The Nepal TibetCultural Tour offers you the best of both of the countries; culture, religion, andnatural beauty. This tour gives you the chance to explore the local markets inLhasa, visit palaces and monasteries rich in Tibetan Buddhism. The tour inNepal will introduce you to Hinduism in Nepal and take you to heritage sitesrich with its influences. A jungle safari with a chance to spot one-hornedrhino and Bengal tiger, as well as the view of the Annapurna Range from Pokharaawaits you.

Our Nepal Tibetcultural tour is only 9 days long and begins in Nepal. It starts once you landin Tribhuvan International Airport of Kathmandu, and then, we make our waytowards the stunning city of Chitwan. At the heart of the city lies ChitwanNational Park flaunting its status as the nation’s oldest national park withdiverse and exotic wildlife. The trip to the jungle will allow you to spotone-horned rhino, Bengal tigers and wild elephants. From Chitwan, we make ourway to Pokhara. The natural beauty of Pokhara is well known to the world and sois the cultural diversity the city has to offer. Our final day in Nepal bringsus the opportunities to tour around the Kathmandu Valley making our way throughthe UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Heading over to the Kingdom of Tibet, we willspend two days exploring Lhasa. We will begin with the tour of Jokhang temple, the spiritual heart of Tibet, and explore the Barkhor street known to showcase the best of Tibetan art and handicraft.We end the tour with the tour of Sera Monastery, Potala Palace, and the DrepungMonastery. The two monasteries are among the three greatest monasteries ofTibet. The tour ends as you fly to your destination from Tibet.

Crossing theHimalayas is as a stunning and wonderful adventure as it sounds but needs a lotof planning. We, at Himalaya Holiday, are here to do just that. Our well-trainedguides and well-developed itineraries mean the journey can be completed withouta hitch.

Trip Facts:

Geography                       :         Mountain/Hills/Forest/Valleys

Location                          :        Nepal/Tibet

Level of Difficulty             :        Easy

Duration of Trip                :        10 Days

Max Altitude                    :        3750m

Religions                         :        Buddhist/Hindu

Ethnic People                   :        Tibetan/Nepalese/Bhutanese

Accommodation                :        Hotel/Lodge  

Transportation                  :         Private Vehicle/Tourist Bus/Flight

Minimum Pax                   :        2

Trip Highlights: 

  • Visit the PotalaPalace, and one of the three greatest monasteries of Tibet, Drepung Monastery
  • Take a junglesafari in Chitwan National Park and canoe along the Rapti River Visit some ofthe UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu Valley
  • Witness some of thehighest mountains in the world including the Mt. Everest (8848m) andKanchenjunga (8586m) on the flight to Lhasa



Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu, Overnight in a Hotel

After landing at Tribhuvan InternationalAirport of Kathmandu, you will be welcomed by our company representative. They willdrive you directly to the hotel. After you freshen up from the day’s journey,you will be introduced to other staff and your guides for the journey. Thereare no other scheduled activities so, feel free to explore around on your own.  

Day 02: Drive to Chitwan National Park (155Km), Overnight in a Resort

After breakfast, your first day oftraveling will begin with a scenic drive alongside the lovely rural landscapes ofNepal. We make our way through the winding turns of the Prithvi Highway towardsthe flatlands of Terai. After an 8 to 9 hours’ drive, you will reach Chitwan.Chitwan National Park, the oldest national park in the country, is located inChitwan district. 

Day 03: Chitwan National Park, Overnight ina Resort

We head out early today and make our way toChitwan National Park. The park houses exquisite wildlife including themajestic Royal Bengal Tiger and is a premium spot for one-horned rhinoceros,Royal Bengal Tiger, sloth bear, Langur, wild boar, leopard, and also over 400species of birds. A canoe ride along Rapti River brings us face to face withthe crocodiles. In the evening, you can visit the ethnic Tharu village andwitness their unique culture.

Day 04: Drive to Pokhara (910m), Overnightin a Hotel

Leaving Chitwan, we make our way to thecity of Pokhara. With the mesmerizing Annapurna Himalayan Range adorning thehorizons, the city of Pokhara is well known for its natural beauty. After abrief rest at the hotel, we make our way around the city of Pokhara. We canenjoy the evening around the Lakeside alongside the tranquil Phewa Lake.

Day 05: Drive Pokhara to Kathmandu, Overnight in a Hotel

We make our way out of Pokhara and headtowards Kathmandu. Making our way out of the valley we once again settlealongside the winding bends of Prithvi Highway finding the tranquil TrishuliRiver midway through our journey. Enjoying the hilly landscapes, we make ourway to Kathmandu continuing directly onto the hotel for the night.

Day 06: Tour of Kathmandu, Tour of Pashupatinath/Bhaktapur/Patan

We begin our tour with a visit to the holytemple of Pashupatinath. The Hindu temple which pays homage to Lord Shiva isone of the most iconic heritage of the nation. We then head over to theculturally rich city of Bhaktapur. The city is full of the cobbled streets and temples,with the Bhaktapur Durbar Square as a centerpiece. Ending the journey, we visitPatan, a marvel of Newari culture and architecture reflected in Patan DurbarSquare.


Day 07: Fly Kathmandu to Lhasa (1.10 hours), overnight in a Hotel

Your tour of Nepal has come to an end andtoday you make your way into the Kingdom of Tibet. The flight gives you a bird’seye view of the Himalayas including the world’s tallest Himalaya Mt. Everest(8,848m). You will head directly to a hotel in Lhasa and begin the Tibet tourthe next day.  

Day 08: Tour of Lhasa: Day 1

Our adventure in the city of Lhasa beginsfrom the Jokhang Temple. Referred to as the spiritual heart of Tibet, thetemple is a marvel of Tibetan culture and religion. The temple is situated inthe middle of the Barkhor Street. We will explore Barkhor street and if youwould like to shop for some Tibetan handicrafts and art. Our final stop for theday is the Sera Monastery, one of the Three Great Monasteries of Tibet.

Day 09: Tour of Lhasa: Day 2

Today is the final day of our Nepal-Tibet journeyand we begin with the glorious Potala Palace. Surrounded by the majesticHimalayas, the palace boasts exquisite artifacts dating back centuries. Endingour journey, we visit the Drepung Monastery. In addition to being one of theThree Great Monasteries, it is also the oldest of the lot and boasts asignificant wealth of historical information.

Day 10: Departure

Our company representatives will drop youback at the airport. They will drive you in time for your scheduled flighthome. Thank you for traveling with us. We hope you had a lovely time and aretaking with you memories that will last a lifetime. We look forward to seeingyou again.