Nepal as a Relaxing Destination, Why, how and where?

Nepal is the country known as the land of gigantic Himalayas, hospitable people, temples, adventure sports, considerably cheap and also just a natural haven to relax. Nepal is so diverse in topography and culture that pretty much anyone from anywhere in the world can come here and have a good time. Book Relaxing Destination now.

In recent years, tourism industry has been continuously booming in the country as the word continues to spread about how amazing the country is. Talking about Nepal as a relaxing destination, one word – Absolutely.

Different people might have different ideas about relaxation, but with so many different things to do here, you will definitely be coming back for more. Ask more about Relaxing Destination.

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What are you looking for?

Before you question whether or not you can find what you’re looking for in Nepal, you need to be sure of what exactly it is that you’re looking for is.

Take for instance that you wanna go on short trips for sight seeing and come back at night to party. Places like Thamel and Pokhara are pretty much known for this. You’ll not be short on the party vibes in these places. Thamel is the party hub of Kathmandu city, as there are night clubs and bars opening till late at night letting you have all the fun you want, and same goes for Pokhara.

Are you tired of sitting in front of your desktop all day for months and years and need a break? No matter what your fantasy is, whether it’s staying in rural villages to try a different way of life or sipping tea at a hill station catching that first glimpse of sun rise, you will find plenty of such places in Nepal. Nagarkot is one of such places with beautiful view point from where you can see 8 of the 13 Himalayan ranges in Nepal. Nagarkot also has some luxurious hotels for you to feel right at home. And there’s no shortage of spa, massage, and other relaxing luxuries.

However, if these ideas are too slow for you and your idea of relaxation is hard core adventure. There are plenty of adventure sports activities in Nepal to keep you busy. Whether it is bungee, sky diving, skiing, rafting, whatever is it that you’re into, you can find it here.

Trekking is also part of the relaxing vacation for many. Sure it’s challenging, but walking in itself is a therapy and the feeling of conquering mountains pushing your body through the absolute limit is the most satisfying feeling.

Lastly, there is also another kind of relaxation here. Nepal is birth place of Gautama Buddha, and so is home to culture, belief and everything that comes along with Buddhism. So, if spirituality and relaxing meditation is what you’re looking for, you couldn’t have thought of a better place to cleanse your body, mind and soul. You can visit places like Lumbini, home to Gautama Buddha home to lots of different monasteries and monks.


It all comes down to what you view as relaxing, but rest assured you’ve got everything covered when you want to relax in Nepal. Of course, Nepal being a landlocked country, you can’t find any beaches here so you’ll have to make due with river banks.

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