Six Best Destinations For A Summer Holiday in Nepal

Summer in Nepal stretches from May to August, and Nepal has more to offer than just perfect weather. We all know that summer has its own way to cast a spell on every being, but it also often wears you down with sweltering heat. However, Nepal’s summer season happens to be one of the finest time to visit and explore the country. Whether you are looking for a short escape or a long getaway, here we have listed six of Nepal’s best summer holiday destinations.

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Situated only 32 kilometers away from Kathmandu, Nagarkot is a premier hill station on the rim of Kathmandu Valley. It is renowned for the spectacular views of mountains stretching from east to west. It is mostly known for the stunning dusk and dawn views that paint the mountains orange. Perfectly encapsulating the balance between peace, greenery, and calmness, a visit to Nagarkot will transport you to the heart of nature, without committing great length of time or expenses.

Nuwakot, small village 75 kilometers north of the capital along the serpentine highway, is an underrated tourist hotspot. Previously a royal base, Nuwakot chronicles the country’s historic monarchy and its legacy, which is reflected it its fabulous courtyards and forts. The main highlight of Nuwakot visit is Nuwakot Durbar – a seven-story palace of the Shah Dynasty.


The most popular tourist destination in Nepal, Pokhara is worthy of a visit throughout the year. It welcomes you with a host of tourist activities to enjoy like boating in tranquil lakes in the evening time, watching beautiful sunset and sunrise views on gleaming mountains, or simply discovering the city’s unique landmarks. To top it off, the city’s warm peopleand luxury hotels and eateries make your stay even more memorable.


Daman, a very underrated and less frequented town in Makwanpur district, is a perfect escape from summer and its sweltering heat. Situated in a remote location, its cool demeanor and cool breeze will provide you with a much-needed break from the city’s hustle. The location is especially famous for beautiful views of mountains stretching from Mt. Everest to Mt. Dhaulagiri.


Situated in the foothills of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Ilam is a beautiful hilly town with beautiful landscapes of sloped tea gardens, dense natural forests, holy sites, and rich culture. It serves as a perfect getaway from the hassle of city life for a memorable sunrise/sunset views, a refreshing walk in the tea garden, peaceful picnic and sightseeing sites, short hikes along the gentle slopes or a trudge into nearby jungles.


Often overshadowed by popular national parks of Chitwan and Bardiya, Khaptad National Park is a gem tucked away in the remote corners of far-western Nepal. Since the region doesn’t witness high influx of tourists, it offers an even more enriching experience. Here, along with exploration of the rich biodiversity, visitors can explore the religious and spiritual sites like ashram of Khaptad Baba, Saileswori temple, and BadiMalikka.

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