How Traveling in Asia is Different than Traveling in Europe

How Traveling in Asia is Different than Traveling in Europe

You think of vacations and the first picture that pops up in mind is of Paris, London, Italy, Barcelona, and so forth. But that’s not all this world has to offer. One travel destination often overlooked by travelers across the globe is Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia to be Specific. Traveling in Asia is unique.

Countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar have more to offer than one might realize. These countries aren’t exactly the most developed, so traveling these parts of the world is definitely different than traveling in Europe to say the least. book now Traveling in Asia.

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Traveling in Asia

Asia is Cheaper

From hotels to food, travel costs and pretty much anything, you name it – Asia is considerably cheaper than most of Europe. Singapore has some of the most expensive cities in the world, but it is still in no way comparable to the expenses of Paris and London.

One thing where westerners can get skeptical about prices in Asia is there are tourist prices in most places. However, you could still eat your stomach full for few dollars, rent a scooter for whole day for $5, and even rent amazing hotels for fraction of the price of what you’d be paying in Europe.

Weather is better all year Round

When you’re traveling, what would you rather be traveling in half pants and shorts or heavy jackets and raincoats? That’s the crucial difference between traveling in Asia and Europe.

If you’re travelling to SE Asia, the weather is good almost all year round with only 2 seasons for the most part. Most of the SE Asia is tropical and so you can enjoy the sun and cheap beer almost throughout the year. Europe is mostly colder and wet, which might not feel like a vacation at times if you’re constantly seeking for the sun.

Asia isn’t as Flooded with Tourists

From Amsterdam to London and Prague, almost entire Europe is packed with tourists during peak seasons. On the contrary, Asia is not as crowded and you will have plenty of space. Few Islands here and there might be packed in August or Christmas, but other than that there’s not much crowd of tourists. This means, you will be able to find cheaper hotels, and you will also get special treatment from the locals.

No Language Barrier

You will have absolutely no pressure to learn the local languages while traveling in Asia. Frankly, there are too many to keep track, but mostly you can easily speak English with the Natives.

The younger generations speak fluent English and you shouldn’t feel any barrier in communication unless you are in a remote village in Myanmar. But then again, same would be the case for a remote village in Croatia.

Asia is way more Exotic

Apart from the major cities, you will find everything to be quite exotic in Asia. Temples, open air, streets crowded with open markets, and just a completely new way of living. You will have never seen anything like it, and you can take the time to embrace the new culture.