Nepal Tibet Bhutan as South East Asian Travel Destination

South East Asian Travel has Vast landscapes, endless mountains, spirituality, religion and unique culture, these are the images that form in people’s minds when they hear about Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. These are beautiful countries located in Southern Asia.

These are amazing places that you must visit as a traveler. While going to three countries might seem bit scary and tiring in terms of handling issues of visa and papers, you need not worry when it comes to these three. These countries are pretty close in terms of distance and there are travel agencies offering tour packages for these three countries specifically. feel free to ask more about South East Asian Travel.

So, what can you expect?

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Mesmerizing Scenic Beauty of South East Asian Travel

Most of these three countries are mountains. You will be in awe to see civilization, people, infrastructure, pitched roads and all the facilities of the modern world amidst the vast nature. Here, nature and people live in harmony. Thousands of people visit these mountains every year even if just to sip organic tea and gaze upon the natural beauty.

Trekking and Adventure Sports- South East Asian Travel

Where there is nature, there is the opportunity for a man to be reckless and truly live. Reckless doesn’t necessarily mean without safety though. Trekking is immensely popular among these places. Both locals and tourists take pleasure in trekking past mountains upon mountains soaking in the beauty of nature and the spiritual cleansing of fresh air.

At the same time, there are just as many opportunities for skydiving, rock climbing, canoeing, rafting through fast flowing rivers and much more. Due to the natural landscape of these countries, ton of different adventure sports are possible here, and these are also the major attraction points for tourists.

Religion, Culture, and Spirituality

Buddhism is common in these three countries, with each one rich in temples and monasteries. With religion, ethnicity, and practice come different cultures. In these locations, culture and tradition hold a major importance in the way of living. The culture is fascinating here, exotic, the way of life might not be everyone, but you can’t help but be in awe.

You could even live in monasteries temporarily at certain places to learn about Buddhism and spirituality. People have been coming here for thousands of years to meditate in search of peace, nirvana or whatever term you might deem appropriate.

Cheap Vacation- South East Asian Travel

Compared to most expensive cities of the world, you will find Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan to be quite cheap. You can find hotels for few dollars a day and food is just as cheap. In fact, street foods are worth pennies if you really decided to go local which are amazing in taste and will fill your stomach.

Also, these countries can be an ideal destination for Backpackers. Cheap food and inexpensive hotels will allow you the luxury to travel to your heart’s content.

You will need visas for each country, which might be available on arrival or pre-application depending upon your country’s status. You can go from one country to the other via flights which aren’t that expensive.

These are definitely more than ideal travel destinations if you seek for adventure, peace, and nature. You will definitely be coming back for more.

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