 kg or 4.5 tons. This Swiss-designed bungee bridge is also one of the longest in Nepal. This spectacular 500ft free-fall into the Bhote Koshi River is known to be the longest drop in the world.

The excitement of bungee jumping surrounded by the beauty of nature is just incredible. This is why The Last Resort has become a major tourist attraction in Nepal. Likewise, as a plus point, there are other optional activities such as rafting, kayaking, cannoning, swings, and hiking organized by The Last Resort. An adventure enthusiast should no longer wait and be ready to earn this life-time memory.

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Itinerary of Bungee Jump Last Resort :
The first-ever bungee jumping site lies in Sindhupalchowk, overbrimming Bhotekoshi River in Nepal. The itinerary for this trip includes driving for three hours from Kathmandu to The Last Resort. You can start driving from Kathmandu to The Last Resort early in the morning. You will carry out the formalities for bungee jumping. The bungee staff will give you a safety briefing. The procedure will be followed by your thrilling jump. After completing the bungee jump, you can enjoy your lunch and then drive back to Kathmandu.

Bungee Jump Last Resort Highlights:
Experience an electrifying experience of bungee jumping in the beauty of nature.
160-meter free fall from Swiss designed a bridge to Bhotekoshi River gorge with full protection.
Enjoy other optional activities such as rafting, kayaking, cannoning, swings, and hiking organized by The Last Resort.
Enjoy the soothing and scenic journey to The Last Resort.
View small local towns and glimpses of lifestyle outside the capital city.
Savor the hygienic lunch and the resort for your comfort.

Key Information:
The Bhotekoshi Gorge (160m) is considered to be the deepest gorge for bungee jumping in the world.
The average cost for a bungee jump ranges from $60 to $100.
Wear comfortable clothes that make it easy to put on the harness.
Sports shoes are mandatory. Do not wear slippers.
Do not carry mobile phones with you. You can ask someone else to take your video from your phone.
The Last Resort will film your bungee jump. You can request a copy of the video in the Last Resort office in Thamel, Kathmandu.
You can book your exciting adventure by visiting the Last Resort office in Thamel. If you have any queries, you can ask them to the personnel present in the office.
The Last Resort offers a variety of Nepali as well as continental dishes. You can also opt for the luxurious stay at the Last Resort to make your trip even more memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
What is the age limit for bungee jumping?
Bungee jumping from a 160-meter-high suspension bridge is a daring sport. Even some adults are frightened of the height and want to back off after getting ready for the jump. There is no age defined for the bungee jump. However, children aged less than 18 have to be accompanied by their parents. Parents will need to sign on the liability form before bungee jumping.

What is the weight limit for bungee jumping?
There are some important considerations to be focused on for a successful bungee jump. The safety features of the bungee jumping in The Last Resort is very reliable. It is operated by a skilled team. In order to do the bungee jump safely, your weight must be between 40 kg to 98 kg. The maximum weight required for this activity is 100 kg.

Are there any medical conditions that restrict one from bungee jumping?
Bungee jumping from a suspension bridge with 500 ft freefall can be very intimidating for even a normal person. People suffering from diseases like asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, and epilepsy have to inform us about their health conditions beforehand. People with psychological problems and people who have had recent surgery are suggested not to bungee jump. Also, pregnant women must avoid this sport.

What do I need to wear for the bungee jump?
You should put on comfortable clothes that is tight and closed for the bungee jump. It is suggested that you wear clothes that will make it easy to put on the harness. Also, wear sports shoes or hiking shoes for the bungee jump. Do not wear a cap as it will fall as you jump off the bridge.

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