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‘an adventure with a meaningful purpose in the backdrop of Himalayan peaks’

Best tours in Himalaya Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour , Bhutan culture tour and Everest base camp trekking. Special Nepal Tibet and Bhutan tour package.

Nepal Volunteer Trekking main attraction:
“Enjoyable walks with helping hands supporting rural farm villages
Adventure to fulfil and uplift the standard of village communities
Trek, help and volunteer with various local villagers on their fieldwork
Support rural farm hill villages and enjoy majestic Himalayan peaks
Walk into lovely scenic hills, pristine forest facing grand mountain views”

Activities at a glance:

Trip Grade: Leisure to moderate with ups and downhill.
Area of Volunteer: Around all Nepal Himalaya mid-Hills.
Transportation: As per group size car, coach to bus
Activities and duration: Few weeks treks and volunteer overnight stop in lodge, 
 homestay or camping.
Trip Duration: Minimum week to Maximum two weeks with drives and 

Presenting ‘Nepal volunteer trekking’ to wide-world interested travelers with a new and fresh approach, quite different to other normal trekking adventure in Nepal Himalaya.

Nepal Volunteer Trekking a mission of meaningful purpose that one will feel happiness in helping and supporting the needy rural villages with various volunteer services.

There are hundreds of overseas and local non-profit organization to help and support the project that the country requires around remote and isolated villages, where most established and well-known organization runs around villages within driving distance.

But there are many places in Nepal remote low areas and mid-hills where villagers are deprived of simple and basic important commodities needs like fresh, clean drinking water, the strong house in need of proper construction, maintaining trail condition, reforestation, planting environmental friendly trees and plants.

Trekkers can help and volunteer in the villages with various subjects and wise things to teach and as well learn the local culture of a simple heritage way of farm life.

Various tasks and activities that one can engage and join in to make the village life lively with your presence even though one can try as much to uplift the standard of villagers in a short duration of time.

Where one can teach various subjects in primary and high schools, from music, singing, games to sports activities as well as preserving a green clean environment and respecting local impressive culture and tradition.

Nepal Volunteer Trekking, where one can choose various places of your interest as this community work is always best in large groups from a minimum of 10 to 20 people.

Especially it would be an ideal educational holiday for school, collage groups where students of both countries can exchange knowledge and learn about local interesting culture.

In Nepal for the past two decades till present most seasonal and off-season visitors are school and college student visitors mainly for volunteers in rural areas of Kathmandu and around Himalayan farm hills.

Depends upon visitors’ time for holiday duration for trek and volunteering where some project areas can be far on remote isolated region away from main trails and road-head.

For smaller groups and individual travelers can also participate in volunteer and treks, where project work can be in a smaller and for few days or stay longer helping the village community on-farm and other activities.

There are few places around Kathmandu valley rim hills where one can hike and help the local villagers and primary school and children with better educational materials and farm works.

Around near to city and town areas for a short hike and volunteering in local school can be done as per one choice of areas or letting the local travel agent like Himalaya Holiday / Guide know of your interest.

Nepal a great scenic country enriched with colorful culture, age-old tradition, and heritage way of life where one can enjoy while staying around rural villages along with volunteer and social work.

Places for volunteer and trekking around following Himalayan destination of Nepal mid and high hills within close vicinity of majestic towering Himalayan peaks.

Annapurna Himalaya region:
One of the most popular and scenic adventure and cultural destination, where one can enjoy trek for a few days to a week or more within the backdrop of massive Annapurna, Manaslu and Dhaulagiri mountain range.

Annapurna range a group of massive peaks that includes world 10th high Mt. Annapurna-I at 8,091 m, Annapurna II, III, and IV with Gangapurna, Annapurna South, Hiunchuli, Vara Shikar / Annapurna Fang and majestic Machhapuchare Himal the famous Fish Tail peak.

Located Nepal Mid-West where most of the trek and other adventure starts and ends from beautiful city Pokhara, a renowned and famous touristic spot of Nepal and whole Himalaya region.

Where one can trek and visit hill and mountain villages and can stop for volunteer activities for few days and continue your journey, one of the most beautiful and scenic places in the whole Himalayan and probably on this planet.

The best and interesting areas for volunteers around the south of Annapurna Himalaya in the following villages near Ghandruk, Landruk, Tolka, Ramche, Eastern Annapurna, and Lamjung villages populated with Gurung the indigenous hill tribe of Annapurna and Lamjung Himal region.
Where one can join in farm work and help the local school and maintaining walking trails etc………..

Necessary areas for volunteers are located away from mainstream trekking trails around remote and isolated smaller rural farm villages, where social work in the village and its school makes more meaningful and worthwhile.

Everest Region:
Everest region located Nepal Mid-East where one can trek for a week or more either taking a swift flight to Lukla from Kathmandu or walk the classic trail and original route to Everest base camp.
As Everest higher region of Khumbu one of the main popular trekking and for other adventure, where volunteer work and to support the locals may not be the right choice.

