Ultra flight in Pokhara

If you want to experience the feeling of soaring hundreds of meters above the ground like a bird, you should book your ultra flight in Pokhara. This is a Private luxury tour in Nepal.

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The jaw-dropping scenery of the untouchable mountain ranges and countless small and lush green hills will add to the thrill of the ultra flight. You will enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Fewa lake and the whole Pokhara city through the ride. Ultra-flight in Pokhara is truly a dream come true for adventure seekers out there.

Your journey to soar the sky starts from Pokhara Airport, which operates both open and closed flights from September through June. It is the best time to join this activity between September and June as the skies are clearer and there are fewer chances of flights getting canceled.
There are four flight program options you can choose from for this activity. The four flights are uniquely named and include: Fly for fun, Glory of Mt. Fishtail, Mountain Sky Trek and In the heart of Himalayas.

The “Fly for fun” program will provide you an open aircraft. It is a short 15 minutes flight at the speed of 50 km/hour to 90 km/hour with the impeccable view of Fewa Lake, Sarangkot, Peace Stupa, and the rushing Seti river. The total cost for the flight is USD 113.

The second program named “Glory of Mt. Fishtail” takes 30 minutes to finish in both open and closed aircraft. The speed of 90 km/hour gives you the magnificent view of Mt. Machhapucchare from up close. You will fly through the huge expanse of the Tibetan refugee camp up to Lamachaur. The cost for “Glory of Mt. Fishtail” is USD 197.

“Mountain Sky Trek” provides both open and closed aircraft for a 60 minutes flight where you can experience the close panoramic view of the Annapurna range and the foothills of Mt. Machhapuchhare.

Last but not least, the closed aircraft program named “In the Heart of Himalayas” will be taking you to a 90 minutes thrilling flight. You will fly inside the Annapurna Circle and other mountain ranges which include Mt. Manasalu and Mt. Dhaulagiri. The flight gives you the chance to be extremely close to the mountains and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. The cost is for this flight is USD 445. The cost of this flight is higher because of the increased difficulty and danger.

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Itinerary of Ultra flight in Pokhara
The thrilling trip starts from a short drive to Pokhara Airport which will take about 20 minutes to reach from Lakeside. You will be briefed about the safety procedures of the flight. Then, you will be guided to the aircraft as per your booked flight. The exciting flight takes off from here. You will land back in Pokhara Airport after a safe flight and will be driven back to your accommodation.

Highlights of Ultra flight in Pokhara
Get a literal birds-eye view of the beautiful Pokhara Valley.
Feel the thrill while flying close to the mountains above 8000m.
Experience the feeling of soaring above the clouds.
Magnificent view of the countryside.

Key information of Ultra flight in Pokhara

The maximum weight allowed for the flight is 110 kg.
Passengers under the age of 18 are allowed only after a part signing a parent consent form.
The best time to enjoy this activity between September and June as the skies are clear.
The flight will be available only when there is high visibility.
The flight usually takes place from sunrise till 11 a.m. Also, the flight runs from 3 p.m. till sunset every day from September to June.
Passengers must wear comfortable clothes to get on and off the aircraft easily.
You can know more in detail about the aircraft you will fly in. There are currently two types of aircrafts in operation: open aircraft and closed aircraft.
The cost for ultra-flight differs as per your choice among the four flights: Fly for fun, Glory of Mt. Fishtail, Mountain Sky Trek, and In the heart of Himalayas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Ultra flight in Pokhara
How safe is the flight?
The aircrafts used for ultra flights are light-weight and they operate at low speed. The aircraft is also equipped with a ballistic parachute. In case of emergency, you can jump out of the flight and use parachute. This way, you can be safe in case of emergencies. Also, the flight is statistically safer than crossing the road in Lakeside.

How can I book my ultra flight?
You can book your flight directly through ultra flight companies. You can directly visit their offices instead of booking online through their websites. This will enable you to know through details about the flight. Another way to book your flight is through tour operators in Lakeside.

What other adventure sports can I enjoy in Pokhara?
Other fun adventure sports you can try out in Pokhara include mountain flight, paragliding, rafting/kayaking, mountain biking, and zip-lining. Pokhara’s natural beauty and cultural diversity will mesmerize you. You can get detailed information about all these adventure sports from your tour guide.

Are there any requirements to be able to participate in this activity?
The minimum age of the passenger must be 12. Anyone under the age of 18 are allowed only after a part signing a parent consent form. As for the weight, the minimum weight allowed is 34 kgs and the maximum weight is 110 kgs. Also, passengers who are afraid of heights should stay away from this adventure sport.