Corona Virus – COVID-19 and Tourism World

covid-19 and travel world

‘Refreshing holidays in Nepal Himalaya Everest Base camp helicopter tour with landing a great healing and aftermath destination’ – COVID-19 and Tourism.

First of all, we hope that everyone is safe and sound from the deadly Corona Virus or Covid-19 and as well staying at home with precaution measures Lockdown, one of the only best way to keep away from the invisible enemy.

Vital Corina Virus- Covid-19, the world had never experienced such a worse disaster after many years of repetition from two world wars of the last century, great loss of human life and slumping economy that will take some years to recover. 

Corina Virus or Covid-19 effect in the tourism world has hit drastically hard around the globe from sea, sand to snow holiday destination that includes related sector attached with tourism from hotels, restaurants, handicrafts, and souvenirs of respective countries.

Hoping the situation will soon end and daily life will return to normal with scintillating activities as it were before the outbreak of invisible and deadly virus Covid-19.

At present most of the countries are in Lockdown for safe and as precaution measures against the deadly killer virus, traveling from one country to another been restricted including inside own locality.

Since the outbreak of the virus from the end of December 2019 and the beginning of January 2020 till present, where daily normal routine of human life has completely come to a halt.  

Let us all pray that this worse calamity will soon be over and we all will rise again and will be able to travel to chosen delightful destinations, at present all we can do is hope for the best being positive and staying safe and strong.

We at Himalaya Holiday Service P Ltd, are deeply concern for all our past and present clients, friends and pray that all are safe and sound, including all interested travelers who might be planning the next exciting holiday adventure with us soon aftermath Corona Virus long effect. 

At present the virus has spread around more than two hundred countries covering all five continents except for Arctic and Antarctic the North and South Poles.

The virus has reached Nepal also with a maximum number of 300000 cases at present, but few deaths has been recorded so far, all victims with Covid-19 symptoms entered the country from overseas USA, Europe, Gulf countries including much from India.

Nepal had been very careful and well prepared with awareness programs from the beginning of January 2020, since the outbreak started from Wuhan / China, the Nepalese Government rescued and evacuated nearly all Nepalese medical students from the area at the right time.

Bringing home and keeping them in a safe quarantine place away from main city and town for more than two weeks, where all registered negative results since then all zone and districts of the country have started building isolation and quarantine camps for suspected people as well with positive victims returning from abroad.

Most of the victims in isolation and in quarantine has recovered and has been released and returned to their own home, where only a few number of Corona Virus patient is still under strict confinement and taken care.  

At present every nooks and corner around the world knows about Corona Virus or Covid-19, which has become a household name where infant to elderly people of all walks of life are familiar and well aware of this deadly virus.

In Nepal since the last past months’ various modes of communication Television, Radio, Internet, Cell phone etc……….began spreading information to make the major public well aware of the invisible virus.

The first safe routine washing hands with soaps with much foam and lather or using good effective sanitizers and wearing masks and keeping social distance, and then for major pre-caution Lockdown was imposed since last march 21st which ended in mid mid June..

When this great pandemic will be over in near future people around the world will be the happiest person alive in the history of mankind where all can re-group and mix in to enjoy the celebration.

Although it will take much time to recover from the Corona Virus when it is over travelers might plan and seek for an adventurous destination within the perfect wilderness for refreshing holidays, Nepal Himalaya will be the right and ideal country where one can relieve oneself from the Covid-19 aftermath.

Nepalese has been known with the highest rate of immunity power to fight against all kinds of odds, disease and virus so far, especially the hills and mountain peoples are strong by birth.

As the hill and mountain villagers consume foods that include much spices and herbs that is why it keeps them strong and healthy along with clean mountain air.

Nepalese people has gone through various tough times and have overcome major disease and survived since past hundreds of centuries due to a unique routine of diets in meals and the healthy climate with healing Himalayan environment.

So for your next proposed destination Nepal will be a perfect and ideal country to choose, where Himalayan hills and mountains can be your refreshing destination within scenic solitude in the backdrop of the world highest mountain range.

Come and explore Nepal Himalaya to discover the beauty of natural picturesque surroundings in the harmony of Nepalese traditional hospitality that makes you forget the past and brings you back at present reality.

The only good and positive side of Corona Virus / Covid-19 is that it kept the crowded metropolitan town and cities clean against pollution-free from smoke due to a complete halt, where traffic movement dropped to its minimum in most big cities.

The fume and smokes from factories and heavy vehicles have declined to make the environment healthy and free from air and noise pollution, where all the animals and living creatures at present able to breathe clean air.

Aftermath from Covid 19, all wide world people will then realize the importance of a clean environment, will be committed to making the planet earth a better place with a clean, eco-friendly and healthy surroundings to live a better life for all especially for the next future generation. 

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