Things to Avoid While Travelling in Nepal


The Nepalese people have rightly earned themselves a name in the global tourism industry for being some of the friendliest people on earth. Although a foreigner is a common sight for Nepalese people, almost always they will greet you with a warm smile, ask how they can assist you, and don’t get surprised if you get invited for dinner. However, like in every other culture, there are some codes of conduct, unspoken rules for the do’s and don’ts. Here we have listed 5 things to avoid while in Nepal to make sure travel is free of hiccups.

Wearing sparse clothing

Nepal is primarily a Hindu country with one foot rooted in its illustrious past. People are still very much traditional and haven’t experienced much of the outside world. Normally, Nepalese people are fully clothed and do not bare skin. That is why, if you dress sparingly, you are bound to attract some frowns and scowls. It is basically considered disrespectful and vulgar to put it blatantly. Thankfully, the climate here is never too hot.


You will find a temple or stupa in every nook and cranny, and if not, you’ll at least find a sacred stone statue laden with vermillion. The Nepalese people celebrate different festivals throughout the calendar year. Literally. You can now assume they are quite religious and blasphemy doesn’t go down well with them. Some things to avoid while you are visiting religious sites are wearing leather items or shoes in the premises, entering restricted areas meant only for Hindus, and so on.

Public display of affection

By now you probably know that Nepalese society is a traditional one. That’s why, you have to steer clear from public display of affections. The people here take these gestures to be still very private and don’t talk about it in open. So, if you indulge in some romantic gesture, make sure you are in a private or an acceptable space. Otherwise, you will be met by unwelcomed stares and even interruption!

Avoid street food

Not trying to implying that street food are unhygienic, but you might end up with an upset the night after you indulge on some mouthwatering delicacies. The number one reason for it is that the foods are almost always hot and spicy and not something your stomach is habituated to. The second reason is that the produces used in the food making process have a good chance of being contaminated given the throbbing pollution.

Avoid beggars and fraud taxi drivers

Once you take a walk around the bustling city, you will realize that there are a good number of beggars and taxi drivers attempting to scrounge off you. While the beggars don’t mind walking along with you as they pester you for some money, some taxi drivers will try to coax you for a ride and charge you twice as much. So, keep in mind to not look like a naïve wanderer who doesn’t have a clue.

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