Nepal Food Hunter Tour

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Nepal Food Hunter Tour

Food is an integral part of human life and even represents the culture and traditions of a community. Here in Nepal, people have the choice to choose various kinds of cuisines because several ethnic communities have their unique dishes. Nepali cuisines are also influenced by the neighboring countries of India and China. Along with the long history of trading with China and India, the Nepali cuisines have evolved into mouthwatering delicacies. As such, the Food Hunter Tour will allow you to taste these delicacies and enjoy the food culture of Nepal. The best place to explore the diversity of cuisines is Kathmandu, the capital city itself. With more than 2 million residents, the capital is bustling with people from around the country and each restaurant has a unique flavor to offer.

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Kathmandu Nepal Food Hunter Tour starts with a breakfast at Indra Chowk, where you get to eat an authentic Newari breakfast called Samay baji, which consists of various items like chiura, vegetables, and meat. You can adjust the items in the Samay baji as you wish. You can also eat other dishes like bara (lentil pancakes). Then, you enjoy a good cup of lassi (a yogurt-based drink) at the heart of Indra Chowk. After breakfast, you head to explore the busy Ason chowk, which is filled with shops and traders. After exploring Ason, you head to Thamel to enjoy a good Thakali Dal Bhat for lunch. Then, you explore the Thamel region after lunch. You can buy souvenirs while you explore the streets of Thamel as well. For snacks, you will have a plate of momo and Nepali tea at Thamel or a restaurant of your choice. By late afternoon, you reach Patan to have a Newari-style dinner. The tour ends with a Newari dinner of your choice.
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Trip Facts:
Geography: Valley
Location: Kathmandu
Level of difficulty: Easy
Max altitude: 1,300m
Ethnicity: Newar, Brahmin, Chhetri
Transportation: Private Vehicle, Tourist Bus
Accommodation: Hotel/ Lodge
Minimum Pax: 2

Trip Highlights of Nepal Food Hunter Tour:
Discover the wide variety of Nepali cuisines
Explore the streets of Kathmandu Valley
Immerse in the rich food culture of Nepal
Enjoy the busy day-to-day life of the valley

Itinerary:Breakfast in the local Market of Indra Chowk Jamal, Newari Food
You visit Indra Chowk to have a Newari breakfast, which is called Samay baji. The constituents of this dish are chiura (beaten rice), beans, boiled eggs, wo (lentil pancakes), and curries. You can choose what things you want in your Samay baji. You can also eat other items like yomari (rice flour dumpling filled with sweet substances like chaku). After eating, you quickly explore the busy market of Ason.

Lunch: Thakali Food in Local Restaurant
After exploring Ason, you head to Thamel to have an authentic Thakali lunch set. It consists of the staple Nepalese food- Dal Bhat but cooked in Thakali style. It consists of Bhat (rice), dal (lentil soup), achar (pickled vegetables) and curry, which come in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. In the non-vegetarian option, the curry can be chicken, mutton, or fish. After lunch, you roam around the Thamel area.

Snack: Momo and Local Nepali Tea in Kathmandu
In the afternoon, you have a popular Nepali snack called momo. It is a set of dumplings which are available in many variations. You can eat momo in almost every restaurant but if you have a specific restaurant in mind, let us know. Thamel is filled with restaurants but if you want to visit one, which is located in a different place let us know. After having snacks, you then enjoy a warm cup of tea.

Dinner: Local Newari Dishes in Patan
After enjoying hearty snacks, you head to Patan to have Newari style dinner. In dinner as well Newars usually eat chiura, wo, and vegetables of their liking. You will also have the same. If you prefer to eat meat, there are a wide variety of dishes. After having dinner, if there is spare time, you can explore Patan Durbar Square.

Key Information:
The travel expenses are covered by the total price of the package. However, if you want to visit other places then you need to bear the cost.
It is recommended to carry masks, as the pollution is high in Kathmandu Valley. Sometimes, the weather can also be unpredictable, so it is suggested to carry an umbrella, a light jacket or windcheater.
It is recommended to carry extra cash, as you may be interested in try cuisines other than the ones in the itinerary.
If you are prone to indigestion, you need to carry your medicines because at the time some food may not be suitable for you.
If you have an allergy but didn’t inform us prior, we are not accountable for it. So, it is important to tell us if you have allergies. Otherwise, you can get an allergy test before the tour.
If you want to go sightseeing in some of the touristic areas like Swayambhunath Temple, you need to tell us 2-3 days before the tour. This way, we can adjust the itinerary.
We are not liable if you lose your personal belongings. So, you need to keep your things safe and notify us if anything is missing.
Will there be spicy food?
Nepali cuisine is known to use various kinds of spices and herbs, which may be foreign for some tourists. Usually, the food is not too spicy. However, there are some dishes, which are very spicy and hot. If you cannot handle spices or chilies, you need to tell us. In that way, we can notify the restaurants and chefs beforehand.

What will happen if I’m allergic to some food?
You will get to know about the ingredients of the dish you are going to try. It will be easier if you notify us if you are allergic to any food or substance. If you do get an allergy while you do this tour, we will immediately take you to the nearest hospital. If you don’t know what allergy you have, we can arrange an allergy test at a clinic or hospital for you.

What if I want to try other restaurants?
There are many options of restaurants and cuisines in Kathmandu. We have selected the restaurants for you beforehand. So, if you want to try out other delicacies, which are not in the itinerary you need to tell us 1-day prior. We can arrange facilities to visit your desired places but you must handle the expense, as it is not covered by this package.

Do I need to give tips?
There is no tipping culture in Nepal so giving tips entirely depends on your satisfaction. Most restaurants in Kathmandu are expensive. They charge VAT and service charges in the bill. However, if you are content with their service and food, you can give tips. 5%-10% tip is acceptable.

What to do if I’m vegetarian?
You need to inform us beforehand so that we can prepare the itinerary as per your taste. You don’t have to worry about not getting vegetarian dishes because Nepali cuisine has the perfect balance of vegetables and meat. In almost all restaurants, there are vegetarian dishes. If you wish, we can also arrange visits to purely vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

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