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Nepal Tour

Nepal Tour

NEPAL TOUR &  TREKKING‘land of Himalayan wonders with fascinating varied cultures’ Introduction of Nepal tour: Nepal tour & Himalaya, both names signify a country of high mountains where Nepal captures eight of world’s 14th highest Peaks, number one Mt. Everest, 3rd highest Mt. Kanchenjunga, 4th highest Mt. Lhotse, 5th highest Mt. Makalu, 6th highest Mt. […]

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Nepal Village Farm House Stay


NEPAL VILLAGE FARM HOUSE STAY:‘for pristine environment in the comfort of warm and friendly native hospitality’   Why Nepal Village Farm House Stay? “Where you can feel clean fresh country air away from maddening crowd of hectic city lifePeaceful surrounding facing dramatic views of rolling green hills and snow-capped peaksWarm-friendly local hospitality and witness in-depth


Bhaktapur Durbar Square tour

Bhaktapur Durbar Square tour — Bhaktapur One Day Sightseeing Tour BackgroundBhaktapur, historically known as Khwopa, was the capital of Nepal during the Malla Dynasty, from the 12th to 15th centuries. Today, Bhaktapur inhabits over 200,000 people and is well-known as “a place of living history”.The city is important in terms of its rich ancient artwork. The narrow

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Nepal Yoga Meditation Tour

Nepal Yoga Meditation TourBackgroundExplore a unique opportunity to reconnect with your spiritual self and indulge in self-healing through Vedic Yoga sessions in the Himalayas. Nepal Yoga and Meditation Tour assemble the ancient yoga and meditation practices at various locations around Kathmandu and Pokhara. Along the tour, you can observe the ancient histories and traditions of

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Buddhist Hindu Pilgrimage Tour

Buddhist Hindu Pilgrimage TourBackgroundNepal is a land of ancient culture, mesmerizing natural beauty and religious harmony. The nation is home to stunning heritages that embody the spiritual practices and way of life. The Buddhist and Hindu Pilgrimage Tour aims to introduce you to some of the most renowned religious heritages around the nation. The tour

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