Nepal volunteer trekking

Nepal volunteer trekking
Trip Facts - 16 days Tour

Trip Overview

Nepal volunteer trekking

volunteer Eco trekking in Nepal

Day 01-Arrival in Kathmandu

Day 02- Tours in Kathmandu

Day 03-Day 7th- Drive to Chitwan , Everest learning academy. stay with children.

-teach any subjects at home or at school such as English, Math, Science, Arts, Physical education, Computer, Health, Sports/Games.

Day 8th – Day 10 Drive to Tanahun (3hrs) – stay 4 nights Everest learning center with children.

-learn to cook Nepalese food

-involve in organic farm

-take care children

teach at school during day time and help children to do home work in the evening time.

Day 11- Day 15th- Drive to Bhacheck (5hrs)

-local cultural activities, Nepalese food cooking training

-hiking, camping

Day 16th drive back to Kathmandu



Optional extension to Everest and   Bhutan

Option 1

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