Rock Climbing in Hattiban

Among various recreational activities in Nepal, rock climbing is slowly gaining fame in recent years. For some, it is an adventure sport while others take it as a way to enjoy the beauty of nature. Rock climbing involves strenuous body movements where one needs to go through training and learn the know-how of climbing. There are many experts and professionals in Nepal who give training on rock climbing. There are many indoor climbing places in Kathmandu where people can practice and make themselves familiar with it. Along with it, there are also areas around Kathmandu Valley where people can do climbing in nature. Hattiban and Nagarjun are probably the most famous climbing sites in Kathmandu. Nagarjun rock climbing also offers a variety of rock-climbing options along with beautiful scenery as well. As such, rock climbing in Hattiban is a surreal way to enjoy the challenging ascents and landscapes in a close distance from Kathmandu.

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The adventure starts from Kathmandu as you head southwest of the valley towards the Godavari. A short drive will lead you to the hilly outskirts before reaching the rock climbing site at Hattiban. The rock climbing destination in Hattiban is a south-facing cliff and the best time to indulge in the sport is during the winter season. It is graded as a difficult climb; however, there are various difficulty ratings as well. It is suitable for professionals and people who frequently do rock climbing. There are 8 well-bolted routes for rock climbing, so you can choose one of your likings. After completing the climb, you get to enjoy a hearty local lunch. After enjoying the views and hospitality, you head back to Kathmandu.
For the Nagarjun climb, you need to head northwest from Thamel. It is closer in comparison to the rock climbing at Hattiban. It also has 21 climbing routes with various grades and, thus, is larger than Hattiban. After driving for a while to reach Nagarjun, you choose the climbing route as per your expertise and complete it. Then, you have lunch at a local restaurant and enjoy the views of the Kathmandu Valley and surrounding landscapes. Both these climbing sites are perfect for rock climbing enthusiasts and can be enjoyed at any time of the year.
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Trip facts of Rock Climbing in Hattiban:
Geography: Hills
Location: Kathmandu
Level of difficulty: Moderate
Max altitude: 1,200m
Transportation: Private Vehicle, Tourist Bus
Minimum Pax: 2

Trip Highlights of Rock Climbing in Hattiban:
Enjoy adventurous rock climbing within close distance of Kathmandu
Enjoy amazing views of the valley
Conquer one of the few rock climbing sites in the country
Relieve stress and enjoy an adventure in the pristine nature
Itinerary:AM: Drive from Thamel to Hattiban, Rock Climbing and Drive back to Kathmandu
After breakfast, you head to Hattiban. It takes about 1 hour and if the traffic is heavy it may take 2 hours. Once you reach there. You will be briefed about the safety measures. Then, you can start your climb after you choose a climbing route. After reaching the top, you have your lunch and descend to drive back to Kathmandu.
Rock Climbing in NagarjunItinerary:AM: Drive from Thamel to Nagarjun, Rock Climbing and Drive back to Kathmandu
After an early breakfast, you head to Nagarjun, which may take about 30 minutes to reach. The drive exits the valley from the northwest and heads to Nagarjun. After reaching the location, you will be briefed on the safety measures. Finally, you choose a climbing route according to the difficulty and start the climb. After reaching the top, you can enjoy the view and head back to have lunch. By afternoon, you will reach your hotel in Kathmandu.

Trip information of Rock Climbing in Hattiban:
If you want to cancel the tour, you need to inform us a week before the trip.
We are not liable if you lose any of your personal belongings. So, keep your belongings safe.
You need to carry extra money because the extra costs like refreshments are not covered by the trip cost.
Our staff will inform you beforehand if the climbing site is not suitable for rock climbing due to unforeseen events like rainfall.
There will be experts to guide you if you face any kind of difficulty while climbing.
You can visit or do other activities after rock climbing. For such arrangements, you need to consult with our staff at least 2 days ahead and plan the itinerary.
If you are inexperienced in rock climbing, we can arrange training classes for you. The expenses of such classes will be different and will not be included in the cost of this trip package.

FAQs of Rock Climbing in Hattiban:
Do I need to have prior rock-climbing experience?
It is recommended to have prior climbing experience but if you don’t have experience it is okay as well. You can try some beginner level climbs before trying out the difficult ones like those in Hattiban. We also arrange experts who will train you in the easiest way to get comfortable with rock climbing.

Do I need to bring my gear?
Yes, if you require extra items for the climb, you can bring it. The basic items like ropes and bolts will be given. If you don’t know what gears you need for the rock climb, please feel free to consult with our guide or staff beforehand. You can easily buy/rent climbing gears in the Thamel area.

What kind of apparel should I wear?
You should wear comfortable clothes and climbing gear in which you can move freely. If you wish, you can also bring extra sets of clothes. Proper sports shoes or hiking shoes are recommended to wear. Do not wear clothes like jeans that hamper your movements. Instead, wear flexible pants to enable easy movements.

What is the minimum age to do rock climbing?
There is no definite age specified for children to do rock climbing. Most children start rock climbing between ages 4 to 7 years old. However, as rock climbing is not very common in Nepal, the minimum age allowed is 18. If you are under 18, you can do it under parental or legal guardians’ supervision.