Everest heli tour in spring vs autumn

Everest helicopter tour spring vs autumn

In Nepal, the peak tourist seasons are spring and autumn.Although there are parts in the mountainous region of Nepal that are accessiblethroughout the year, the surroundings are most suitable and favorable duringthese two seasons. Tens of thousands of travelers from around the world flyinto Nepal during spring and autumn for experiences of a lifetime. These arealso the best time to undertake aerial flights like Everest heli tour. Here, wehave compared the similarities and differences between these two seasons, soyou can weigh in these factors and determine the most suitable time for you.


Spring in Nepal stretches from March to May. The springseason is surprisingly mild. The average temperature during the noon clocks inat around 12°C during daytime and lowers down to around 0°C in nighttime. Thedays are also longer, meaning you will have a longer window of time forexploration if the need occurs.

On the other hand, the autumn months in Nepal last frommid-September to November. Since it is right in between summer and winter, itis neither too hot nor too cold during autumn. The average temperature duringdaytime is around 14°C and drops to around -6°C during nighttime. However, thedays are shorter in comparison to spring season. You will have to start yourday a little bit early during autumn.


The spring season comes right before the monsoon season.Thus, you don’t have to worry about the clouds raining down on your parade. Thevisibility is excellent during this time and you can savor outstanding views ofmountains.

Likewise, autumn too boasts of excellent visibility. Theseason begins at the end of the monsoon season. Thus, the large fluffs ofclouds start dissipating and exhausting themselves. You can once again enjoythe mountain views without the clouds obscuring your views.

Price differences

Since both seasons are very popular with tourists, the priceis comparatively higher during both seasons. You can book flights at very cheapprice during monsoon and winter, but it is not advisable to undertake Everestheli tour during these seasons. The average price for Everest heli tour clocksin at USD $1500. However, the price keeps on fluctuating. The price is slightlymore higher during autumn as the number of incoming tourists is more.


Since both of these are peak seasons, the availability isquite tricky in both cases. Travel agencies will increase their capacityaccordingly, but it is still wise to pre-book your flights beforehand. When youbook a last-minute flight, you will inevitably pay a higher price. Since autumnis more famous between these two seasons, it might be a little more difficultto book a flight in short notice during autumn.

These are some significant similarities and differencesbetween these two peak seasons. While both of these have their own extent ofpros and cons, both of these are extremely favorable and suitable time forEverest Heli Tour. You can choose any between these two seasons without ashadow of doubt.