Pros and Cons of Everest Heli Tour

Pros and Cons of Everest Heli Tour

Everest Heli Tour is a once in a lifetime opportunity thatwill take you straight into the heart of the highest peak on the earth. Thewhole experience, from hopping on your chopper to enjoying evening snack atyour hotel while reminiscing the day, can be completed within a matter of fewhours. Your helicopter will take off from Tribhuwan International Airport andland at Lukla for a refuel. From there, you’ll be flown over beautiful Sherpavillages and Namche Bazaar and taken to the Everest Base Camp. While this mayall seem magical, there are some positives and negatives to this experience.Here we have weighed the pros and cons of Everest Heli Tour.

The Pros

It is a privateaffair

Unlike mountain flight where you share the plane with 15 to20 other passengers, Everest heli tour is an exclusive and a very privateaffair. If you go with your own group, the experience escalates even further.You will also get to land at the very base camp of the highest summit in theworld and the most popular viewpoint of the region. While trekkers trek throughoff-beaten path for weeks to reach the base camp, you can do so in just 30minutes or so.

Guaranteed best views

While treks offer awesome ground-level views and mountainflights offer stunning aerial views, Everest Heli tours offer the best of bothworlds. As soon as your chopper takes off, the beautiful central peaks likeLangtang Lirung and Yangra will reveal themselves. Once you reach the Khumburegion, you will be overwhelmed by the number of towering peaks around youincluding the Everest itself. Well, that’s just the beginning. When yourchopper lands at the base camp and Kala Pathhar (optional), you will once againbe stunned by the surreal views of these mountains. You can take as many photosas you want, and create wonderful memories. 

Saves the time andeffort

While trekkers trek for weeks on end through off-beaten andremote trails to reach Everest Base Camp, you can reach this destination in justhalf an hour. You don’t have to battle blistered feet, numb knees, and thinningair every day to reach the base camp. Everest Heli tour is a beautiful luxurythat is true good to be true. It is especially great for people who are willingto have a first-hand experience of the Everest but are short of time or don’thave the physical capability to undertake it.

The Cons

Heli Scams

The burgeoning tourism and aviation industry of Nepal hasalso given birth to some fraudulent companies that scam tourists relentlessly.One such widespread trick is Heli Scams, in which operators present fakeinsurance claims without the knowledge of the traveler and pocket all themoney. Moreover, these companies sometimes even stage a forceful landingwithout the consent of travelers to support their illicit motives.

It is expensive

When compared to mountain flights, Everest Heli tour isconsiderably expensive. While mountain flights will cost you around USD$200-$250, heli tours can cost anywhere between $1500-2500. The price may seemincredibly expensive, but you should realise that this experience will let youland and spend some time at the Everest Base Camp. If you want, the chopperwill even stop at Kala Paththar, the most famous viewpoint in Khumbu region.

Altitude Sickness

Unlike a trekking experience where you gradually acclimatizeto thinning air, during Everest Heli tour, you will be reaching a higherelevation within 30-35 minutes. Thus, there are potential risks of altitudesickness. While the helicopter will have ample supply of oxygen if anyone feelsuncomfortable, you can also be flown down to Lukla or Kathmandu quickly in caseof an emergency. However, it is very rare that the trip is cancelled halfwaydue to altitude sickness emergency. So, don’t worry.

Unpredictable weatherand visibility

In the mountains, the clouds roll in super quickly. On top of that, the weather is also unpredictable. It might be sunny one moment and snowing the next. Thus, you have to be very careful and patient regarding your flight time. The flights may get frequently postponed or even cancelled if the weather and visibility is unfavorable. Under no circumstance should you force your pilot to force to fly or take off or fly down as per your convenience.

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