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Days 14
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Trip Facts - 14 Days Tour

Tour Cost USD 4990
Group Size 1+
Best Season March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November
Tour Grade Leisure to moderate
Trip Type Popular
Activities Cultural Sightseeing Tour, Easy walking
Accommodation Hotels & Resorts with your Budget
Country of Tour Laos / Cambodia & Vietnam

Laos Cambodia Vietnam tours covers  An interesting exotic Cruise on Mekong River, tour of Phnom Penh, ancient Angkor Wat, forbidden Ho Chi Minh City ‘former Saigon’, Luang Prabang and of Vientiane. An exotic package of Laos Cambodia Vietnam tours around interesting area in Southeast Asia’s well traveled trails exploring the hidden the fame ancient times of the vanished empires which absorb you within the exciting old traditions with its rich cultures that have retained still in this modern age.

Our tour leads you in the heart and rural areas of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, where you will have time to immerse and marvel the ancient temples enrich with shrines dedicated to lord Buddha with some Hindu god and goddess, with its animist respect of ancient idols including leftovers and remains of past colonial French European 18th century architecture; with palaces with gilded pagoda roofs where the royal family still dwell. Beside this our wonderful tour have time to immerse the interesting busy hustle bustle of markets, bazaar life visiting schools to observe the traditional handicrafts of silk-weaving, paper making that still inherits the art through many generations of hundreds of years.

The tour finally leads to the famous and majestic Angkor Wat’s ancient temples and then cruising along the lively historical Mekong River, thus concluding this great exotic South Asian tour with an experience of a lifetime.

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Highlights & Interest of this trip:

  • A grand experience on a kayak from sandy golden beaches to limestone caves and then exploring floating villages of old Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay.
  • A great way to see on a bike to Hue, Vietnam, and Cambodia farm and rural villages and then on an elephant safari; and hike to the hill people village in Laos.
  • A grand tour of four varied UNESCO World Heritage sites in Hue, Ha Long Bay, Louangphrabang, and Angkor.
  • A nice and interesting time ininteractingmong the local villagers and joining in their colorful ceremony (depending upon the season of travel) visiting the local homes, shand aring their traditional foods.

Day 1

Reach Luang Prabang, Laos through Bangkok transfer to hotel.

On reaching at Luang Prabang in Laos check into the Hotel Grand Luang Prabang or of similar standard, Luang Prabang is the old royal capital of Laos, situated on a magical spot on a peninsula sandwiched between Khan and Mekong rivers in the background of rolling green high hills, a great interesting old city which is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the hotel after refreshment our tour guide will take you at places of interest around Lunag Prabang a mystical and charming old city with busy devotees and pilgrims in its 30 temples or more where one can observe the Buddhist monks on prayer and chanting and the observing the colorful bazaar with mixture of building from the days of 19th century French Colony architecture to typical and traditional South East Asia houses of Laos, from here a short drive towards royal temple of Wat Xieng Thong one of the earliest an old royal temple in Laos which was made of wood in the beginning of 1560 AD and later changed into bricks around 19th century. Depending upon time visit the grand view points with 328 steps where one can overlook below the glittering Mekong and Khan river along with sunset in the far horizon. After a great afternoon return back to hotel for overnight rest and dinner of typical Laotian foods. Luang Prabang, Laos

Day 2

Morning on a Cruise boat and then explore the cave of Pak Ou.

In morning a short walk or a drive to Baan Xang Kong village a typical Laotian villages here observe the textile and paper products that’s traditional made, after an interesting moment here, and then taking a boat ride for a cruise in Asia’s 3rd longest river the Mekong river also called as ‘mother of all rivers’ that provides enough irrigation to rice fields which feeds more than 90 million people of South East Asia. The river is also a habitat of varieties species of fish and the belief is that Phaya Naga, or Mekong Dragons reside around this river. The cruise continues through rural farm villages where it produces native rice whisky, and then heading towards the famous Pak Ou Cave, which is adorned with Buddha thousand of icons. After a wonderful tour heading back to hotel with afternoon free at leisure.

