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‘historical-cultural-religious tour around impressive monuments of great interest’


“A blend of Temples and monasteries tour in the harmony of local age-old culture
Kathmandu a city with countless world heritage sites of great interest to visit
Kathmandu hub and capital of Nepal retains its ancient artifacts and old custom
Fascinating city of both modernization and its past traditional medieval period life”

Tour Profile:   

  • Mode of Tour: Hotels and Resorts with spacious comfortable vehicles
  • Tour Grade: Leisure with short walks and drives
  • Kathmandu: Commercial hub and capital city of Nepal
  • People and Culture: Mainly populated by native Newar people of both Hindu and Buddhism religion with many different mixed tribes of Nepal having various culture.
  • Tour Duration: From 5 to 6 hours with drive and short walks at places of interest.
  • Season: All months of the year, however June to mid September wet months of monsoon times.


Kathmandu Nepal one day tour starts from your hotel in Kathmandu, where our city tour guides will accompany you around places of great interest of five to six hours with fascinating times around impressive places within the city.

As Kathmandu blessed with ancient historical palaces, religious monuments of both Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries located side by side in perfect harmony, where you can observe wonderful sites as listed in World Heritage, a short drive to inner parts of Kathmandu city and visit places of great wonders of old Hanuman Dhoka (palace court yard).

Hanuman Dhoka teemed with busy local life where you can witness Nepalese culture and traditions and visiting its importance places beginning with tour of Hanuman Dhoka, (Hanuman a super monkey great devotee of Lord Ram and a protector and guarding angel placed at the entrance door of old palace.

The palace of Malla to late Shah Regime built during 5-6th Century, at present a museum where you can observe and gather knowledge and information of past royals.

From here visit Resident and Living quarter of famous Kumari regarded as Living-Goddess (a young girl picked before reaching puberty period, retires after reaching woman-wood with first period).

Tour leads you to Kastamandap Temple built from the wood of a single tree in way back 1596 A.D. by King Laxmi Narsingh Malla. Where the word Kathmandu derived from it houses a Hindu God Gorakh-Nath.

From here heading towards a famous Landmark of Kathmandu and Nepal at Swayambhunath old Stupa, a Buddhist Stupa or Chaitya of more than 2,600 years old with mystical eyes of Lord Buddha around four cardinal North-South-East and West, a nice spot and a monument with super panorama of Kathmandu city and its valley with views of snow-capped mountains.

After an interesting tour heading towards eastern side of Kathmandu city at holiest of all holy Hindu Temple of Pashupatinath, dedicated to Lord Shiva with masterpiece golden roofed and silver four sided doors with Phallus depicting Shiva.

Where thousands of pilgrims for Nepal and India visit this sacred temple, in the month of February as per Hindu auspicious time a great festival held called Shiva Ratri (tribute to Lord Shiva and its birth anniversary.

The place also holds as cremation and funeral place for Hindu, although non Hindu are not permitted inside the main temple premises, however one can watch the daily routine of local in religious ceremony.

From Pashupatinath our tour takes you to Bouddhanath Stupa / Chaitya, located north of Pashupatinath where you can witness Buddhist culture around Bouddhanath also called as ‘Little Tibet’ due to its Tibetan culture and origin of people that lives around.

A great white dome shaped Buddhist shrine known as Stupa or Chaitya believed to be the largest of this kind in Asia, this ancient colossal chhorten built in 6th Century A.D. by King Man Deb.

Built with series of three terraces when looked from aerial view takes the form with relevant shape of a lotus flower, stands for purity this famous monument remains very holy object for all the all Buddhist devout world-wide.

The Stupa encircled by shops, nice restaurants and markets of Tibetan products selling Buddhist items from all types of incense to prayer flags and Tibetan dresses, the Mahayana sect and faith of Buddhism which originated from Tibet in the 6-7th Centaury spread around Bhutan-Nepal-Sikkim and Ladakh in Northern India.

After a great remarkable time around best places of interest around Kathmandu city retire back to your hotel after a lovely interesting Nepal One Day Tour.

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  • 8:30 to 09 A.M Depart from the hotel visiting Old Durbar Square area for an hour.
  • 11 to 11:30 A.M Drive to Swayambhunath or Monkey Temple of 30 mins ride and visit for an hour.
  • 12 P.M to 01 P.M Drive to Pashupatinath Temple tour of an hour with 30 -40 mins drive.
  • 2: 30 P.M. to 03 P.M Short drive to Bouddhanath Stupa ‘Little Tibet’ with more than hour tour.
  • 04 P.M to 4:30 P.M Drive back to hotel and end of the Nepal One Day Tour.

Lunch hour in between the tour where our city guides will take you to nice and hygienic restaurants with great foods for your appetite. A Guided Nepal One Day Tour includes guide, excellent condition cars-coach as per group size with healthy and cheerful driver with expert-professional tour guides. For other foreign languages beside English and Hindi, we have French-German-Italian-Spanish-Russian speaking Guides with Japanese-Korean and Chinese as well.

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