Chandragiri Sightseeing Tour

The Chandragiri hill is a picturesque valley slope situated on the western border of the Kathmandu Valley. People who are into spirituality should include Chandragiri sight-seeing in their to-do list when visiting Nepal.
The Chandragiri hilltop will shower you with beautiful views of renowned peaks like Everest, Annapurna, Gaurishankar, Ganesh Himal, Jugal, and Langtang. The newly opened ‘Chandragiri Cable Car’ has made it easier to reach the hilltop. The cable car ensures a smooth, safe, and enjoyable ride. It has become one of the major attractions of the private sightseeing tour in Kathmandu.
You need to know that the cable car operates from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM during the weekdays. On weekends, it operates from 8:00 AM till 7:00 PM. The ride covers 2.5 km and takes around 10 to 12 minutes to finish. The Chandragiri cable car ride of 12 minutes will take you to view jaw-dropping sceneries of lush green forests. For hikers, the Matatirtha to Chandragiri to Thankot is a famous hiking route.
There is a temple of Lord Shiva named ‘The Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple’ at the top of Chandragiri hill. You will find many Hindu devotees offering their prayers in the temple. Chandragiri Sightseeing Tour can do any day from Kathamndu.

History of Chandragiri

The historic trade route passed through Kulekhani, Chitlang, Chandragiri Pass, and Thankot to Kathmandu. This makes the Chandragiri hill an important part of the history of Nepal.
Late king Prithvi Narayan Shah wished to unify Nepal after reaching Chandragiri and looking at the views of Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhadgaon (now called Bhaktapur). After facing many obstacles, Prithvi Narayan Shah successfully unified all the small kingdoms.
To symbolize his contribution, a life-size statue of the late King has been built in Chandragiri. Feel free to call us for Chandragiri Sightseeing Tour.

You can visit this important historical site as a one-day sightseeing tour. You will be able to learn about the history of Nepal as you view the picture-perfect panoramic sight of the entire Kathmandu Valley. You will also be able to enjoy the heartwarming views of the soaring Himalayan ranges. Therefore, you should not miss out on this one-day sightseeing tour with your dear ones.
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If you opt for the best views, you need to leave Kathmandu in the morning. You reach the summit of the Chandragiri hill just after a seven kilometers ride from Thankot. After purchasing the ticket for the cable car ride, you can ride up to the Chandragiri hill’s top station. You can enjoy the breathtaking scenes from the cable car. Take your time admiring the surroundings and views from the top of the Chandragiri hill. As per your convenience, you can return down and then drive back to your hotel.
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Trip facts:
Duration: 1 day
Grade: Easy
Location: Kathmandu valley
Maximum altitude: 2,278 m
Best season: Spring and autumn

Trip Highlights:
Enjoy the marvelous 12-minute ride above the soothing greenery of thick forest in the cable car.
Get a picture-perfect view of the soaring peaks of Mt. Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Ganesh Himal Jugal, Rolwaling, and many more.
Surprise yourself with the awe-inspiring view of the entire Kathmandu Valley from the hill station.
Enjoy delicious food and drinks at the valley’s highest restaurants and bars with beautiful views.
Visit the Bhaleshwor Mahadev temple, also known as the temple of Lord Shiva situated at the hilltop.
Key information:
The cable car operators will be ready to assist wheelchair-bound passengers.
Children aged 11 or below have to be accompanied by adults.
There are special discounts arranged for students, children, and the elderly, and differently abled people.
The one-way or two-way cable car ticket cost differs according to nationality.
The company will not bear any extra cost for the trip. You will have to carry extra cash in case you want to buy snacks or water.
Wear comfortable clothes and sports shoes for the hiking. As it might get windy, make sure to carry a wind cheater.
Carry a water bottle with you. It will be economical as well as eco-friendly.
In case you want to extend your stay, you need to pre-inform your guide about it. Your guide will need time to do all the necessary bookings for your extended stay.
During the hike, be sure not to litter around the trail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Is the cable car safe?
The cable car ride has gained a lot of popularity since its establishment. Many people living in Kathmandu have done the cable car ride and there has not been any accidents in the cable car until today, which means that the cable car is safe to ride. It was built by a popular car company named Doppelmayr, based in Austria.

What happens when there is a sudden power cut-off?
Usually, there is no power cut-off. A backup generator will be used in case of sudden power cut-off. For this generator, they also have emergency batteries just in case it does not work. In case of emergencies, the staffs from Chandragiri Hills will access the cabins to perform a rescue operation.

How difficult is the hiking? or Chandragiri Sightseeing Tour ?
There are different hiking routes around Kathmandu valley that people can enjoy. The one-day Chandragiri hiking is a rewarding trek that takes you to amazing viewpoints to see the amazing mountain vistas. This hike is graded easy and can be easily undertaken by children as well as elderly people. There is no specific age limit for this hike.

How difficult is the hiking ?
The Chandragiri Hike is one of the nearest hiking destinations from the capital, Kathmandu. The one-day hike to Chandragiri is refreshing and can be enjoyed by people with busy schedules. The hike is graded easy. There is no specific age limit for this hike. So, children as well as elderly people can enjoy this hike.