Day 3

Observe the life of Tin Keo village, Alms offering ceremony.

An early morning short walk to observe the ancient tradition of Buddhist alms-offering to local monks who parades near the local Buddhist temples in a long line in the streets at Luang Prabang, after the alms offered by the locals to the monk in return receives blessing. After an interesting moment back to hotel for breakfast and then a short walk or a drive to immerse and marvel the village life of Tin Keo here meet young students from the village school, which is partly supported by Grand Circle Foundation, from here an hour hike to hill village of Hmong hill tribe, a native tribe of Laos’ living in the north high hill country, on arrival welcomed by the village chief. After exploring and observing with locally made meals for lunch, after an impressive tour heading back to hotel with rest of the afternoon at leisure.

Day 4

Morning at Luang Prabang and then fly to Vientiane.

A leisure morning in Luang Prabang with a visit of museum inside the Royal Palace building, this palace built from 1904 to1909 AD during the time of King Sisavang Vong. At present this palace turned into a museum the architecture from the French beaux-arts manner with typical and traditional Laotian artwork. After the grand visit with lunch at local restaurant and then transfer for a short scenic flight to another old town of Vientiane which was another capital of Laos, this town slowly emerging into a city although it still retains its glory day periods of tradition and culture and then an interesting walk around in the busy market place and have time to observe the daily life of the people here at King Anouvong Park and then back to hotel for overnight at Sabaidee Lao Hotel or of similar standard.

Day 5

Tour of Vientiane, Haw Phra Kaew and at Wat Sisaket.

After breakfast in the hotel our guide will take you to the city area of Vientiane locally it is pronounced as “Vieng Chan,” this is the prime Laos capital which is a laid back city with over 600,000 populations, this city was built around 12th century as a commercial hub, a visit of golden-domed Phra That Luang (Great Sacred Stupa), a heritage and a Laos national symbol was built in early 16th century, with an magnificent Patuxay Victory Gate memorial and then tour of Haw Phra Kaew with a house of the Emerald Buddha statue, one of the best Buddhist sculptures around Asia and then explore Wat Sisaket, one of the oldest monastery temple of Vientiane, built around 1818 AD, the temple with many artifact and of 6,840 Buddha statues in various positions. After a wonderful time back to the hotel for refreshment and overnight stop.

Day 6

From Vientiane flight to Phnom Penn, Cambodia.

Morning after breakfasts then depart for the flight to Phnom Penh, Cambodia and then transfer to Almond Hotel or of similar standard for lunch and overnight stay, afternoon a tour of Royal Palace. Although it was closed for visitors and then reopened after 1870 AD, at present a Royal Residence of former King Norodom Sihanouk, this magnificent palace with a ‘Throne Hall’ and a Silver Pagoda meaning ‘Wat Preah Keo Morokat’ derived its name from 5,000 silver tiles which covers its shining floor. From here heading back to hotel with afternoon at leisure enjoy the ride in a 3 wheeled auto rickshaw or ‘remok’ also commonly known as tuk-tuk.

Day 7

At Phnom Penh tour of Tuol Sleng Prison Museum.

Morning after having breakfast in the hotel, tour begins with a visit of Tuol Sleng Prison Museum and also known as the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek with a sad and bloody time in the late 1970’s to 1980’ of Cambodia’s hard civil war time under Pol Pot with the Khmer Rouge militants. It is hard to believe of the deadly coup in this calm and peaceful country of Buddhism, a tour of Buddhist memorial at Choeung Ek in memory of 1.7 million victims of Pol Pot genocide around 1975-79 AD. Lunch in the local restaurant, and observe a dance show performed by the children of Apsara Arts Association, an organization to help and preserve Khmer Rouge art and culture. An amusing place where one can explore Psar Tuol Tom Poung, popularly called “the Russian Market” where lot of product and goods imported from Russia in the early 1970s. Those were the times, the bazaar where one could easily buy weapons and drugs, now things have changed with other cheaper contraband goods from other Asian countries, this place is interesting to try tropical fruits, and to buy souvenirs like handmade silver jewelry, and to look around local handcrafts. After a wonderful interesting day return back to hotel rest of the afternoon at leisure.

