‘land of Himalayan wonders with fascinating varied cultures’

Introduction of Nepal tour:

Nepal tour & Himalaya, both names signify a country of high mountains where Nepal captures eight of world’s 14th highest Peaks, number one Mt. Everest, 3rd highest Mt. Kanchenjunga, 4th highest Mt. Lhotse, 5th highest Mt. Makalu, 6th highest Mt. Cho-Oyu, 7th and 8th highest Mt. Dhaulagiri and Mt. Manaslu with last 10th highest Mt. Annapurna.

Besides world’s tallest mountains Nepal & Himalaya with array of above 5,500 m to 6,000 m and 7,000 m peaks that extends from Far North West to Far North Eastern Himalaya, where most of the high mountains are found within Mid East Far East and around Mid West Himalaya.

A country of great fascinations blessed with natural beauty of fast flowing glacial rivers, green verdant valley, rolling high hills with dense deep tropical jungle of Southern Nepal known as Terai belts the flat land of the country where rare endangered wild-life Royal Bengal Tiger-One horned Rhinoceros with other animals including more than 700 species of exotic bird-life.

Main flows of travelers in Nepal is for trekking, considered as world’s best adventure destination, where one can walk for few days to a week or a month within scenic areas of Nepal within the shade of world giant peaks in the comfort of standard to deluxe class mountain lodges and resorts with rooms facing views of tall Himalayan mountains.

As Nepal with world’s highest peaks which makes the country one of the most sought adventure place where one can climb snow clad peaks offering moderate-adventurous to challenging technical climbs rewards you with awesome panorama of mountains including its unique dramatic landscapes.

Nepal, a small country with an area of 147, 181 sq. km running from East to West and North to South located between India towards South and Tibet / China in the north with high Himalayan Mountains that forms the border and barrier between the two countries.

Nepal & Himalaya, one of the richest country in terms of great and unique bio-diversity due to its dramatic landscapes with altitude variation ranging from 60 m above sea level to highest point on this planet earth with Mt. Everest at 8,848 m, amazing to know that it all falls within a distance of 150 km resulting into great climatic changes from warm sub-tropical to cooler alpine temperature to coldest arctic zone of ice and glaciers.

Nepal, country of great fascination with 0.03% of the earth which is home to 02 % of all the flowering plants in the world; 08 % of world’s bird population with more than 857 species; o4 % of mammals on earth; 11 of the world’s 15 families of butterflies of more than 500 species; 600 indigenous plant families; includes 319 species of exotic orchids.

Where travelers can visit and observe unique wild-life or flora and fauna that is nearly extinct in this part of the world, can find only in Nepal & Himalaya which makes the country one of the most sought destination for all types of travels holidays from cultural tour, scenic hike, trekking to mountaineering or just relax and marvel the views of mountain scenery.

Nepal Himalaya a country of great interest and passion for visitors where one can soak from culture-historical and religious monuments of both Hindu and Buddhist as Nepal within the capital of Nepal in Kathmandu and nearby cities Patan / Lalitpur and Bhaktapur full of world heritage sites.

A country where two great religion Hindu and Buddhist both blends in perfect harmony as one tour around its remote rural villages retaining its past glory as it was since past hundred of centuries which you can observe within Kathmandu valley and beyond.

A nation with over 23 million, where Nepali is the main language however travel-trade people   understands and can speak English and other foreign languages as well.

Amazing to know that Nepal Himalaya has more than 60 ethnic groups with 70 native spoken languages which make Nepal more interesting with colorful festivals all around the year and to take part in this grand festive times.

Nepal for all seasons depending upon the types of holidays to choose as the country with four major seasons, (1) spring (2) summer: June to August, (3) autumn: September-November,  (4) Winter: December-February.

A country where Lord Buddha was born known as Light of Asia, can visit its birth place located Far South West Nepal in Lumbini, as well birth of Sita (consort of Lord Rama a famous and popular Hindu God which is well described in epic Ramayana) the place of Sita’s birth situated mid south of Kathmandu and Nepal in Janakpur city.

Nepal, a country for all types of holiday planners besides adventure it is also a place of great pilgrimage where Nepal holds important sites in and around Kathmandu visiting both Hindu and Buddhism spots of holy Pashupatinath in the midst of Kathmandu city, renowned pilgrimage site for Hindu religion the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Various Hindu important sites within Kathmandu valley and beyond which leads to mountainous areas of holy Gosainkund a sacred lake, where religious fair takes place once a year located north of Kathmandu within Langtang Himal and Central Himalaya range, other remote areas for Hindu pilgrims are holy Muktinath at Mustang areas with Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Himalaya.

For Buddhist pilgrims interesting sites of old Swayambhunath believed to be of more than 2,600 years of history a stupa with Buddha’s eyes facing four cardinal directions, then visit large Bouddhanath Stupa west of Kathmandu city, also called as Little Tibet due to strong influence of Tibetans and its immense Buddhist culture.

Heading towards mountain resorts of old Newari town at Dhilikhel with super views of Himalayan peaks in the harmony of local culture and traditions, where a short drive leads to peaceful and tranquil Namobuddha area, one of unsurpassable supreme sacred sites known as Three Stupas in Nepal
Tagmo Lüjin ” a place where future Buddha sacrificed his body to a tigress”.

For further Buddhism pilgrimage destination taking a flight or long exciting drive to reach at Lumbini and then back vice versa after visiting important historical and historical sites of Lord Buddha and the ancient Sakya kingdom.

Nepal & Himalaya a great place on this planet earth where one can find or choose all types of the holiday destination in the comfort of nice hotels, country lodge or resorts as well with Home Stay in local villages. Nepal tour can be done any time of a year.

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