Sankhu Bajrayogini Hike

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Sankhu Bajrayogini Hike

Visit and explore an old primitive Newari town of Sankhu as you indulge in a hike to the eastern part of the Kathmandu Valley. During Sankhu Bajrayogini Hike Travelers can also admire the glimpses of the mighty Himalayas, lush green ridges, verdant forests, and serene places throughout the journey! Likewise, hikers cannot leave out the famous Bajrayogini Temple popular for sadhana and tantric practices. The trip offers a heart-warming outlook of an entire suburb in the middle of the forested ridges and gleaming mountains.

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Sankhu is situated 16 kilometers far from Kathmandu, and it takes about an hour to get there on a drive. The prehistoric Sankha-shaped structure of this town is the reason why this place is also famous by the name of ‘Shankarapur.’ There are four different doorways in Sankhu, each one having their distinct traditional values and beliefs. You may want to note down the places such as Sali River, Sankhu village and forts, Sankhu Sikhar, Milarepa Meditation Caves, and Bajrayogini temple. Apart from these places, you will also enter a whole new world with a lively interaction with the Nepali culture and their unique crafts.
After Sankhu Bajrayogini Hike for 2 kilometers, you will arrive at the Bajrayogini Temple that is popular for its religious significance. This temple is also devoted to a Buddhist goddess. The temple is situated on the top of the verdant hill, where hikers can enjoy the views of surrounding landscapes and the Himalayas to the northern part of the country. Both Hindus and Buddhist pilgrims set their journey to this place. Additionally, behind the temple, you can observe numerous other sculptures and shrines. You will get a chance to visit four of five caves where the Siddhas from India are said to have resided, so this place is also notable as the Eighty Siddhas meaning perfected gurus of Hindu religion.
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One-Hour drive northeast of Kathmandu will take you to Sankhu, which is an ancient Newari town. This town encompasses its rich and traditional culture with its unique and admirable arts and crafts. The Sali River flows nearby, carrying a lot of stories making this place a famous one for various pilgrimage tours. After strolling around Sankhu, we head towards Bajrayogini Temple, which is about 2 kilometers away. An hour hiking upwards will give a beautiful shot of the mountains and lush green ridges. Then, you can commute back to your vehicle and drive straight back to Kathmandu.
Sankhu Bajrayogini Hike Trip Highlights:
Explore the old and primitive Newari town of Sankhu
Get an outlook of the mighty Himalayas, lush green ridges, and verdant forest
Interact with the town’s rich and traditional culture with its unique and admirable arts and craft
Do not miss out visiting places such as Sali River, Sankhu village and forts, Sankhu Sikhar, Milarepa Meditation Caves, and Bajrayogini temple.
Visit the temple famous for sadhana and tantric practices known as the Bajrayogini Temple.

Trip Facts:
Geography: Hills, Valleys
Location: Sankhu
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Max Altitude: 1780m
Religions: Hindu, Buddhist
Ethnic People: Newar, Brahmin, and Chhetri
Accommodation: Hotel, Lodge
Transportation: Private Vehicle, Tourist Bus
Minimum Pax: 02

Key Information
Make sure that you carry a raincoat if you are hiking during the rainy season. Be careful as the hiking trail might be very slippery at some places.
In case of bad weather like a torrential downpour, the hike will be postponed until further notice.
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the hike.
Carry a liter of water with you. Also, carry some snacks to have on the way.
It is recommended that you carry your water bottle. This way, there will not be any use of plastic bottles. So, it is eco-friendly.
If you want to extend your stay, you need to inform your guide and discuss it together beforehand. Necessary arrangements will be made as per your request.
Special restrictions are put up on the temples. So, you must adhere to these restrictions when you visit the temple areas.
Do not wear shorts and cover your head with a shawl when you enter a temple.
How to reach Sankhu from Kathmandu?
You can opt to take a minibus that reaches Sankhu from Kathmandu’s Ratna Park. The bus fare is around NRs. 50. You can catch the last bus to Kathmandu from Sankhu around 6 p.m. Another way to get to Sankhu is by taking a taxi, which is a bit expensive than taking a minibus as it costs around NRs. 1500-2000. There are other ways to reach Sankhu as well, e.g., by motorbike easily.

Can I take photos along the way?
Yes, you are allowed to take photos along the course of the hike. There are only some places in temple areas where you cannot take pictures. You can bring your camera. However, your hike guide will also be taking pictures. So, you can ask your guide to take photos of you. At the end of the hike, the guide will send you the images via email.

How can I recognize the main temple?
The main temple of Bajrayogini is a three-story high building. If you have difficulty spotting the temple, you can ask your guide. In this temple, you will find a statue of the goddess Bajrayogini. The statue of Bajrayogini features a red face with three eyes and three hands. The statue will be decorated with various ornaments from head to toe.

Did the earthquake of April 2015 damage Sankhu village?
The old village of Sankhu faced some severe damage due to the massive earthquake of 2015. Many temples, statues, monuments, and residential buildings were damaged along with several deaths and injuries. However, soon after the earthquake, the locals showed remarkable progress in rebuilding the village. The village became a model of how unity can make things better.

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