Mountain Cycling [KTM-Lele-Godavari-KTM]

The adventurous landscapes and their diversity cater to a variety of extreme sports. Similarly, there are various recreational activities like hiking and cycling which can be enjoyed by everyone. Such activities have a positive impact on the wellbeing of an individual. Cycling is one of such activities that is loved by travelers and adventure seekers around the world.
In Nepal, cycling is gaining its fame and is usually done as a weekend activity. As such, mountain cycling in Kathmandu allows you to enjoy the natural biking trails around the valley. There are many cycling routes inside the valley and among them is the Kathmandu-Lele –Godavari route. This cycling route explores the hills to the south of Kathmandu. It provides the best views of the valley and people can get in touch with the local culture as well.

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The two-day trip starts at Kathmandu from where you head to Lele. After having light breakfast, you head west and visit Tika Bhairab Temple, which is a landmark of Lele. After resting for a while, you head to the Godavari and enjoy the scenic views of farmlands and villages en route. Within an hour, you reach the Godavari where you’ll visit the Botanical Garden and relax in its tranquil environment. Then, you head to a hotel or homestay as you choose for an overnight stay. The next day, after breakfast, you head to Patan before going to Kathmandu. You visit the historic Patan Durbar Square and explore it. Then, you head back to your hotel in Kathmandu. This cycle tour is perfect for those who want a cultural cycling trip. Likewise, cyclists can take this trip all around the year except during the rainy season. The biking trails can get muddy and slippery during this season. As the trails are fairly easy, even travelers with families and children can partake in the trip.
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Trip facts about Mountain Cycling:
Geography: Hills
Location: Kathmandu
Level of difficulty: Moderate
Max altitude: 2,520m
Ethnicity: Newar
Transportation: Mountain bike
Accommodation: Hotel/Homestay
Minimum Pax: 2

Trip Highlights of Mountain Cycling:
Cycle to different parts around the Kathmandu Valley
Discover new sides of the capital
Enjoy the local hospitality of the Newar community
Enjoy picturesque views of the villages and Kathmandu Valley
Visit Tika Bhairab Temple and Patan Durbar Square
Itinerary:Day 01: Kathmandu-Lele-Godavari |30 Km
After breakfast, you head to Lele and stop at the Tika Bhairab Temple. After resting for a while, you continue to the Godavari and arrive at lunchtime. Then you check-in at the hotel or homestay of your choice. You also visit the Botanical Garden and relax there. The diversity of natural vegetation at the botanical garden is simply surreal. Overnight stay at the Godavari.
Day 02: Godavari-Patan-Kathmandu|20 Km
After breakfast, you begin the return trip and head to the Patan Durbar Square. Here, you explore the museum and other landmarks. The cultural heritages across the durbar square are a depiction of Newar art, craft, and architecture. After you finish exploring, you head back to Kathmandu.

Trip information of Mountain Cycling
You can adjust the itinerary of the trip if you want to visit other places. For that, you need to consult with us at least a week ahead of the schedule.
You need to bear the extra costs of refreshments on your own. It will not be covered by the packages.
If you have any health issues on the tour, we will immediately take you to the nearest hospital.
You need to carry the necessary medicines while on the trip if you have any.
The cycle rental fees are covered by the cost of the package. You need to inform us if you are not satisfied with the condition of the cycle so that we can change it to a one that is suitable for you.
Likewise, the accommodation charges are also covered by the package. If you wish to stay at another place other than the place we booked for you, you need to inform us beforehand and pay extra for it.
The trip will be postponed if the weather is not favorable or if the condition of the route is not a great one.

FAQs about Mountain Cycling

What will happen if I have a flat tire or face other technical problems?
During the cycling trip, you might face some technical problems. There are many repair shops along the route so, if you do have a flat tire or a loose chain, you can easily fix them. However, we ensure that the cycles we rent are in the best conditions. If you bring your own, then you can send them for maintenance as well.

When is the best time to do this tour?
You can do this tour all year long. Spring and autumn seasons have pleasant weather and the views get clearer during these seasons. During these seasons you don’t have to worry about unpredictable weather conditions like rainfall or fog. Hence, it will be good to avoid monsoon or winter seasons for this tour.

What should I do if I am in an accident?
First of all, do not panic. You need to immediately call our staff or guide if you are in any sort of accident. If you see the police or civil servant, it is best to go to them and ask for help. Until then, please wait for our staff or expert guidance. If it is a minor accident, seek a first-aid kit to treat any wound.

Do I have to give tips?
There is no tipping culture in Nepal. It is not compulsory to give tips, but you can choose the tip amount as you wish. Therefore, tipping entirely depends on your satisfaction. If you liked the service provided by the staff or guide, you can give tips. The best way to decide the amount you can tip is to base it on the quality of the service.