Namobuddha Panauti Hike

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Namobuddha Panauti Hike

The Namobuddha Panauti hike takes you to a monastery (gumba) that is a popular holy destination for Buddhist people. The hike takes you to the traditional town of Panauti. This lively town is situated to the southeast side of Kathmandu, in the Kavrepalanchok district.
The Namobuddha monastery was opened for visitors in 2008, known by the name of Thrangu Tashi Yangtse. It lies at an altitude of 1750 meters. Along with the beautiful monastery, you will also get you to see the splendid Himalayan massifs. On the other hand, the hike will let you explore the corners of the lively town of Panauti. This will give you an insight into the local tradition, distinct culture and lifestyle.
Namobuddha is one of the three major Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal. It was opened for tourists in the year 2008. You will witness monks and devotees indulged in praying and chanting. You will experience a serene environment that is quite refreshing and reviving. Namobuddha, being situated just a few kilometers far from Kathmandu, has become popular destination as a weekend retreat for people.
The Namobuddha Panauti hike is the best option for travelers who are seeking a touch of spirituality during their trip. Taking pictures or making noises is prohibited around the monastery. However, you can take pictures outside the Gumba.
Panauti is situated at the confluence of the two rivers Rosi and Punyamati. It is a small yet very interesting historical town. This town was gifted by King Bhupatindra Malla to his sister. This place is not too far from the capital, but still, the local people have been protecting their distinct culture to date. So, you will get to experience their typical and traditional lifestyle. The town is also known as Newari town as a large number of Newari people live here.

Also, do not miss visiting the Indreswor temple and Durbar square in Panauti. In short, Panauti is a very lively town with a rich culture. The various Buddhist and Hindu religious monuments make it one of the important medieval sites in Nepal.

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Trip Facts of Namobuddha Panauti Hike:
Geography: Countryside, mid-hills, towns
Duration: One day
Maximum altitude: 1750m (Namobuddha)
Best season: All year round
Vehicle: Private vehicle
Grade: Easy

Itinerary of Namobuddha Panauti Hike :
The trip starts with a drive to Namobuddha, one of the most crucial religious sites for people following Buddhism in Nepal. Namobudhha will fill your soul with a peaceful and delightful environment with prayers and chanting. Then, you take off to the small traditional town of Panauti. Indulge in the culture and lifestyle of the locals. After a day full of adventures, you can drive back to Kathmandu.
Trip Highlights of Namobuddha Panauti Hike:
Hike and take a tour to an entire town having their own distinct culture.
Explore and admire the serene and delightful monastery.
Visit a small yet very interesting and lively town of Panauti.
Hike through a beautiful trail surrounded by the verdant forest.
Spend a peaceful time witnessing monks and devotees indulged in praying and chanting.
Take a chance and taste the special homemade liquor.
Get a chance to see the splendid Himalayan massifs of northern Nepal
Interact with local Newars to indulge in their traditional culture.
Key Information:
Carry a raincoat or an umbrella with you if you are hiking during the monsoon season.
Wear sunglass and cap to protect yourself from the heat if you are hiking in the summer season.
There is no age requirement for participating in the hike. This one-day hike is easy and can be undertaken by children as well as elderly people.
Wear comfortable clothes and sport shoes.
Carry a liter of water with you. We recommend you carry your own water bottle. It will be economical as well as eco-friendly.
Take good care of your personal belongings. If you are traveling in a public vehicle, make sure that you do not leave any of your belongings behind. As there are many public vehicles running the same route, it will be difficult to get back what you left behind.
The trip will be postponed in case of inappropriate weather conditions.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Is there an age limit to do the hike?
No, there isn’t a specific age limit for Namobuddha Panauti hike. The hike is graded easy and therefore, children as well as adults can participate in this hike. It is one of the easiest and nearest hiking destinations from Kathmandu. It can be a perfect hiking destination for beginners. Also, you can opt to enjoy this one-day hike with your whole family.
What is the best season for doing this tour?
The hike can be done all year round. However, spring and the autumn seasons are the best. Spring season includes months from March to May. Similarly, autumn season starts from September and lasts till December. These months provide the best visibility and suitable weather conditions.
Can I take pictures of the Namobuddha monastery?
Clicking photos or taking videos is strictly prohibited inside the gumba. There are signs in the walls that say, “No photos or videos”. But you are free to take as many pictures as you like outside the gumba. If you are not sure if you can take pictures in a specific place, feel free to ask about it to your guide.

Can you reach Namobuddha by bus and what is the cost?
Yes, you can reach Namobuddha by a local bus. If you want to skip hiking and just enjoy a short trip to Namobuddha, you can take a bus. The local bus departs every two hours between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Kathmandu’s Ratna Park. The cost of the bus fare is Rs. 55. Also, you may opt to take a taxi to Namobuddha which will cost around NRs. 2500.

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