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Everest Mountain Flight by plane is an opportunity to view Mt. Everest at its closest distance to other famous Himalayan peaks. In the comfort of a spacious seated aircraft, on the flight to enchantment overlooking an unparalleled panorama of the Himalayan peaks. Mount Everest Flight, also known as Mountain Flight, is a great way to capture the 360° panorama of the massif Himalayas. Interested visitors can enjoy the delights of Mount Everest Flight of a lifetime experience. The easiest and the best way to be close to the Himalayas with the world’s famous peaks. The views remain constant during the 50 minutes, to hour exciting flight, enjoying a relaxing moment. Facing the scenery of Himalayan landscapes of rolling green hills and verdant valleys dotted with farm villages with a series of terraces. Mount Everest Flight for all people and age groups, as well as visitors with dreams of seeing Mt. Everest. Apart from trekking and Helicopter tours, flying on a normal schedule flight is the cheapest and best way to enjoy. In Nepal, the Himalayan Holiday Service provides excellent booking arrangements so all can experience a memorable time in Nepal. Himalaya Holiday Service books you on the best airline aircraft with a window seat. Mount Everest Flight is not to be missed while visiting Nepal, if not trekking around the Himalayas. If you want Helicopter experience we have in this link . Or our helicopter page.

The other important thing to be aware of is that the Everest Mountain Flight by plane operates nearly all seasons of the year. When days are clear and promising for the mountain flights or to other mountain destinations. Sometimes, even in the best seasons of the year, the weather might be unfavorable. Where all mountain flights are delayed or lead to cancellation or postponed for the next morning.

In this situation, Himalaya Holiday Service will try to make the best arrangements within the company’s control. If the clients cannot make it for the other next morning can request a refund. The transportation charges will be deducted from the actual trip cost. For people who are willing to try for the next morning, only the transportation will be at extra cost. About the Aircraft that operate for Mountain and Everest Flights, there are several good airlines. Buddha Air with wide moderate body and a Twin Turbo Jet Engine, having seats for 20 to 60 passengers. Yeti Airlines is a narrow-body aircraft with a Jetstream Engine, perfect for all-seasons airplanes. Can accommodate 20 to 40 passengers at one time with window seats and good services.

The other few airlines are Sita, Skyline, Tara, and Simrik, all of these airlines operate mostly in mountainous areas airports. Sometimes it operates for Mountain or Everest Flight also on demand, in high and peak tourism times in Nepal. All airlines and aircraft are the best and most reliable for one to enjoy the panoramic views of the Himalayas. The only factor is the unexpected weather situations; the Himalayan weather patterns are unpredictable sometimes. Even in the best time of spring and autumn seasons, as well as in winter.

But Mount Everest Flight is truly the best and shortest, easiest way to be close. Amidst the towering Himalayan range of Peaks and Mt. Everest.


‘Enjoy an hour panoramic mountain flight of awesome experience’

“An ever-exciting flight to enchantment facing unparalleled Himalayan views.
 Enjoy the dramatic scenery of Nepal’s Himalayan landscapes of hills and valleys.
From the start to the end overloaded views of Himalayan snow-capped peaks.
 A spectacular panorama of the Himalayas with the world’s highest Mt. Everest.
A delightful hour-sweeping flight in the comforts of spacious seating.”

Tour Profile:

Tour Grade: Leisure and exciting on comfortable seats.
Flight Areas: North of Kathmandu and then towards the east as far as views of 
 Mt. Everest and Mt. Makalu. 
Tour duration: 50 minutes to a maximum of 1-hour flight with both directions.
Age Limit: Minimum age of 3 years to a maximum age of 85 years.
Best Seasons: Spring from March to May and autumn from September to
 November. Can enjoy it during winter times also.
Aircraft Models: Various from small Twin Otter, and Dornier of 15 to 18 seated.
Including Twin Turbo Jet Engines, and Jet Streams, both with
 moderately wide bodies accommodating 20 to 30 passengers.


Detailed Itinerary

The morning before or after having an early breakfast at the hotel, at a given time by the Himalaya Holiday Service, staff and driver receive you. For a short drive to reach Kathmandu Domestic Airport, the air terminal opens at 6 A.M. It means getting ready by 5 or 5:30 A.M. at the hotel with a 20 to 30-minute drive. People who have not had breakfast will be available on the way back after an hour’s flight or less. As you enter the air terminal and check at your respective airline’s counters, our staff will hand you the boarding pass. Please be informed that in your handbags, or day pack, like sharp items, pen or Swiss knife, and nail cutters. Lighters and matches are not allowed to be carried with you or in the handbags.

Once through the security check-up, inside the main waiting room until the time of your flight will be announced. Slowly make it to the exit, a short drive to airplane parking, greeted by the pilot and staff of the airlines. Get on board and be seated as arranged and mentioned on the boarding pass. After a comfortably seated arrangement and fastening the seat belt, the plane makes it to the runways.

As soon as the plane lifts off, enjoy the views of Kathmandu city and the valley enclosed by green hills. The Captain or air hostesses announces the name of peaks as you look through, from the window seat. Enjoy the moments facing Langtang, Ganesh, and Manaslu Himal towards the west, as the plane diverts northeast.

Facing views of the Jugal Himal range with majestic Gaurishankar Himal with Melung Tse. Please note: The time zone meridian line reaches Nepal through Mt. Gaurishankar. All the Himalayan massif peaks outline the boundary between Nepal and Tibet, China. Slowly as the plane heads further east views of Numbur and Cho-Oyu appear (Mt. Cho-Oyu 6th highest peaks at 8,188 m / 26,864 ft. Borders Nepal and Tibet-China).
The flights head further North East facing Mt. Everest, Lhotse, and Nuptse towards North. Includes an array of peaks of Khumbu and Everest region, further north-east views of Mt. Makalu, (the 5th highest at 8,481 m/ 27,825 ft).

The glorious views of white peaks under the blue Himalayan sky extend as far as Kanchenjunga (the world’s 3rd highest and 2nd tallest peaks in Nepal). 
Mt. Kanchenjunga is the last snow peak, located far eastern region of Nepal close to Sikkim. A small state of North-East India, after covering all the Central and Mid-Eastern Himalayan ranges of mountains. The plane diverts west towards Kathmandu, and passengers on the other right side will have a chance to view the Himalayas. However, both side’s passengers can enjoy the delightful views of the Himalayas and Nepal’s beautiful landscapes down below.

After an exciting scenic view, the plane heads closer to land losing height as it touches the runways. Then land at Kathmandu Airport, and then transfer to the parking lot for short drives to your hotels.

At the airport after the Mount Everest Flight, the airline will present you with a certificate of appreciation. For using the respective airlines and enjoying the smooth mountain flights of great charms and delights. Enjoying a wonderful experience in the Nepal Himalayas, facing the outstanding scenery that the country has to offer.

Please be informed, that the transportation from the hotel to the airport and vice-versa the vehicles will be according to group size. For a minimum of 2-4 people in a car or a small coach, for more than 4-6 people in a bigger coach. Above 6-10 or more in a big comfortable bus. The vehicles will be at your disposal until you return after the wonderful Everest Flight.


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