Travel Insurance – Why travelers to Nepal need it?

“Travel insurance is insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses incurred while traveling, either internationally or domestically.” – Wikipedia.

Many people understand travel insurance in different ways, but if you’ve got yourself properly insured it should cover all of the things mentioned above.

Traveling to Nepal is an amazing experience as there’s just so much to do. Whether you want to spend your time in Nepal sightseeing and immersing yourself in the local culture or you want to try some adventure sports and trek through gigantic mountains, you will be having plenty of fun.

However with the ton of fun and adventure also comes the risk of being ill, injured or other unfortunate mishaps.

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Why do you need travel insurance?

If you’re only traveling to Nepal for a short trip of few days or a week and you’re planning to spend the time sightseeing, you probably won’t need to get any sort of insurance. Your trip will be pretty straightforward with rigid plans, and there are very few chances of anything going wrong.

But, if you’re traveling to Nepal to go all out on adventure and get your adrenaline kicking, you will be happy to get insured. Better safe than sorry.

Let’s talk adventure sports.

There is just too many things to try out in Nepal in the sense of adventure. From bungee jumping to mountain climbing, jungle safari, rafting and even skydiving, you will not be disappointed seeing the number of different options you have at your disposal. But these high risk sports also mean you will have to be real careful.

Rafting for instance in turbulent rivers that flow straight from the snow-peak Himalayas can be terrifying at times. Even a slightest mistake or carelessness can have you stumbling on a rock. Other adventurous sports such as mountain bike riding and paragliding can be just as risky.  While these activities are performed under the supervision of experts, it’s better to be insured than blowing a hole in your bank account.

Another popular activity among just about anyone visiting Nepal is trekking. Trekking in Nepal is a beautiful experience with beautiful sights of the Himalayas left and right, and the feeling of excitement cannot even be summed up in words. But trekking is also an extremely challenging task. There are trekking routes that reach the vantage point of up to 5550m in Nepal.

Lot of people who aren’t used to places with high elevation find it difficult to deal with the altitude sickness. Also, there are other chances of injuries too. You might pull your hamstring, sprain an ankle or even break a bone while pushing yourself to walk 6-7 hours a day. You surely won’t be feeling like trekking back to Kathmandu. You might need a helicopter rescue which can be quite expensive.

Note: All these arguments are only cautionary keeping in mind the worst case scenarios. However, there’s no need to be scared. You are going to have plenty of fun here. However, it’s best to be safe than sorry.

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