The most interesting places around the Everest region are areas for community work and volunteer on the southern side of Solu district, and near to scenic Pikey hill where few trekkers seldom venture.
Solu area which directly south of the Khumbu and Everest area which also falls on the old original route to Everest base camp and other scenic regions of high Khumbu valley.

Langtang Himal Region:
Langtang Himal one of the nearest mountain range from the capital Kathmandu, and the third most popular trekking region and for other exciting adventure, where one can spend a week or more with a glorious panorama of central Himalaya.
Langtang Himal falls within Rasuwa district about a 5-6 hour drive from Kathmandu to reach the trekking starting point.
Various scenic and cultural destinations around the Langtang Himal region for interested trekkers and adventurers, where one can offer social and volunteer service around most needy villages.

Nepal Mid-West Region:
Nepal’s main center of Mid-West Region is Ganesh and Manaslu Himalaya as far as Lamjung and Annapurna Himal range, for the trek and volunteer an ideal and perfect areas are Dhading, Gorkha and Tanau districts.
These areas were also badly affected by the 25th April and 12th May 2015 earthquake including Langtang and Jugal Himal region, some of these villages around Nepal Mid-West as far towards Mid-East are still in need of help from the government or private sectors.

Interest trekkers and visitors can support the concern villages where other donors or help has not reached to help and support rebuilding schools, damaged trails so that the villagers can have easy assist for essential items for their daily life.

The area around Nepal Mid-Western and Mid-Eastern Himalaya mid-hill will be much favorable for trek and volunteer service, as the destination of the project will be not far within few hours of driving distance with scenic treks and walks.

Best Season and Activities for Nepal Volunteer Trekking:
Depending upon the area for volunteer projects and trekking one can choose nearly all months of the year. The best is the springtime’s of March to May where hills are alive with wild-flowers like forest of rhododendron in full bloom.
Most days are clear for spectacular views of snow-capped peaks as well for volunteer work around the villages, autumn and winter times are also perfect seasons for short mid-hills trek and to engage in volunteer tasks with the local community.
Although cold in the morning and night time with short sunlight hours where days are much shorter but pleasant time for wonderful views of majestic Himalayan peaks.
We have run volunteers and trekking even in the wet season of the monsoon period also as most schools and colleges have summer vacation during this time where students and teachers will have time only during June to mid-September months.
Most days can be wet during heavy rainy season of monsoon time where some days are pleasant without rain-fall can adjust for volunteer work and treks as per holiday duration to set and plan the itinerary respectively.

The purpose of volunteer and trek in rural farm areas around Nepal mid-hills are as follows:
01: To improve the living standard and quality through education with pure 
 sanitized drinking water, health care, and maintaining walking trails for 
 easy assist to transport needy commodities.
02: Identifying the low poverty-stricken villagers and helping them in social
 and economy.
03: Creating a clean and good village environment with meaningful help and
support with your efficiency and practical knowledge.
04: Employment opportunity in various private sector or tourism enterprises
and opening village co-operative with local products from handicraft to
vegetables and crops and dairy products.
05: Encourage voluntary giving/support by tourism enterprises and tourists.
06:  Investment in infrastructure stimulated by tourism also benefiting the poor
in the locality, directly through support to other sectors.
07: Responsible tourism which is a growing industry and it is quite natural that
the growth of tourism will also have a bad impact on the surrounding 
 environment and resources of a host country.
Very important issue to reduce the impact and advise that all non-
biodegradable be brought back to Kathmandu for proper disposal.
08: An opportunity to interact with the locals and to know the culture and customs, volunteering will be an enjoyable cultural experience. We encourage more interaction between our donor clients so that you have a better understanding of the country that you are visiting.

Basic and sample itinerary program for volunteer and trekking will be as follows:
Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu with warm welcome and transfer to
respective hotels, with orientation program and briefing
on volunteer service in Nepal.
Evening welcome group dinner in a pleasant Nepali restaurant
Day 02: Drive to volunteering area project and walk for a few hours and
camp / lodge.
Day 03: Hike to rural farm village and interact with the locals, and start
volunteer service as needed by the villagers.
Day 04-05: Volunteer service in the villages, schools, farm fields.
Day 06: Last day in the village with remaining work to complete.
Day 07: Farewell ceremony and walk to the road head and drive back to 
Day 08: International departure.

Optional extension to Everest and   Bhutan


Day 1

Arrival in Kathmandu

Day 2

Tours in Kathmandu

Day 3-7

Drive to Chitwan

Everest learning academy , stay with children , teach any subjects at home or at school such as English, Math, Science, Arts, Physical education, Computer, Health, Sports/Games.

Day 8-10

Drive to Tanahun (3hrs)

Stay 4 nights Everest learning center with children , learn to cook Nepalese food , involve in organic farm ,take care children , teach at school during day time and help children to do home work in the evening time.

Day 11-15

Drive to Bhacheck (5hrs)

Local cultural activities, Nepalese food cooking training , hiking, camping

Day 16

Drive back to Kathmandu

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