‘Exciting and scenic hill not far from Kathmandu Valley rim’

Kakani Scenic Hill main attraction:

“The closest Mountain and Hill Resort from the capital Kathmandu
Serene and scenic location in the backdrop of mighty Himalayan peaks
Fantastic panorama of Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh and Langtang Himal
Enjoyable hike and witness traditional rural farm villages and friendly locals”

Activities at a glance:

Tour Grade: Leisure to moderate with ups and downhill.
Area of Tour:          North-West of Kathmandu valley rim.
Transportation: As per group size car, coach to bus
Start and End: From 7-8 a.m. till late to 04 p.m. or overnight stop.
Tour Duration: Minimum 4 hrs. Maximum of 6 hours with drives and walks.


Kakani a scenic hill station, one of the nearest view-points for super Himalaya Mountain panorama in close vicinity of the serene ambiance of green rolling hills.
Kakani stands at the height of 2, 030 meters, and 6,660 feet overlooking grand scenery of white snow peaks, valleys, and tiers of hills.

Kakani being close to the urban city area of Kathmandu at a mere distance of 28 km located North West from the valley rim. This wonderful spot offers a mesmerizing view of beautiful snow-capped peaks that makes you feel to stay more than a day.

To catch the best clear views and panorama morning is the best option on the right seasons of the year, where one can enjoy stunning sunrise and sunset also in the harmony of pure fresh country air.

Views from Kakani provide dramatic mountain landscape of Mid-Central Nepal, with a group of massif majestic Himalayan peaks that extends from Ganesh, Manaslu, with Langtang Himal towards Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges.

Where one can feel perfect blending of scenic wilderness with impressive mountain scenery within a serene and calm environment in the comfort of nice resorts and hotels.

Rhododendrons growing wild on the mountain slopes begins to bloom in late spring and stay in bloom for several months, giving the area even more charm.

Kakani Hill located on route to Langtang and Ganesh Himal another popular adventure destination for trekking and mountaineering, one can extend the trip further north to be close to a high mountain range.
Kakani also a famous and popular place for local city folks to escape the hustle and bustle city life for a few hours or a day staying overnights in one of its wonderful mountain resorts.

Where rooms face exciting views of beautiful terrain and mountain range, a day at Kakani where visitors can just laze with refreshing drinks, overlooking grand glorious scenery.

Kakani a place full of charm and beautiful views with a nice location where one can enjoy the serenity in the harmony of white snow peaks backdrop.
Besides marvelous views of the Himalayan mountain range, Kakani a great place to visit rural farm villages enriched with traditional culture.

At Kakani, there is a memorial site dedicated to unfortunate 113 passengers and crew members of Thai Airways the flight that crashed in 1992 during the late monsoon season of August month on the high ridges of Langtang Himal.

The other symbolic highlight of Kakani is a favorite picnic spot and Nepalese Army school of police and scout training center. Although close to Kathmandu valley situated within the district of Nuwakott.

Visitors can take a leisure stroll around villages and interact with the local community and witness the culture of great interest. A wonderful place to be to feel fresh mountain air.

The surrounding area of Kakani dotted with villages and farm terraces, the place where most of the farmers also harvest strawberry and raise freshwater trout as well. One of the main attractions that draws local and city visitors to spend the weekend at Kakani.

Activities and things to do at Kakani:
Kakani, for most visitors a day is not enough to enjoy the wonderful setting and to take the pleasure of sunrise and sunset views over a range of Himalayan peaks.

Where one needs a minimum a day with overnight stops in its nice lovely cozy lodge and resorts to enjoy glorious views of surrounding beautiful landscapes and mountains.

Activities and things to do at Kakani, spend the day relaxing in the backdrop of majestic Himalaya mountain range, or take a stroll and visit local farm villages and observe daily ancient heritage farm life.

Interact with local villagers and witness the culture of both Hindu and Buddhism way of life. Kakani one of the best place for bird watching in a peaceful green environment of lovely woods of rhododendron, oaks, pines, and fir tree lines.

Kakani offers exciting day hike to Shivapuri an adjoining hill just above the north of Kathmandu valley rim, where pleasant walks take you into a beautiful forest of pines and rhododendron.

One can start the short trek and continue walks past Shivapuri to Chisapani onto the famous Nagarkot scenic hill.
Enjoy the day overlooking scenic views of surrounding hills, dale, and snow-capped peaks with short walk around rural villages.

Kakani makes a wonderful overnight stops on route Langtang Himal before or after a weeklong trekking. Interested people can enjoy riding on mountain bikes to and from Kathmandu or continue over the ridges of Kathmandu valley rim.

Kakani also offers camping sites besides nice lodge and resorts where one can feel a bit of adventure staying overnights in tented camps.

Best season for Kakani visit:
Kakani can be visited nearly all months of the year except the wet months of monsoon times from mid-June to mid-September, where views is obstructed with dark heavy rain clouds most of the time. But very green with lush vegetation during the monsoon months around June, July, August to post-monsoon month of September.

March to May enjoyable time for when most days are clear for excellent views of white snow peaks and beautiful landscapes, this is the time when wild-flowers are in seasonal bloom. Especially the national flower Rhododendron of various species from tall trees to bush.

Mid-September to February during autumn/fall and winter seasons where most of the days are crystal clear with blue sky for a spectacular panorama of surrounding dramatic landscapes and Himalayan peaks.

However, morning and night time can be cold during late autumn and winter times with short sunlight hours but enjoyable facing glorious scenery that Kakani has to offer for interested visitors.

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