Single Day Adventure


Canyoning is an amazing full body and mind experience that enables you to explore some of the last forbidden places in the Himalayas. As pioneers of canyoning in Nepal, we offer a variety of canyons, from exploratory walks to some of Nepal’s most extreme environments.

Our expert canyoning guides will lead you in abseiling, jumping and sliding down steep canyon walls and waterfalls to deep pools below. All adventures are truly unique experiences, they demand choosing a company with the right expertise, equipment, and above all respect for the natural forces we play with.

Our talented guides set safety standards for others to follow, leaving you free to enjoy your adventure with the knowledge that you are in the most capable of hands. If you have half the fun we do, then you’ll have the experience of a lifetime!

See below a short description of the three different canyoning trips we offer around the resort. The Panglang canyon we can run all year round, but Kanglang and Bhulkute canyons depend on the water level.

Day 1 Panglang
The first day of canyoning is very close to the resort. We start with an instruction on abseiling and teach you how to abseil by yourself on the first waterfall. You gain confidence as you go through the next waterfalls and by the time you reach the 45 meter longest run you will be running down it in no time.

Day 2 Kanglang
Everyone that has done the first day is invited to come along on the second and third day of canyoning. The second day has a beautiful one hour hike to start the trip, followed by 8 abseils of a more advanced level. These abseils include a 60 meter waterfall and many exciting jumps and slides.

Day 3 Bhulkute
The third day is again completely different from the previous two. Besides 60 meter abseils, jumps and slides, this canyon completely closes you off from the outside and shows you an unique world of its own. There are 9 abseils and lots of great swimming in pretty pools and streams. The one hour walk gives you great views as a extra bonus.

What to bring?

  1. Sport shoes
  2. Swim wear

If you want to take pictures during canyoning we recommend you to bring a waterproof camera. We do not take responsibility for any equipment brought by you on a trip.

Trips in  Single Day Adventure