Chandragiri Champadevi Hike

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Chandragiri Champadevi Hike

It is strange how taking a break from our daily work life and hiding in the lap of nature just for a couple of hours gives us immense joy. You can choose to hike through serene trails amidst blooming forests. It would surely turn out to be the finest possible way to loosen up.
We have the Chandragiri Champadevi Hike for you consisting of a trial full of stunning views between the verdant woods. The Chandragiri and Champadevi hills are perfect hiking destinations in the Kathmandu valley. The serene trail offers you quality time to relax in nature.
The ridges of the Chandragiri and Champadevi are adjoined to each other. The Champadevi hill stands high with an altitude of 2,561 meters. Champadevi, also popularly known as Champawati is the third tallest hill around the Kathmandu Valley. On the other hand, the Chandragiri hill is situated at an altitude of 2,278 meters.

There is a temple dedicated to Goddess Champa Devi at the top of the Champadevi hill. As a historical belief, Goddess Champa Devi is one of the manifestations of Goddess Durga or Parvati. There is a belief that this temple protects the forest and nearby areas from evil sight. During the Nepali New Year’s Day on first of Baisakh every year, there is a religious fair organized for people to worship the goddess.

Along with the Champadevi hill, the Chandragiri hill is also a popular and religious destination. It is located on the south-west side of the Kathmandu valley. You reach the summit of this hill just after a seven kilometers ride from Thankot. The Chandragiri hill is best known for its stunning Himalayan views and a picture-perfect panoramic view of the entire Kathmandu valley. The temple of Bhaleshwara Mahadev, dedicated to Lord Shiva is placed on the hilltop. Also, let us not forget about the adventurous cable car ride above the dense forest. The cable car will take you on a smooth, safe, and enjoyable ride before starting your hike.
You will get to witness an astonishing view of mountains including Mt. Everest, Ganesh Himal, Mt. Manaslu, Langtang Ranges, and Gaurishankar while hiking in the trails. This will be an easy yet delightful and exciting trip.
Trip Highlights of Chandragiri Champadevi Hike
Get a chance to admire the stunning views of Mt. Everest, Mt. Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, and Langtang massifs.
Beautiful sunrise viewpoint near Kathmandu valley.
Take a walk inside the peaceful verdant forest.
Explore and experience the picturesque scenery during the walk.
Ride the cable car admiring an endless beauty of nature.
The finest destination for hiking to get a break from your daily life hustle.
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Trip facts of Chandragiri Champadevi Hike:
Duration: 1 day
Grade: Easy
Location: Kathmandu valley
Best season: All seasons except monsoon
Maximum altitude: 2,278 m
Price: US$ 80- US$ 90

Itinerary of Chandragiri Champadevi Hike :
Chandragiri Champadevi Hike trail will walk you through a peaceful and refreshing environment with chances to experience diversified culture and religion. You will reach the Chandragiri hilltop after a seven kilometers drive from Thankot. Then, you will take a ride in the cable car exploring the mystic views of the Himalayan ranges and massive hilly dunes. After that, the hiking to Champadevi hill starts paving the path through the fascinating woods. Finally, you descend to Pushpa Lal Park from Champadevi and drive back to Thamel.
Key information
Carry a raincoat with you if you are hiking during the monsoon season.
Wear sunglass and cap to protect yourself from the heat if you are hiking in the summer season.
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. As it might get windy, make sure to carry a wind cheater.
Carry a liter of water with you. It is recommended that you carry a water bottle with you. It will be economical as well as eco-friendly.
One-way cable car ticket cost differs according to nationality.
If you want to extend your stay, you need to inform your guide and discuss about it together beforehand.
Do not litter along the trail. If you have snacks along the way, make sure to dispose wrappers in a dustbin. If there is no dustbin, keep the wrapper in your bag or pocket and throw it out in a bin afterward.
The company will not bear any extra cost for water and snacks.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Is the cable car safe?
The cable car ride has gained a lot of popularity. Many people living in Kathmandu have done the cable car ride which is perfectly safe. There has not been any cases of accidents in the cable car until today. Little children can ride the cable car as well. It was built by a popular car company named Doppelmayr, based in Austria.

How long is the hike to Champadevi hill?
The hike takes you close to nature with picturesque sceneries throughout the trail. It takes around 6 hours to finish the hike. However, the day will pass by quickly as you indulge in various activities during the hike. It will be a memorable trip to enjoy a good weekend with your family and friends.

Can I extend the trip?
Yes, you can extend the trip up to 2 days as per your convenience. On the first day, you can stay around Matatirtha village on the foothills of Chandragiri hill. On the next day, you can enjoy the cable car ride and the hike to Champadevi hill. If you wish to extend the trip, you must discuss it with your guide beforehand.

How difficult is the hiking?
There are many different hiking routes around Kathmandu valley that you can enjoy during the weekends. The one-day Chandragiri- Champadevi hike rewards you with scenic views. This hike is graded easy and can be easily undertaken by children as well as elderly people. There is no specific age limit for this hike.

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