Hi Rajan – Thanks again for a most awesome trip that you made possible! As a follow-up, Gail and I would like to share some friendly thoughts regarding our experiences. The entire time we spent in Nepal was wonderful. Paras is a gem – a great guide in many ways. The driver was also very friendly and did a fine job. The Hotel was a total winner. The room was okay, nothing special, but there was a lovely pool area that Gail and I were able to find refuge on many afternoons.from the “craziness” (in a good way) of the City. Poolside food service and the Hotel’s buffet breakfasts were excellent. The food was okay, but the menu never changed during the six or seven days we were there and the selection of Western-style food was limited. The entire hotel staff was friendly and helpful. Moving along, our trip to Bhutan was very nice, and it was very special meeting the King, but the overall experience was so-so compared to Nepal. We had a very nice guide who we liked a lot, so it wasn’t anything to do with her. The food we had during our stay at the Aryia, the TNG, and the restaurants we went for lunch and dinner, was not to our taste at all. Breakfast buffets at both hotels were stingy and limited in variety for Western palates. In two places we shared tables with total strangers, which we would have preferred not doing. On our first night in Bhutan we were seated in an empty local restaurant with two women (that hadn’t met before either) that I believe were clients of your Bhutan tour affiliate. To Gail and me the food was terrible. So was the rice wine. The two strangers were nice. One final thing. We did not make the climb to the Tigers Nest because of its difficulty. We take some of the blame for that since we were not physically up to it. That said, we had no idea of the distance and altitude gain from ground level to the monastery would be so challenging. If we had, we would have conditioned ourselves better and brought along better equipment. You might want to provide future clients with some more detailed advance warning. In sum, the trip was great. Feel free to use us for any references you may be asked for in the future.
BOB Mayer