‘from scenic joy rides, emergency evacuation and ferrying cargo to charter service, Nepal Helicopter Rescue Service, evacuate from Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu and more’


Nepal Helicopter Rescue Service for all types of operations required from scenic joy rides, emergency evacuation due to medical problem, ferrying all kinds of cargo to reach needy remote areas of Nepal Himalaya as well available for special chartering for personal purpose.

Nepal Helicopter Services with a history of more than three decades, in early days where special groups and organization used to ferry loads and cargoes to needy remote and isolated areas, far from motorable road where Nepal Army was the only one that owned Helicopters for moving troops and as well for exercise adventure.

At present since last two decades Nepal with fair number of private Helicopter companies and airlines has been in operation for all kinds of requirements from domestic to tourism needs, helicopter in tourism where mountaineering comes first.

Nepal as world’s number one adventure country with world’s 8th high Eight Thousander Meters Mountains from Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho-Oyu, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu to tenth highest Mt. Annapurna.

Mountaineering Expeditions main backbone is Helicopter Services for safety, secure and to speed up the cargo by ferrying to and from its designated camps which is highly needed for big expeditions and as well for high altitude rescue and swift evacuations to bring the victim safely to nearest medical post and hospitals.

Besides Mountain Expeditions, Trekking is another factor close related with Helicopter Services where thousands of trekkers and adventurer visits Nepal Himalaya far and wide, Everest -Annapurna-Langtang-Manaslu-Ganesh Himal to Far West Dhaulagiri with remote Dolpo and Rara Lake including Far East Himalaya around Makalu and Kanchenjunga region.

Where every visitor are highly advised to purchase Medical and Travel Insurance when visiting Nepal Himalayan destinations for all kinds of adventure including moderate to adventurous treks and climbs or rafting and mountaineering expedition including all types of adventure sports and events. Contact us for all Nepal Helicopter Rescue Service.

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Nepal Helicopter Services Available for Langtang Himal Region: Apart from scenic tour of few hours where Helicopter services available for immediate rescue operation, just let us know the exact position and spot for evacuation and as well safe landing field around Langtang Himal region. Langtang Himal the nearest mountainous region of Nepal Central Himalaya which is a mere distance of 32 k.m. aeronautical miles can be reached within an hour and as per the location for the victim rescue. Langtang Himal area includes from Dhunche town and above Syabrubesi towards high areas of Kyanjin and beyond at the end of the valley towards Yala Peak unto Tilman Col near Langshisa Himal in the east direction of Langtang. Where proper location should be well mentioned for the rescue on time and as per the weather situation where Helicopter might not be able to land if the day is overcast with low thick clouds.


Nepal Helicopter Services Available for Everest Region: In lieu of scenic and cultural Helicopter around high Khumbu within Everest region, where one can ask and request for immediate rescue evacuation of victims with serious wounds from accidents or severe illness of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) either HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema) or HACE (High Altitude Cerebral Edema) infections and water in lungs and brains. For this kind of serious illness where Helicopter is the only options to lift the victims to safer place with enough medical attention lowering the patients to nearest hospital in Kathmandu. Services of Helicopter also available for other requirement apart from medical rescue like ferrying camping and expeditions gear to nearest air fields at Lukla or back to Kathmandu, and as well for stranded passengers in Lukla, where normal schedule flight is disrupted due to bad weather condition. In this case people are known to be stuck in Lukla for several days, where Nepal Helicopter Services plays an important part in ferrying passengers back to Kathmandu for their international flight back home.


Nepal Helicopter Services Available for Nepal Mid-West Himalaya Region around Manaslu: Nepal North Mid-West one of the raw Himalayan countries located above Gorkha district and as well close to Manang district separates the two areas by high Larke-La Pass, Manaslu treks closed to outside visitors which was opened since last two decades. At present getting much popular with large number of trekkers and as expedition to Mt. Manaslu which is world’s 8th highest. A remote country sandwiched between Annapurna Himalaya in the west and Ganesh Himal towards east. Where proper location should be declared for immediate Helicopter services and as well landing areas, as Manaslu covers from lower Buri-Gandaki River to higher areas of Manaslu from Dyang-Lo Gaon, Sama Gaon, Samdu to Larke Phedi or bottom of Larke-la pass, also called Dharmasala. Helicopter services within these high areas where nearest and best possible will be from Pokhara for this kind of swift and immediate operation to bring the victim at safe and secure areas at Pokhara or straight to Kathmandu.

Air Ambulance

Helicopter as Ambulance Services: Depending upon the remoteness and isolation of the area needed, where long hours of Helicopter flight will be involved in this critical situation of emergency, where victims illness or sever wound conditions from accidents and from AMS should be well informed beforehand. So that Helicopter can be well equipped with proper medicines, operating table or bed with sufficient medical requirements in order to take care of the victims till he / she reaches at respective city hospitals. For serious medical attention Helicopter will have expert doctors and medical team of female and male nurse to support the victim’s quick care and recovery.

Rescue Helicopter

Helicopters Fleets we operate for all types of rescue and transports: There are several types of helicopters run and operate at present in private sector and Heli Companies: Different models from Puma, Turbine Robinson R 66 Helicopter USA, H-125 or AS-350B3e built by Air-Bus Company, Airbus H125 with MSN 8477 Helicopter for commercial services with AS 350 B series of helicopters manufactured by Euro-Copter, France popular all over the world. It is regarded as one of the most versatile helicopters and is suitable for mountain flying and all types of helicopter missions. Following are its features:

  • Fail Safe Design
  • Comfortable Seating Arrangements
  • 5 seats excluding Pilot
  • Suitable for all types of helicopter missions
  • Can fly up to an altitude of 16,000 feet

Other helicopters are powerful Russian made MI-17. This is a big bird, capable of transporting 22 passengers or four tons of cargo. MI-17's can reach altitudes well in excess of 5.000 m and have been known to land at Everest Base Camp. Offers excellent services and utility, reliability under extreme conditions as well, these helicopters are required usually in chartering for bigger group of people or large cargo transfer.