Safari holidays in Nepal

Safari holidays in Nepal

Nepal is a tourism hub in Asia and the world for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of nature as well as have some luxurious fun in cheap. Nepal presents a wide range of activities for almost anyone to keep themselves occupied, whether that is all night parties, trekking in the most remote mountainous parts or adventurous sports such as rafting, bungee and skydiving. Safari holidays in Nepal can be done any time of the year.

Another thing that attracts tourists everywhere is the national parks and wildlife reserves in Nepal. 16 % of the total geographical area of Nepal are covered by these national parks, wildlife reserves and conservation areas.

Southern Nepal – tropical jungles of Terai preserve some of the most amazing wildlife habitat in Asia. Also, there are few equally fascinating wildlife reserves and national parks to preserve Himalayan wildlife in the north. Book now Safari holidays in Nepal.

This has certainly been an attraction point for. Hundreds and thousands of tourists visit Nepal to enjoy Safari Vacation. And there are quite a few in Nepal too, but here are our top picks.

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Chitwan National Park – Safari holidays in Nepal

Chitwan National Park is the most famous conservation area in Nepal. It covers an area of 937 square kilometers and contains a den forest area and riverine forest area. Chitwan National Park is the habitat for Royal Bengal Tigers, Crocodiles, thrilling wilderness with plenty of other animals, and the most recognizable one horned Rhino. Also, you will also see extraordinary dolphins here.

Chitwan is famous for the elephant jungle safari which basically means you travel around the jungle on an elephant. Along with that, you can take jungle walks, jeep drive, canoe trip and experience tharu culture and folk music. You are going to love this park even more if you’re a bird watcher as this national park is home to four hundred migrant and local species of birds.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

It is another amazing wildlife reserve that was established in 1976 to protect a small traingle of grassland and tapu near the Sapta Koshi River. This wildlife reserve is also the habitat for some endangered animals such as wild water buffalo.

Top highlight of this reserve is bird watching. Bird watchers from all over the world come here to spot and capture beautiful Bengal Florican and the flamboyant sarus cranes through their lenses. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve has recorded more than 440 different species of local and migrant bird species. Bird species from as far as Siberia has been recorded here.

Apart from bird watching, there are lots of different animals to make your safari holiday exciting. Wild buffalos, tigers and beautiful deer will be seen on your safari trip.

Bardia National Park

Located in the west Nepal low land, Bardia National park is the largest conservation area in terai. It covers 968 square kilometers in area extending from the churai hills southwards to gentle slopes of the ‘Bhabhar’. This national park is home to some of the most amazing creatures such as wild elephant, swamp deer, black duck, tiger, gigantic dolphin, gharial crocodile and rhinocerous.

Your jungle safari in this wild national park is going to be highly exciting, that’s for sure. This park also consists of Crocodile breeding center and the other one for tigers. You can visit this sanctuary any time of the year except during the rainy season as it’s animal breeding period.