Day 8

Fly from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap.

After breakfast, depart from the hotel to Phnom Penh airport for a short interesting flight to Siem Reap. On arrival around lunch time at typical local restaurant before checking into the Angkor Paradise Hotel or of similar standard, after refreshment an introductory walk towards Angkor National Museum, to look and observe remarkable collections that link to Khmer Rouge early civilization with an interesting story of Angkor temples. From here a short walk through Royal Independence Gardens with a tour of Pub Street area which is lively with busy market and a dinner in a local restaurant after refreshing in the hotel. Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Day 9

Tour of Siem Reap & floating village

Tour of Siem Reap & floating village on Tonle Sap Lake Morning begins with a leisure time exploring some fascinating shops and local cafes around the street of Siem Reap, today one can choose for an optional trip to a magnificent and the oldest temple of Banteay Srei which was built in 967 AD, the word Banteay Srei which means “Citadel of Women,” in honor to female beauty. An interesting morning with a visit to observe the daily life of rural villages of Cambodia, afternoon a tour on a cruise to Tonle Sap Lake, the local translation for Great Fresh Water Lake, from here visiting the farm village where one can interact with local farmer and then an exciting ride on water buffalo, after a lovely day retire back to respective hotels with dinner in a local restaurant.

Day 10

Tour of Siem Reap & Angkor Wat temples

Tour of Siem Reap & Angkor Wat temples in the hub of Angkor an ancient city regarded as holy which took many centuries to construct the city, temple and its premises covering an area of approx 96 sq. miles. It was the home and city of the Khmer Rouge aristocrat’s regime during 800 to1200 AD and was deeply influenced by Hindu and Buddhist values. Tour begins at Angkor Wat, a great work of art of Khmer Rouge regime architecture, a massive temple of pyramid shaped built around 1113 and 1150 AD, the temple enclosed by a huge moat of 570 feet broad. Here one can observe the bas-relief intricate handwork with carvings all over the temple premises, the top of this temple pyramid which represents Mt. Meru, a Hindu belief as the core of all physical and spiritual universes and home to several gods and goddess of Hindu and Buddhist mythology. From here with marvelous time with local kindness having homely local lunch, then retire back to hotel to refresh for few hours, afternoon a tour of Angkor Thom South Gate which was the main city and hold of Khmer rulers, tour of Bayon, with short stops at Baphuon and to the Elephants porch, observe the wonderful bas-reliefs depicting the big beasts, near the upper terrace statue of the Leper King, with fascinating intricate wall carvings. From here completing the tour an amazing place which was been left for many centuries and re-found in the centre of dense jungle of trees with massive roots it was discovered by a French archeology in the mid1800 AD.

Day 11

Fly to former Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam

After a wonderful time in Cambodia morning flight to Vietnam our last country of interesting tour, at present Ho Chi Minh City or former Saigon, the largest metropolitan city in Vietnam the old name was changed to Ho Chi Minh City, however people still called Saigon. On arrival our local guide will transfer you to Hotel Continental or of similar standard, the drive from the airport passes interesting sites of old remains of French colony, the Catholic Cathedral of Notre Dame, adorned in beautiful stained glass, the building of the church was accomplished around early 1880 AD which was placed on the old pagoda site. The drive leads past with views of magnificent Post Office a fine architecture which was built in the 1880’s AD. After checking into the hotels a tour around Ben Thanh Market the hub of this city observe and immerse in this colorful bazaar where you can find all types of merchandise and handicrafts from wooden carve animals, coffee beans after a nice time here retire back to hotel with dinner in local nearby restaurant. Ho chi minh city, Vietnam

