‘The highest and most scenic hill around Kathmandu Valley rim’

Phulchoki or PHULCHOWKI HILL main attraction: 

“Enjoyable walk on top highest and scenic hills of Kathmandu Valley 
Spectacular Mountain panorama of high Himalayan snow-capped peaks
Walk into lovely green forest of tall rhododendron, magnolia, oaks and pine trees
Glorious scenery on scenic walks visit typical farm villages of cultural interest 
Tour of impressive Godavari botanical garden enriched with exotic colorful flora”

Activities at a glance:
 Tour Grade: Leisure to moderate with ups and downhill.
Area of Tour: South-East of Kathmandu valley rim.
Transportation: As per group size car, coach to bus       
Start and End: From 7-8 a.m. till late at 01 p.m. to 02 p.m. 
                                  (Start and end near Godavari village on the foot of 
                                   Phulchowki Hill. 
Tour Duration: Minimum 4 hrs. Maximum of 6 hours with drives and walks.

Overview Phulchoki or PHULCHOWKI HILL:

Kathmandu valley surrounded with tiers of green rolling hills dotted with nice farm villages and well-tended rows of terraces.

Within Kathmandu valley rim, the highest and most scenic hills is Phulchowki, located southeast at the end of the valley. At Lalitpur / Patan district and Godavari village. 

One of the most exciting and scenic places for a short day visit and hike is Phulchowki Hill for interested people.

A great scenic place to escape from city life for a day and to be in close harmony of beautiful green environment.

Where one can catch and feel the fresh and pure country air along with eye-catching views of the Himalayan Mountain range.
Phulchowki Hill, the highest ridge that outlines Kathmandu valley at the height of 2, 782 m, and 9, 127 feet. 
It offers a spectacular panorama of high Himalayan peaks overlooking as far Annapurna, Manaslu and Ganesh Himal towards west with Langtang Himal.

View includes central Himalayan peaks of Jugal Himal, Gaurishankar, and towards Mt. Everest in the far eastern horizon. 

Phulchowki Hill, situated close to the lovely botanical garden of Godavari town and a village at the height of 1,515 m high, situated in a suburb of Lalitpur city.

To reach Phulchowki Hill an hour drive to the end of Godavari village and on the foothills of Phulchowki.

As you leave metropolitan city and town where fresh air and lush green vegetation welcomes you on reaching rural farm areas.

From the base of Phulchowki walk takes you on winding uphill lined with dense vegetation and tall trees with few small farm villages.

As climb ends reaching on top of Phulchowki Hill and the highest point of 
Kathmandu valley, this scenic hill rewards you with a breathtaking panorama of more than 360-degree wide-angle views of Himalayan peaks.

The mountain range includes Annapurna and Manaslu peaks towards the far west horizon with massive Ganesh, Langtang and Jugal Himal in the central north includes views of Mt. Everest and its range further due east.

Besides marvelous scenery of Kathmandu valley with surrounding beautiful landscapes and Snow Mountains, the place is equally famous for bird-watching as well a great place for botanists and naturalists.

“Phulchoki or PHULCHOWKI HILL” in Nepalese means a ‘hill full of flowers’, certainly a magical spot wherein springtime the hills are alive. 
Wildflowers of different colors in full blooms include beautiful rhododendron flowers of various species from trees to bushes.

To reach on top of Phulchowki Hill, one can take a four wheels drive or on motorbikes as well riding mountain bikes.

Whatever your interest and mode of transportation the area around Phulchowki offers visitors with glorious scenery and makes you forgot hustle and bustle busy city life of Kathmandu for a day.  

The closest and the highest spot that one can enjoy being on top scenic Phulchowki Hill within natural ambiance.
The area around Phulchowki offers visitors mind-blowing scenery of dramatic landscapes and high snow-capped peaks within serene surroundings. 


Around Godavari village/town and to the top of Phulchowki Hill where visitors can engage with various activities.
One can reach enjoying ups and downhill ride on mountain biking, motor-cycle ride, four-wheel drives, or hiking. 

Phulchoki or PHULCHOWKI HILL and surrounding hills popular for bird watching activities starts with
A combination of old walking paths and motor roads. 
The hill covered with lovely cool forest featuring outstanding flora that makes excellent habitat for bird-life and other mammals. 

Around 90 species of different exotic bird species have been sighted and recorded in this area including the endemic spring babbler, as well the Curia, Mountain Hawk Eagle, Rufous Bellied Pied Woodpeckers, and the Black-throated Parrotbill, to name a few.

Besides other exciting and interesting activities Phulchowki and it adjoining hills famous and popular for Para-Gliding also.
One can enjoy gliding above the verdant valley with grand backdrop of rolling green hills and white snow-capped peaks towards north.

Truly an amazing destination where one can extend with various activities visiting rural cultural farm villages and interact with friendly locals.
Enjoying the pleasant and exciting moment around Phulchowki Hill, interested people with time can visit the only botanical garden of Nepal at Godavari.
Godavari botanical garden offers visitors’ wonderful time in the shade of exotic flowering plants and varied species of vegetation.

Set on a beautiful serene location the place is popular among city folks for weakened picnic and a great retreat from maddening city life.  
At Godavari botanical garden rare herbs are found and grown along with many different species of vegetation.

As Nepal provides 02 % of all the flowering plants in the world; 08 % of the world’s population of birds (more than 857 species); 11 of world’s 15 families of butterflies (more than 500 species); 600 indigenous plant families; 319 species of exotic orchids.

Season for Phulchowki Hill visit:
One can visit Phulchowki Hill nearly all months of the year, except monsoon time from June to early September in the wet and rainy months.

The best months March to May and September to December, during springtime in March to May most days are clear for a pleasant walk and to enjoy superb views of surrounding landscapes and high snow mountains.

Springtime will be lively when wildflowers are in full bloom especially the rhododendron and magnolia, (rhododendron national flower of Nepal) with other bright colorful flowering plants.

September to December onward till February during autumn/fall and winter days are fine for pleasant walks overlooking clear views of white snow-capped mountains but cold morning and late afternoon time with short sunlight hours.

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