Best Time to Visit South East Asia and Why

Best Time to Visit South East Asia and Why

First things first, South East Asia is a huge place and there is no perfect time of the year to visit all of the places. Whether you want to relax at a beach in Thailand or trek over the mountains in Vietnam, you will have to plan your trip accordingly.

South East Asia is only a part of Asia, and it’s relatively compact, it hosts quite a variety of different climates because of its varied regions covering mountains, beaches, oceans and beautiful lakes. Weather patterns might even vary within the same country.

Whether you’re planning a beach holiday for a week, or are in mood to set on a 3 month long trek, or just go to a new place and try out different cuisines, there is pretty much everything you can find in South East Asia.

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So, When and Where do you wanna go?

This is probably the most vital question you need to be asking yourself.

Bali, Indonesia

Fabulous beaches and heavenly vibes is what you can expect from this beautiful place. Even though Bali is a tourist spot, you’ll find it fairly cheap in comparison. July to September is peak season for this place. But, you can enjoy at your fullest from April to October, if you go little early or later than the peak season, you will probably be able to find hotels and generally everything to be relatively cheaper.

December to February is rainy season with heavy rainfall. But don’t worry, you won’t be stuck inside the hotel for days at end. Rainy season is mostly short bursts of heavy rainfall, so you will still be able to enjoy yourself.

Malaysia and Singapore

Quite similar in terms of land, these two countries, a major tourist hub, also share similar climatic region. You can enjoy your fullest typically between January to October in both countries. Although hot and humid due to being around the equatorial regions, you will still have the best climate during this period. However, Malaysia is extremely hot during April and May so do take that into consideration.

November and December is akin to heavy rainfall and in some places in Malaysia like Borneo, rainy season might take till after January to fully end.

Thailand and Vietnam

Thailand and Vietnam has three distinct climates.

In Thailand, places like Phuket and Bangkok are best for visit between November to January/February, as it is regarded as the cool season. During this period, you will be avoiding the overly humid season of April/May and the rain of June to October.

In Vietnam, top places of visit such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are best visited between either in spring of March to May or in the autumn of December.

How to Manage the Trip?

If you’re planning a short trip, it’s probably the best idea to visit during peak season in order to enjoy your fullest. But, if you’re planning a lengthy trip of a couple of months or more, you can always plan your visits accordingly to different places to perfectly align with your personal needs and climatic situation of the place.