Day 12

Tour of the city, Cu Chi Tunnels & Vietnam History Museum

Starting the morning program with a tour of Cu Chi Tunnels a legendry hideout of 412 k.m. long underground tunnel used during the war with North / South Vietnam supported by USA, hundreds of fighters and civil hid in this long tunnel which they called it “American War.” The South Vietnam, or Viet Cong, made this massif network of tunnels around Cu Chi district area for 25 years which later extended with more net work which included mess halls, conference hall, a surgery or operating theater, a mini cinema hall, mini factories, and a place to store immense ammunition. At present the tunnel of Cu Chi provide a place for the visitors to see the remains of the war of 1960 to 1970’s. After an interesting tour of Cu Chi area back to Ho Chi Minh city for lunch in a local traditional restaurant and then a tour of Vietnam History Museum, provides tremendous collections of arts and treasure of ceramics, weaponry, and Cham sculpture. From here return back to hotel with afternoon free at leisure or one can ride a tuc-tuc or auto rickshaw through the city with dinner in local restaurant.

Day 13

Tour of Ho Chi Minh City

Morning, after having breakfast in the hotel, a short drive towards Vietnam’s famous Mekong River Delta, the ride leads to Cai Be, a moderate size village encircled by fruit orchards and a home with many boats a floating market, here taking a ride on a motor boat along the Mekong River, to observe the quaint village life around the River side or delta and then a break at Ba Kiet for lunch in a garden restaurant, the old house which was built in 1924 AD of typical Vietnamese architecture. After a wonderful and exciting tour drive back to hotel with time in the afternoon on this last day at leisure for a walk around Ho Chi Minh City.

Day 14

Depart for respective countries or homeward bound.

After a great exotic tour with us with fond memories of South East Asia great interesting countries of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam transfer to airport for homeward bound or to respective countries and to next port of call.

Cost & Dates

  • All arrival and departure transfer.
  • All tour package as per the itinerary days.
  • Twin sharing hotel rooms of tourist standard on full board (breakfast-lunch and dinner).
  • All tours with English speaking guide (for other non English speaking on request)
  • Applicable entrance fees at places of interest.
  • Wages, transportation, accommodation of tour escort and guides.
  • Airfare as per the itinerary (internal)
  • First Aid kit and comprehensive medical kit will be carried from our side.
  • International airfare / personal medical / travel insurance.
  • Entry visa on each country specified as per the itinerary.
  • Expenses of personal nature, drinks, laundry and gratitude
  • Optional tour beside our mentioned itinerary. Importance Info

Land cost will be charged in USD Per Person and it covers the services mentioned below, for price please Ask Us Now, and please mention the standard of hotel which you want to use.

Travel Documents

  • To Travel around South East Asia certain documents are required along with medical certified papers.
  • Passport the main ID required around the country of travel in our trip with following requirements:
  • PP must be valid for minimum of 6 months from the date of arrival to departure dates.
  • Passport with blank pages endorsed “Visas” at the top, pages that has label “Endorsement & Amendments” are not accepted by local authority and respective governments.
  • For all citizens of USA must obtain a visa in all our trips as stated above countries.
  • All foreign travelers from USA- Europe- Australia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and some Asia countries that has booked with us for the above holiday destination, we will inform and sent you a full and complete Visa Packet with norms and condition including instructions, applications, and a list of visa fees, minimum of about 100 days prior to departure home country.
  • As many countries are strict with the number of days in the visa applied or endorsed, where obtaining visa again will be not be applicable in few countries depending upon the country wise. Medical & Health Certificate and Norms: Travelers should be in sound health as per your medical certificate, if on medicines for some personal medical and health problem require backup letters from your doctors during your travel with us. In case of breaking up the tour due to health, medical and personal problem, in this case no refund where our office and agents will make a letter to so that you can claim through your insurance back home.

What to Bring : Bring all your necessary travel, medical documents as for clothing we will send you the list as per the season of travel to respective countries of South East Asia.

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